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  1. The president of my HS association was one of his instructors at Brinkman's school.
  2. UMP45

    3rd New One on me

    Because you are thinking like a player or coach instead of as an umpire.
  3. UMP45


    When you get enough dirt on your shoes you'll understand.
  4. UMP45


    If this helps you sleep at night....
  5. Try the Gerry Davis stance. I worked scissors for years. Tried the GD stance and will never go back.
  6. State Championships start today.
  7. Baseball should be a FALL sport.
  8. UMP45

    Wind-up Pick off

    No. Not intentionally deceive the runner but Illegally deceive the runner.
  9. UMP45


    And a professional umpire will be the first to tell you "Do as I say not as I do".
  10. UMP45

    Umpire Interference

    This not umpire interference.
  11. Could have been in the slot more. Need to find a lock in mechanism. Looked like you were fading with the pitches. Also when you can they teach "Heel-Instep" for feet position.
  12. Why wouldn't you give him time to get ready? They do it in the bigs all the time. Give him a reasonable amount of time. IMHO if you come down hard on this then that's being OOO.
  13. UMP45


    Isn't that special!
  14. Yep. Tennis shoes and clip boards get short leashes!
  15. The visits can also happen with the same batter also.
  16. In reality parents and the majority of coaches don't want to be educated. if they become "educated" they will see that umpires are correct 99% of the time.
  17. Nothing about FED bothers me. It is what it is.
  18. Don't sweat the small stuff.
  19. UMP45

    Fall Ball

    This was not questioning ability. This was questioning integrity/calling him a cheater.
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