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  1. :WTF Not to mention he is just plain showing you up!
  2. :rolleyes: tj, no one is saying don't have dreams. We are saying don't be in a hurry to move up.It will take you 4-6 years to develop a consistant strike zone. Things wiil be going along smoothly in your JV games and you will start thinking "hey this is easy. I need to be working varsity". You get moved up and everything is going smooth. And then...your game turns into an abortion and you start thinking "what the hell do I do now". It's not bad. It's not good. It is the nature of the job. Just be patient.
  3. MS that is so true. That is what is wrong with the majority of umpires today. They want to move up too fast. They work a few jv games and they think they are ready for full a varsity schedule. My mentor was an ACC official for 20+ years. When I started getting to big for my britches he would let me know real quick! Noob what you need to do is find a couple of people you trust and let them guide you. Work as much as you can, without getting burned out, and don't be afraid to ask questions Good luck. And remember why there are 3 strikes. One for the pitcher, one for the batter,and one for the umpire. ;)
  4. Welcome Piedmont! What area are you in? I am in Greensboro. As far as a post about abbreviations there isn't one. It would take up too much space. Here are a few examples; OBR- Official Baseball Rules, IFR- Infield Fly Rule, OBS- Obstruction, INT- Interference, etc.. As you gain experience it becomes clearer. Feel free to email anytime if you need help. If I can I will be glad to help. Good luck and remember " strikes and outs get you home faster".:)
  5. Brianc14, Lets take this one step further. When the ball goes into the dugout or any deadball area what do you call?:(
  6. detailshp, Do you think that a 16" cp is long enougj
  7. :rolleyes: Spence, In baseball the signal for IFR is to POINT up at the ball.
  8. I would add to the list field presence and a desire to be there. I have worked with good umpires but on the field they just lacked that little "extra". I have also worked with good umpires, I'm sure all of us have, who looked like they could care less what was happening during the game. I know there are more but we could have a list a mile long.:mad:
  9. For those of you who work under the PONY umbrella they are raising their registration fee to $25 Jan.1. So register before then to save 5 bucks.:wave:
  10. In 2007 I worked the Colt World Series in Lafayette, Indiana. That was the summer where it was HOT evrywhere. One day it was 120 on the field and the next day it was 112!:shakehead:
  11. Working a college weekend series one time. The starting picther for the home team couldn't hit a bull in the but with a base fiddle that day. I'm working the dish. After he walks 2 and gives up 3 hits, in the top of the first, and no outs the head coach goes to the mound. When I walk to the mound to see what the coach is going to do I get there just in time to hear him say " you ain't nothing but a pair of shoes today. Get off my mound". It was all I could do not to laugh.:shakehead:
  12. Just wanted to give a big congrats to Darren and let you guys know about this guy. I worked HS, College, and summer ball with Darren before he went to Harry's, first time, and got a job. Darren was on a fast track to the bigs. He worked one season at each level until AAA where he worked four seasons. He worked AFL, spring training and winter ball in the Dominican. After his release he worked as a fill in for the SAL and INT leagues. When he worked as a fill in his partners would always asked for his advice. He was always glad to help. He would never "big league" anyone. I guess what I'm trying to say is he will be a great addition to the evaluators they now have. Darren nevr forgot where he came from and knows it is not about the umpire but the game.:shakehead:
  13. I found this post on "A botched EJ situation - how to help partner" interesting and have nominated it accordingly for "Post Of The Month December, 2010"
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