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    Balk Award

    In a game last night, we had R1 and R2. Pitcher comes set, and while looking back at second, turns his shoulders considerably (without moving his feet). As I call balk, he does an inside move, and R2 takes off for third. In my situation, there’s a play at third, and the guy gets in safely, I send R1 to second on the balk. Let’s say instead of the ball being caught cleanly, it’s thrown out in centerfield, R1 makes it to second, and R2 reaches home safely. The correct call would be to nullify the run and send him back to second, as the balk happened before the throw, right?
  2. Umpire scapegoating at its finest.
  3. Biscuit


    For a high school student "daddy ball" pays good money, and there's not many other jobs I'd rather have to get me through high school... But I can't say I'll be sad when I start doing some higher level stuff and get away from (some of) the ridiculous coaches.
  4. For umpires, it's closer to 75%... Maybe more... Don't worry, I'll join that statistic in 20 years or so.
  5. They’ve never seen a sun visor before? And they couldn’t deduce what it was? Announcers are DUMB! Though they’re correct about a player thinking something looks good...
  6. Thanks for the advice Kevin and Max! Then there’s the problem that 50% of coaches are balding middle aged white dudes wearing the same shirt, and I have a hard time telling them apart after the plate meeting... You know what’s worse? There’s a girl at my church that I’ve grown up with literally my eintire life. Last year she sprung on me that I’d been mispronouncing her name for 16 years...
  7. I pretty much always am working multiple games in a row, and I get head coaches names mixed really easily. Any tips for remembering them throughout an entire game?
  8. I haven't done a lot of solo (only like 1 full game, and started a couple when partners were late) but everyone has been pretty understanding when I've done it. If not, tell them to can it. There's no way to expect you to get in a decent position.
  9. Okay, thanks. How do I go about ordering one from Ray? Just PM him?
  10. Then there's the one where I call a strike that (in my judgment) hit the outside and upper corner, and they go ballistic. Next pitch, nearly identical, I don't call it (I'll admit, I think I missed this one) "That's the same exact pitch blue! Ridiculous!". Next pitch, again, almost exactly the same, I call this one a strike. "Oh my gosh, three in a row in the same spot, and you call them differently!" So let me get this straight... First pitch: You're mad because I called a strike on the edge. Okay, you can have your opinion. Second pitch: You're mad because... I called a ball... On you're team... ??? Third pitch: You're mad because... I called a strike, which was consistent with my first call... ??? In conclusion: I messed up one call that benefited you, instead of calling three straight strikes, and you're mad at me. How does that make any sense?
  11. I was working an 11UAAA pool play game behind the plate last night, and we had the worst fans I've ever had at a game. R2 steals third, and it's fairly close, but I could have called it from behind the plate. Fans go ballistic "That's three in a row you've missed blue!" etc. A few pitches later, there's a pick off to third (I don't remember if it was from the pitcher or if it was a snap throw, but I think it was from the pitcher?) and my partner calls him safe. No way I could even start to see that play. The armchair umpires sitting right behind me somehow see the tag perfectly clear through R3 and the dust cloud though. I really should have talked to the coach and told him to get those fans under control... It was getting pretty ridiculous.
  12. How would I go about replacing the harness if I were to get a new one? The Champion uses T-hooks, so you'd have to attach the harness in a totally different way would you not? Or could you replace the snaps with the T-hooks somehow?
  13. Thanks Max! It definitely happened after a shot to that spot (though, calling an 11U bounced pitch a shot seems like a bit of a stretch), so maybe it was weak already due to some manufacturing issue, and the hit just made it manifest. I'll probably get another champion as I love the way it feels. My only problem is it doesn't seem to sit quite high enough. The top of the padding stops at or just below my collar bone. Maybe I'm just adjusting it wrong?
  14. Just got finished with two plate games, and when I took off my brand new champion CP (arrived from Ump attire yesterday) there was a crack in the big plate two or three inches long. I plan on contacting ump attire about this once I’m at my computer, but I just wanted to know if this is a common issue and maybe I should look at a different CP, or if this is a defective CP.
  15. Yeah, I'm assuming something like he just missed him as the guy was sliding or something.
  16. An attempted tag would count as well, right? Hypothetical situation: We have an R1 and R2. Chopper hit down the line, F6 fields it, and misses a swipe tag on R2 going to 3rd, then overthrows F3, and it rolls into the dugout. R1 makes it to second before F6 is able to get the throw off. Because of the attempted tag on R2, R1 would score, right?
  17. Hmm... Maybe a couple years till I fulfill the potty trained requirement, but other than that I think I should be good!
  18. I'd highly doubt I'll make it this year, but I'm wondering, is there any age requirement for the camp? Springfield is real close to KC, so I'd love to come at some point.
  19. As I understand it, it'll still reduce the amount of excess light that reaches your eyes, even with a cap on. I can't attest to it's effectiveness as I don't have one (though I have one on the way) but I was working with a guy with one and he says it works wonders for him.
  20. I'm gonna preface this by saying that I've never dumped anyone, but I've come close a couple times. I've been lurking this forum for probably two weeks now, and I've already seen that my standards for what would be a dump-able offense have been way to high, and I need to be more willing to discipline unruly coaches. The commonly accepted guidelines for what is EJ worthy is 1) Personal. What you had here. If they say "you"... It's probably time for them to take a nap in the car while they wait for their son to finish the game. 2) Profane. If they start cussing you out, or otherwise being profane... Nap time. 3) Prolonged. If you tell them "Coach, this isn't up for discussion, now go sit down" (or some variation) and they don't... Well, you get the idea. Some of the more experienced guys may be able to give better examples and tips, but that's the general rule I've seen in my time on this forum, and it makes sense.
  21. That's a REALLY personal comment, and is grounds for at least a warning, if not an EJ. If you'd already had anything more than him whining from the dugout, and say EJ for sure.
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