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  1. Jono

    Force out

    If F3 catches the throw from the infielder and steps on 1st base or tags the batter/runner the force is removed and the runner would be safe at 1st. If F3 simply catches the throw from the infielder and throws to 2nd base WITHOUT stepping on 1st base or tagging the batter/runner then the force is still in place and the runner would be out.
  2. Jono

    What's the award?

    Ok. Thank you for the the reply but could you maybe shed any more light on that, like what would the award of bases be (if any) or refer me to the applicable ruling please. Thanks in advance.
  3. Jono

    What's the award?

    No runners on. OBR. The batter hits a fair ground ball down the left field line. F7 attempts to field the ball and, after the batter has reached first base, unintentionally deflects the ball out of play. Does the batter/runner get 3rd??
  4. Jono

    force out or not?

    Umpire made the correct call. The force is removed the moment the batter/runner is out. Runner has the option to advance to 2nd or return to 1st at the risk of being tagged out whilst not in contact with either base.
  5. Jono

    does run count

    Sorry, meant the DC appealing to negate the run. Thanks maven, fist year umpiring and so much to learn but have found this place to be an absolute gold mine of information and help thank god.
  6. Jono

    does run count

    Sorry to hijack this thread Beerguy's post ^ brought up a question for me. As an umpire, how do you handle this scenario as an appeal play? Typically after the "3rd out" DF would leave the field whilst the OF coach came out to argue that R3 left early so now you have the DF team in the dugout and the OF on the field.
  7. No runners on. Ground ball hit towards first base on the foul ball side of the line rolls into the side of the bag and is gloved by F3 whilst still touching the bag (think trapping the ball between the glove and the bag). PU calls fair ball, BR out. FU calls foul at the same time. PU re-iterated his call and the out stood. Who was correct and whose call should it have been. Thanks in advance.
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