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  1. I am available to umpire for any week except July 31-Aug 6. I have many years experience umpiring and several years at Cooperstown. I would love to be your umpire. Please contact me at 954-701-7256 or at Gjailman2004@att.net. My fee is $700 for the week. Gary Kriplean
  2. Umpire with 1o years experience at Cooperstown available weeks 4, 5, and 7. Please contact me at 954-701-7256 or at my email, gjailman2004@att.net. I charge $650. Looking forward to working with you. Gary Kriplean
  3. Umpire looking for any week in Coopertown for the 2022 season. I have previous experience at Coopertown for 10 years and am very knowledgeable. You can contact me at gjailman2004@att.net or by phone at 954-701-7256. Gary Kriplean
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