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  1. Masks normally come pretty quick. Other items I can't speak about. But I've ordered 4-5 over the past year and all came within a week. I'm in OH and he's in IL.
  2. Big discussion and comments on the UmpLife FB page.
  3. @Thunderheads sold on FB. Lock it up please. Thanks!
  4. @Stk004 Any real difference between V1 and V2 besides a little more weight? I know there is 1 more spring on V1 also... but does that make it safer or people just complained about weight so they went to 3 springs? Thanks
  5. LOL And put on a sun visor of course to cover the top part.
  6. It's a start. I know my employer has several new initiatives for interviewing and hiring designed for just such a purpose. As with all things, it'll take time and a lot of effort and open-mindedness by all in order to succeed. I enjoyed the response and your willingness to discuss fairly. My biggest issue is I feel these articles are nothing more than finger-pointers. They aren't written to help women (or non-caucasian males) get a job with MLB. Instead, they're written to cast blame or suggest it. I'd have much more respect - applause, even - for a writer who chose to take step
  7. Totally agree... but it honestly has nothing to do with what the article insinuates is the problem. But, I don't see how you can ever change that either. If you owned a business, would you rather: 1. take references from your business partner and employees whom you know the work ethic and performance of? or 2. go out and try to find someone based on what they tell you they can do and trust any references they provide? In short, it's not a perfect world - instead of complaining about the problem (which all these articles/movies/movements are doing) - find or at least
  8. I spoke with F3 and you can get their shoulder caps sent to you for $39. They were going to send them out for free and asked what happened to mine (so they could fix it if possible), so I explained I didn't have one of their CP's but was thinking of putting them on another CP. If you have a CP, they will replace for free.
  9. I'm not sure and it's fine either way. I won't hi-jack this thread, but I disagree with not being able to see pitches with movement. We're in B or C a lot during HS ball and you can see fine from out there. Although, I will agree to avoid the most chance of arguments it is best to just stay back there behind the catcher, simply because there are 200+ pitches/calls back there versus maybe 5 out at 2B for steals. Put the one man coverage where the action is I'm sure is the smartest move.
  10. These pads are so much better IMO. Although, I wouldn't mind owning both sets. I think the below pads on a black frame would be rockin'.
  11. Sigh, again. These articles never help to balance things out or fix any issues. They seem to strongly suggest that it's all the fault of white men. If only white men wouldn't have existed, think of how much better this world could be. I agree with the player's comments. I don't care who is calling balls/strikes - if they can do the job, let 'em. This is how simple it should be. From my understanding, it has nothing to do with sex (or color) of the applicant, but who you know that's on the job that can help you get an opportunity. And I believe it's the same in every busines
  12. Surely, you can't be serious?
  13. I'm not sure if you're serious or not, but I asked my association about it this year. I was told I can't call from behind the pitcher. I believe you would be in better position for almost all calls (except a shot down the line) - and you can still call balls/strikes as well. I wasn't crazy about wearing a ball bag out there, but I was going to do it until my assignor shot me down. I have done at least 13-14 solos already this year in HS ball. I normally employ the method Maven and others have suggested. Move to opposite side of batter and far enough out to see past pitcher. If b
  14. Honestly, I have to agree. I had one and sold it last time. I just don't like the silver with blue/tan pads. I think I'd like it better with all blue pads or blue pads with black backing. The tan/blue just isn't for me, but I can say that the blue matches the Smitty blue shirts exactly. So, if you gotta match, then this is your thing.
  15. I know! It amazed me too. I couldn't believe they truly didn't know what it was for. They were remarking it made sense to use in the sun, but then he wore it during a night game the day before so they weren't sure what it was for now. Announcers amaze me - evidently you don't even have to know baseball to become an announcer. And don't get me started on Joe Buck!
  16. Brand-new All Star FM4000 mask with black pads & umpire strap. $85 shipped within the continental USA --- or best offer! Mask retails at $99 plus shipping from most stores. Save $ and get it quickly from me! New, unworn in a game. Shipping will be 3 day UPS with a tracking number provided.
  17. Rivets/Chicago screws through the padding? Unless you have someone who can sew Velcro on there and use the holes from the WV plates for straps again. It'd take a pretty heavy sewing machine/rig to do it though.... shoe cobbler/luggage repair?
  18. Funny thing, I was watching Dodgers and Nats yesterday and the announcers couldn't figure out what Yasmani Grandal had on his mask. They were trying to figure out what it was for - it was so funny listening to them. They settled on "if a player thinks he looks sexy, it doesn't matter if it works for anything or not, they'll wear it".
  19. UA has 240 of these - get yours while they last!
  20. Others have already said most of what is necessary and I agree with them. I'll add one thing that we can't have as umpires is "rabbit ears". As the poster above me says, there are times I've learned coaches are talking to their kids trying to keep them straight. I've seen kids go to pieces (even in HS) if they don't get the corner they wanted and you "ball" it. Coaches sometimes aren't trying to get us at all, they're trying to keep Johnny from losing it and becoming out of control. While this is not our problem, the best thing we can do is to make sure they're questioning us or our zo
  21. This guy... agrees with that guy. And the Pacific NW guys will tell you it helps to keep rain off the brim of your hat also.
  22. To my knowledge, the biggest was 13" (L/XL). Now if you count the padding, you may get to 14" but not sure. Has anyone ever tinkered with building a hard shell extension for a CP? It can't be that hard. One easy fix for more length is the backwards football rib protector. It looks and feels like a normal CP does and offers hard shell protection over the belly. Plus, it's a good 6-8" of additional coverage for very affordable pricing. I paid less than $25 for one when I tested it.
  23. I see no problem. You don't have to grant time to the batter. If pitcher stopped and restarted during his windup, then a warning would be fair. No one was really punished by your ruling and they all can learn what they need to do correctly the next time. I would make sure to inform batter that unless you grant time, then it is a live ball and will be called a strike if in the zone. He may want to ensure you call "Time" before stepping out next time. I'm sure the pitching team's coach was already telling his pitcher to keep going in the future unless time is called. From my
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