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  1. They do have a face shield for hockey style masks. I was looking into one when I had the All-Star MVP 2500, but when I sold the mask I didn't follow up. I'm not aware of anything for a traditional style mask, although after catching a face full of dirt I can see your point and wish there was something.
  2. I'll let you know if I get any rain on me the rest of this year. I'm down to about 10 games left now.
  3. It was scratched up, so I thought I'd just go ahead and put a new look on it as well. And if the visor idea is to block the sun, then a blacked out visor would certainly stop light coming through completely was my thought.
  4. It was scratched up, so just thought I'd go ahead and put a new look on it as well. And if the visor idea was to block the sun, then a blacked out visor would certainly stop light coming through completely was my thought.
  5. @ofhs93 @blue32 @BT_Blue @tjohnson I have had transactions with the above gentlemen, some of them both buying and selling, and these men have proven themselves to be trustworthy. They made for great experiences. I wholly endorse all of them.
  6. Wilson - vinyl stripped, black spray paint with blacked out wrap-around pads. Oh, and blacked out visor.
  7. Okay, all this talkabout modifying your own mask inspired me. I bought a couple of old masks on eBay for around 30 bucks each. This morning, I stripped off the vinyl, painted the sunvisor and the mask flat black. Finally, I put on new Wilson wraparounds that I blacked out.
  8. Really good deal on a used Champion hard-shell http://www.ebay.com/itm/311896685909?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  9. Still waiting on my Honigs order to ship. I've called twice today to cancel it, still waiting. Assured by Jenna and Carrie that Sharon has it on her desk and will cancel it by end of today. She's been busy and away from her desk all day they tell me. Never again...
  10. Update: I just called again and actually connected with a person! There was an item on my order that was out of stock (no more coming in either). For the record, they were Reebok Zigs field shoes in size 11. The website has them showing as in-stock for both Black and B&W. Anyhow, they held the entire order and never let me know because they "didn't want to bother me at work" per the lady I spoke with just now. The log jam is now removed, so they say they'll ship it today and I should have by this weekend. I like Honig's, but I'm not sure I will continue working with them if
  11. I placed an order on 6/7... I am still waiting on a shipment date. I tried to cancel and have sent two emails and one message left over the phone - with no response yet. My card hasn't been charged, but my order status shows "Ticket Printed". This is ridiculous! I won't be ordering again if this is their new service experience.
  12. I'm surprised this is still here, I thought several were looking for the Champro Mag mask.
  13. That gunmetal looks pretty good to these eyes! And get some of those classic brown +POS mask pads to go with it!
  14. Yes, I contacted Jeff. They charge $50 for a full refurbishment, but not completely sure what that involves.
  15. I recently picked this up for a good price. It was a little dusty from sitting around, but this is a very nice CP. I have cleaned it up with soap and water and worn it a time or two. Thing is, I know have too many CP's and I'm planning on keeping the other two - so I need to move this one. It is well-broken in, by that I mean that it will sit on your shoulders perfectly without trying to ride up. Even the stock harness keeps it in place pretty well, but of course we all recommend an upgrade to the Ump Life if you can afford it. By the way, it comes with the bicep protectors as wel
  16. It was a pleasure dealing with you as well, sir!
  17. Jeff said they normally just peel and replace. I am trying to get a quote.
  18. LOL - these were just on FB selling wall. The thing is they were out there for several days, but the Douglas was kind of hidden and I just happened to notice it.
  19. I really hate seeing these retailers close their doors. I guess I'm old-school, but I still like being able to hold what I am going to buy. I will and do shop online, but nothing ever beats the immediate satisfaction of paying and taking the item home with you - instead of having to wait for several days and hope it is what you thought it was. But then again, I still like holding a real book too. I have nothing against technology, to the contrary I love the convenience, but before too long we're going to be sitting in our homes with a computer and not need to leave them or interact with
  20. I tried a search, but didn't find one so if there is already one - please point me to it. Thanks. I have a couple Douglas CP's now - and the glue is slowly trying to work it's way loose around the edge (mostly top and shoulders) between the plate and the Velcro. Does anyone have any experience re-gluing the Velcro to the plate? I don't want to make it worse or ruin anything if I can help it. I'm thinking of using Gorilla Glue (or something of that type) to re-attach them, but wanted to see what someone here might have done that works better. Thanks all!
  21. I had it up to my Adam's apple using the stock harness - so I'm sure a better harness would allow that to work for you. It wasn't too long for me, but after removing the neck pad - it fit more like a 13-14" CP - all ribs covered but not even to my belly button. LOL On the plus side, I just came across a Wilson Charcoal (with red Wilson logos) and a black Douglas 15" for $25 each. I couldn't get my wallet out fast enough! They're a little dirty, but I have soap & water and some ol' elbow grease at home. I can't wait to get them home and cleaned up.
  22. Sold. Please lock it up @Thunderheads
  23. Sold. Please lock it up @Thunderheads
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