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  1. On 10/12/2021 at 7:44 AM, dumbdumb said:

    Just like checking pitchers now, for cheating with a foreign substance.

    sign stealing cheating again, at second base.

    new rule proposal from La Russa

    But La Russa did suggest there could be some rule changes to avoid sign-stealing in the future, including making the runner at second turn his back while the signs are being exchanged. The umpire would then tell the runner when to turn back to home.



    add the change proposal above to the other rule that we are hearing to change.

    let's see. batted ball in the air hits off top of outfielders head or off of glove and goes into stands. home run. that's all right and favors batter.

    ball comes off wall hits player again in back of head or ground and then player again unintentionally/accidentally and then goes back over fence. 2 bases from TOP for a double only, rather than judgement on placement. favors defense rather than offense.

    Sounds like these punishments handed out are a wash to me, but apparently both need to favor offense. need new rule.

    and what will happened with running in grass issue to first base. BR must be totally in dirt after leaving batters box at all times in addition to being in runners lane on throw "to" first baseman.

    3 possible changes. just cannot keep up with them all.

    Play, coach, or umpire. Which of the 3 do you do?


  2. 4 hours ago, Steven Tyler said:

    I don't know what the umpires ruled, but a deflected ball over the fence is the same as a thrown ball.

    Place runners from their last base acquired, and the time ball went dead. 

    I do believe Tampa Bay got hosed, unless the rules state otherwise. 

    No. This was a BATTED ball. They got it right. 2 bases time of pitch.

  3. 1 hour ago, SH0102 said:

    Eh, yes it can.  The rule does not say IF they slide, they must do so legally.  (Though this is required as well obviously)

    It says, in a force play (and while in vicinity of the base), the runner MUST slide OR veer away from the fielder.

    Running straight in meets neither requirement.  Now, if the guy is 40 feet from second, no, he doesn’t need to slide or veer away, but that’s bc of the “vicinity of base” portion, not bc you think only an illegal slide can constitute FPSR

    Don't forget there is something else in the FPSR that says "illegally ALTERS the actions of a fielder....".

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  4. 5 hours ago, LRZ said:

    Refusing to work solo at lower levels is simply not feasible here, because of the dire shortage of umpires; virtually all small-field games would go un-umpired. Besides, most of these games--not all, but most--are played without much hassle from coaches and parents.

    However, umpires should boycott venues or events where abuse is chronic.

    I don't see the downside to this.

  5. 37 minutes ago, MadMax said:

    Here’s the problem with this, and why none of us in Phoenix (or Arizona, at large) use it: 

    This ^^^^^, emphasized nowhere near enough. 

    Let’s get the absolutes out of the way – with R1, a ball that exits the infield, whether it be by ground, line, or fly, we do the PU ➡️ 3B rotation. The only thing that would thwart that would be the aforementioned 1BL fair/foul responsibility. But even a Fair/Foul to RF exposes how we should be reading and reacting to the developing play, instead of just “following a/the diagram” that a guide or manual directs. 

    Worse yet, not all trainers & evaluators possess the same temperament to guide a trainee through how to process these plays, and instead directs or harps on the trainee to “just get there!”… “now!”… “move!” Soon, in order to not be chided anymore, or not to be deemed as “slow” or “lazy”, the trainee begins running to 3B… as soon as the ball is put in play! (I’ve even witnessed it on an overthrown pickoff attempt)… without recognizing what truly is at play! 

    Best example? R1, and a bunt… we’ve got a PU suddenly clearing out of the plate area, headed for 3B, and we have a number of things to judge on… not the least of which is a judgement that the PU is the only one in the entire ballpark that can officially rule on – RLI! Why’s he headed to 3B? Because he’s been told to on a ground ball on the infield! 

    I’m all for not being lazy, but we have to look beyond diagrams to what the natural rhythm and sequence of baseball really is. How often is a R1 safe at 2B, and then progress to 3B on a ground ball to the infield? And the BU is completely out of position to read a return throw and play at 3B?… if that actually happens? How often does that happen compared to an errant throw to 1B displacing the F3 for a possible swipe tag or pulled foot? And, if there is an overthrow of 1B, who is following the ball for potentially going into DBT? Hmm? 

    Just a couple of things. One, if there is a bunt the PU has responsibility regardless which line he bunts it. Two, the PU shadows R1. As soon as he is out the PU will drop step and head back towards the 1st base foul line.  

  6. 31 minutes ago, isired said:


    If that's an attempt, it's the absolute minimum that's required for an attempt. He's taking chop steps slowing down in case he decodes to go, on a slight angle, about 8-10° left of the foul line (of the ~90° required to make a turn to 2B), and his left foot makes one move about 6 inches further towards 2B. I don't think I could call it an attempt if I only saw it in real time.

    And that's why you don't get paid the "big bucks"!

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  7. oAfter reading your OP and then your responses to people calling you out, I've come to the conclusion you are a SH*# stirrer. If you ever played you were the type who would start crap and then when was called out on it you would say I didn't do anything. Whether you realize it or not you had 2 strikes against you from the start. Tennis shoes and a clipboard. You are on a very, very, very short leash.

  8. 1 hour ago, ShaunH said:

    Lots to dissect here...

    1)  Runner's lane violation is actually not a violation unless and until they interfere with a play/throw at 1st base.  If the batter hits a clean hits into the OF gap, they could run in a giant snake pattern between home and 1st if they wanted.  A runner establishes their own base path and is not required to be in the RL on a ball hit, fielded, and thrown in front of him.  If a tag attempt was made by F1, he can not deviate more than 3 feet from a direct line to 1st base at the time of the tag attempt, which didn't happen here but is just a point to be made.

    2)  I agree with you about momentum to some degree, but at the same time, a runner running between 2nd and 3rd has momentum too, and may not be aware a grounder is coming right in front of him, F6 shows up in his vision to field the ball...you can't not call INT because he had momentum going to third....so a player is responsible for their movement, location, and are subject to OBS/INT if they can not do so, even if unintentional.

    3)  A fielder is protected from INT when they are fielding the batted ball (one fielder is)...that protection does not extend indefinitely.  Also, a fielder who is in the act of fielding a throw is protected from causing OBS for the moment (can cause it after the fact if they miss the throw and other possible scenarios).  Once the pitcher released the ball, he was neither.


    Now, this is all under the rules and interpretations and OBS can be justified here, but it also is a call that falls under the category of, "if you don't call it, is the offensive coach going to come steamrolling out of the dugout?"  95% chance he isn't.

    I don't have a great answer, but I would guess the MLB umps are separated by always getting the rules right (or trying to anyways) and uphold it to the letter of the law.  Maybe you don't call this in a 14U summer game because it isn't worth the headache, but in higher levels, you strive to gets the calls right, even when it is controversial.

    Just my 2 cents

    A fielder can NEVER interfer with a runner. He can OBSTRUCT.

  9. 22 hours ago, Guest Jim said:

    Since the umpire is supposed to be looking at the ball as it crosses the plate, why are so many umpires “fooled” by a catcher framing the pitch?

    Why are you fooled by the BOX on TV?

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