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  1. Thank you all so much. Much appreciated.
  2. Good morning guys & gals. I'm new here and very green at this umpiring gig. So take it easy on me :) Runners at 1st & 2nd. I really don't think the number of outs come into play with this scenario ( I could be wrong on that last statement ) Plate Umpires first movement when ball is batted in the air towards right field near the fair and foul line ( Base Ump is in the C position before the pitch ) My question is, should the plate umpire come around the left side of the catcher and hover around the plate area looking down the 1st base line to see if the ball is fair or foul? The reason I ask this question is because I'm looking at some scenarios I found on the web and they are saying the plate umpires first movement is the following: Plate Umpire  Exit to the left of the catcher and move in Foul Territory toward third base  Keep your eyes on the ball  Make position to judge Fair/Foul, Catch/No Catch  Anticipate a play at third or home plate  Move quickly toward the base where the play is made  Let the ball turn you into the play  Stop… Wait… Call and Signal  Watch the Runner(s) touch base(s)  Assist your partner I did highlight in blue: Make position to judge Fair/Foul, Catch/No Catch ~ But in the Pic they show, his first movement is toward the the 3rd base in foul territory . I can understand there answer if the ball was smoked down the first baseline or base hit or over the right fielder. But my question is if the ball has some hang time in the air and deep & close to the fair / foul line? I'm hoping common sense is the answer on this one. Thanks for any help.
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