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  5. I’m 50/50 with you on this. I agree & disagree but that’s just my humble opinion. SK
  6. Just kidding! Not sad....I’ve been umpiring the same hustle and dedication since 2008 when I broke in. I do not worry about the things beyond my control & just happy to be selected to work the post season as a crew chief. Head up, mouth shut and eyes on the next pitch or play, right? SK
  7. It all comes out at once. If you’re picked to work the CWS, you’ll only work the regional...not the supers. They give you the break that weekend. SK
  8. Thanks! Again, sorry for the delayed reply. Media is part of it, but so is the human element. I actually go back and watch my games again bc I’m my toughest critic. A lot of times, if media thinks I’ve missed a pitch in the little square, I may have thought it was a good pitch until the “presentation” is animated to show me he’s trying to fool me because he thought it was not a strike. His job is to make it look good; most do a great job at catching “strikes” and throwing back the “balls.” I don’t want to be a play by play guy and no medi person wants to umpire for 3.5 hrs in front of 10k-15k each weekend like the SEC. It’s not easy. SK
  9. Thank you! It’s definitely a lot tougher making judgement calls within a split second. When you go to review, our hearts are thumping with nerves because we WANT to get ALL of them right. Thanks again! SK
  10. THANK YOU! I apologize for the delay & I’m trying to get better at being active on this site. I was having login issues for a LONG time, but Warren has been a great help. Again, thank you for the comments. SK
  11. THANK YOU! We take great pride in providing the best customer service for our umpires! Safe travels & Great health - Scott Kennedy scott@ump-attire.com
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