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  1. Fair enough, I guess you could interpret my response that way although that certainly wasn't what I was doing. I looked up the interference rules in both the High School and NCAA rules books to compare them since that's 99% of what I work. Although there are differences between HS and College rules, comparing them frequently provides additional insight. The games I was working that day were 18u travel ball using KHSAA(KY High School) rules. The KHSAA rule, like many KHSAA rules, is somewhat vague and leaves a lot of interpretation to the umpire. The key to the HS rule is whether or not it is an "initial play". An "initial play" is defined as: A fielder is considered to be making an initial play on a fair batted ball when she: a. Has a reasonable chance to gain control of a ground ball that no other fielder (except the pitcher) has touched. (8-8-6) The college rule on the other hand, uses much more specific language which I think provides some additional clarity. In both instances, the play that occurred should have been ruled interference under either rule set.
  2. So. after further study, the NCAA rule book, Rule 12/Base Running says this: Physical contact by the runner with a fielder attempting to field a fair batted ball shall be interference, provided the fielder had a reasonable chance to make a play. And this: It is still interference if a batted ball is misplayed and remains in front of a fielder such that the fielder still has an opportunity to make a play, and the runner contacts the fielder. However, if the misplayed ball bounds away or past the fielder and then contact occurs as the fielder and runner collide, this may be considered inadvertent contact, interference or obstruction subject to the opinion of the umpire. So, this seems much clearer and I believe that interference was the correct call. Anyone interpret this differently?
  3. I am talking about softball. I don't believe there would be any difference between baseball and softball on this issue. Your comments make sense. I understand that a deflected ball cannot be interference if it touches a runner, but I don't see how, when a runner and fielder collide and the fielder has the opportunity to make a play on the ball, how that can be a no-call even after it deflects off the glove of the pitcher in this case. BTW, I was referencing the HS rule book. Thanks!
  4. 1. Runner on second. Sharp ground ball to the pitcher's right, she gets her glove on it, but deflects it towards the shortstop who is charging in to get the ball. There is contact between the runner going to third and the SS and both fall to the ground. I call interference. The plate umpire and I discuss, she overrules because the ball was deflected off of the pitcher's glove. Rule 8-10 says...The Runner interferes: a. with the field attempting to make the initial play on a fair batter ball. (Emphasis mine). So, based on this rule, it looks like my partner was right. So, is this a no-call? Can there be no interference on a deflected ball and subsequent contact between runner and fielder?
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