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  1. UMP45

    MiLB Shake UP

    Also Greensboro and Durham.
  2. There is an easy fix. If you don't like FED rules don't work FED games. See how easy that was ?
  3. I was working a Colt game several years ago and balked the pitcher. He turned around and asked me "What's a balk"!
  4. If I'm not mistaken the definition of a Foul Tip was changed sometime before the season started. Now as long as it hits some part of the catcher, some part of the body or equipment, and is then secured in the hand, hands, or mitt it is a foul tip.
  5. You might want to rethink this.
  6. This is why you bring EVERYTHING to your games.
  7. It's called the scissors stance.
  8. But if you notice there is no "time limit" on when he has to separate his hands. Know the rule, know the intent/spirit of the rule, and know how to apply it.
  9. By you saying this your comment, IMO, becomes null and void.
  10. I've noticed he has done that for several years. I t works for him.
  11. Thank you for service and sacrifice. From an old paratrooper. AATW
  12. UMP45

    Protected Fielder?

    If you judged the SS had no play on the ball you would have obstruction on the SS.
  13. Plate umpire has it to the 45 foot line. After that it is the base umpires call.
  14. UMP45

    ball out of play

    Don't forget in NFHS BOTH feet must be in dead ball territory for it to be ruled a dead ball.
  15. $259? Somebody fell and bumped their head!
  16. So.... MLB wants to reorganize MiLB. Wow! Still trying to reinvent the wheel!
  17. I've always looked at it this way. Players can FAIL 70% of the time and make it to the HOF. The ones working the show are expected to be perfect and improve. So when they MISS one it doesn't bother me one bit. Their game=Apples. Our game=Oranges.
  18. In NFHS(Fed) the ball has to be at or below the chin. Nothing in OBR.
  19. UMP45


    Thanks JC. I've always had trouble with tests. I know the rules until I get to tests then my ADD kicks in. I either read too much into the question or I'll read it wrong.
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