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  1. It's not a huge difference. I've had both 13" and 15" and I can't say I noticed a lot of difference. I don't have them anymore so I can't measure myself. Sorry, it's not a measurement or proof of anything, but hope it helps.
  2. Costs about $50 to get from Japan to US.
  3. I have one coming. Should receive tomorrow. What are you offering?
  4. I can't post pics for some reason... but I have it on eBay as well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Diamond-Aluminum-Umpire-Mask-and-Spyder-Throat-Guard-Baseball-or-Softball/122844276164?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  5. Taking offers on this mask. It's been customized and powder-coated by Mask-It in matte black. I will sell with or without pads - it's up to you. I currently have Wilson memory foam pads on it. They are used but in really good shape. I removed the big gold "W" chin logo with a seam ripper. The mask is super light due to being an aluminum frame and the TG balances it out nicely. Thanks for your time!
  6. I’ve cut it out before. It’s do-able.
  7. If you like the Gold try a 15” Champion. Thinner profile and longer - Champion even has a 17”! If you like Douglas and you have the budget, Jeff can cut it down to your size chest width. They’ll custom fit to you but it costs more of course. You can always remove side wings from Gold, Schutt, Champion, etc if you don’t want or like them as well. Find your fit!
  8. That makes sense. I love his work, but would love more options on the site.
  9. Hello everyone! If you have had a mask done by Tony and Mask-It, could you please upload pic and name the color. I'd like to get an idea of what he has. I've seen some great masks from there. I'm leaning on gunmetal and a silver-esque mask, but I'd like to see the samples. Thanks all!
  10. @Thunderheads I think he edited his post to show it sold above.
  11. Sold @Thunderheads . Please lock it up. Thanks.
  12. FREE shipping within continental USA New frame $35 shipped
  13. Me too. Does the runner have a chip in his shoe that says it was him that touched the base? As a rule, I don't see how practical this could be. And this can't be very cost-effective. If the base has technology, the runner's shoes must have it too, and then the umpire has to wear some sort of receiving device to be notified. If any one of these fails, you're back to where you started - good ol' human reasoning and vision.
  14. @jwclubbie This is a close mask to the Mizuno, at least as close as I can find out there right now. To me, the ear guards look very close. If not this one, then Diamond would be the closest other mask I can think of with those ear guards being hollow as most have an arrowhead or something else there. All Star has this still in production and it's only $69.99 from All Star themselves.
  15. Ouch. I was afraid of that. How many times do you guys wear these in a year? I don't mean to be nosy, but I only wear a jacket maybe 3 times all year in OH. I'm hotblooded though and once I get moving around I get warm quick. I'm not sure I work enough cold games to justify the expense. I do like the professional look though!
  16. May I ask what they're selling for? I'd like one, but not able to break the bank.
  17. Yes, different model than the 2qa-122 which is more what we’re used to seeing from Ted Barrett.
  18. I have ordered two times in the past month and got both... maybe I was lucky?
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