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  1. I personally would rather have a LS shirt. But if it's that cold or raining, wear it. The thing for me is if you wear one on plate tuck it in.

    If you dont like the elastic on bottom, you can always get a plate jacket or get a regular umpire jacket and have elastic removed by seamstress to use on the plate.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, wolfe_man said:

    My apologies @Ump0000and @BT_Blue, I misread the OP.    Although, my post did reference the CPU4000 also as a good CP.

    Now on-target this time:

    1. I really like the CPU4000 aka System 7 CP.  I don't find it any bulkier than any other CP out there.  It's comfortable, breathes better than most and offers excellent protection.  For me personally, I don't think there's a better CP out there for the money ($129 at UA right now).  I'll be honest, I've been thinking of grabbing one as my backup at that price point.
    2. I have no experience with the System 7 shins, but they look interesting.  Personally, I'd still go F3 over anything else out there today for baseball umpires.  They're simply that good and cheaper than the other options so you're saving money too.

    No problem. I appreciate the input.  

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  3. I'm looking at the System 7 shins and CP. I was wondering:

    1. The smallest size in shins is 17. I'm 5'7" and usually wear 15 or 16s. Are the shins playable enough were the knee cap area will essentially act like a thigh cap?

    2. Is the CP bulky like the West Vest?

  4. On 8/27/2020 at 12:18 AM, BlueClue said:

    I am about ready to lose it.

    Little League game, just trying to have a season and this is their championship. My partner is a no-show, that's fine I've done the majority of my games 1-man this year. 

    The 1st inning I'm already hearing it from the VT dugout (These are 11-12 year olds...), this goes on for about an inning and a half until top of 2nd 2 outs batter hits a ball that looks close to the line. I see it foul the whole way and call it as such. The VHC is IRATE, screaming about how that ball was fair and I missed it, to which I immediately warn him. Following the inning, I warn their bench that any more of this and they're gone.

    Fast forward to the bottom of the 4th, runners on 1st and 2nd 1 out, the batter hits a fly ball in the infield that I immediately signal an infield fly. Following the conclusion of the play I reaffirm my call, to which the HHC storms over to me screaming "are you joking?!" followed by him trying to argue that it was not even close to being an infield fly. He starts to get more and more aggressive to the point where I toss him. He storms off the field and heads to the bullpen, to which I tell his assistant to get him to leave. The league's VICE PRESIDENT tries to step in and prevent him from getting tossed but to no avail, I'm not restarting the game until he's gone. At this point everyone is out for blood, the VP is fuming on the phone with the board because I tossed his buddy out, and the parents are about ready to rip my head off. Finally we resume.

    After 5 innings we're passed our time limit, the sun is down and we don't have any lights at the field. I go to the VHC to explain the situation and that we're done. He is absolutely IRATE, screaming how I'm screwing over his team and calling the game "30 seconds" after the cutoff (more or less a few minutes). I tell him there's nothing I can do (I have rules to follow) to which, the SAME coach who asked me earlier in the inning to go by the books definition of the time limit, goes ballistic again, to which I tossed him.

    Following that Mr. Vice President decides he needs to talk to me. He goes on about how the board'll be having a conversation on "rule interpretations", after which he's done talking and I left the field.

    What gets me about this one isn't the fact I tossed both coaches, it's the fact that this VP had the balls to try and override my control over what occurred on the field.

    Pretty sure I've got it all out, I'm going to go grab a cold one now.

    And after the game, the league rep does not need to speak to you. That's the assigner's job. Get off the field ASAP

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  5. On 8/14/2020 at 3:00 PM, JoHart10 said:

    Items For Sale:


    1. Wilson Dynalite / Tan Wrap-around Wilson Pads - $35 Shipped OBO

    2. Wilson Chrome Moliben - Two Tone Wrap-around Wilson Pads - $35 Shipped OBO

    3. Silver Diamond Frame and Black Diamond Pads - $55 Shipped OBO

    4. Black Honigs Frame and Black Honigs Microfiber Pads - $40 Shipped

    5. Black F3 V2 Frame With Used Tan Pads and a Set of New Black Pads - $110 Shipped OBO

    6. Black F3 V2 Frame With Black Pads- NEW - $120 Shipped OBO


    1. F3 Shins - 14.5 - $90 Shipped OBO


    1. VSport Shin Guards and CP - Like New - $230 Shipped


    1. New Balance V3 Plate Shoes-Sz. 10.5 - $100 shipped 

    2. New Balance V3 Plate Shoes - sz 10 ee - $100 shipped 


    PM a message and I will get you some pictures of the things you are interested in.

    Pics of V sport shins and CP

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