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  1. There is no rule against being bad.
  2. What I find hilarious is if pitches are called off the plate "He has a big zone today". Don't call pitches off the plate He has a tight zone today"!
  3. Do you play, coach, or umpire?
  4. Play, coach, or umpire. Which of the 3 do you do?
  5. No. This was a BATTED ball. They got it right. 2 bases time of pitch.
  6. RLI doesn't apply here. The running lane only applies when a throw is coming from the plate area. On this play you would have to rule intentional interference.
  7. If you do this to sell it as a ball why can't you sell it as a strike?
  8. You're going to have to do better in the future! LOL😁
  9. Providing microphones. The only people who would understand the explanations is other umpires.
  10. When did Douglas start making the Force3 mask?
  11. UMP45

    Line up Question

    Also any ejections/dugout restrictions/warnings are still in effect.
  12. Don't forget there is something else in the FPSR that says "illegally ALTERS the actions of a fielder....".
  13. I would still have it tailored. I did mine. I've had mine since 1993.
  14. I don't see the downside to this.
  15. UMP45

    Check swing appeal

    I think what bothers me the most about this discussion is I haven't seen anyone argue the part of the rule that says ATTEMPT.to swing.
  16. Just a couple of things. One, if there is a bunt the PU has responsibility regardless which line he bunts it. Two, the PU shadows R1. As soon as he is out the PU will drop step and head back towards the 1st base foul line.
  17. And that's why you don't get paid the "big bucks"!
  18. UMP45


    oAfter reading your OP and then your responses to people calling you out, I've come to the conclusion you are a SH*# stirrer. If you ever played you were the type who would start crap and then when was called out on it you would say I didn't do anything. Whether you realize it or not you had 2 strikes against you from the start. Tennis shoes and a clipboard. You are on a very, very, very short leash.
  19. A fielder can NEVER interfer with a runner. He can OBSTRUCT.
  20. UMP45

    Balls and strikes

    Why are you fooled by the BOX on TV?
  21. Sounds like multiple decades of one game experience!
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