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  1. Don't want to steal @Thunderheads thunder, but you have to custom make one. I'll let him give you the details.
  2. Now you need the mask(?) and ball bags! PS - I'm kidding about the mask.
  3. I saw a really beat up WV pre Dyna lite mask at Play It Again on Saturday in Columbus. They were pretty rough, so I hesitated. Went back today to get them and of course they're gone! Got me thinking on this post and I wanted some too. LOL
  4. Matt, Did you ever get to that box? LOL
  5. @ZJesterYM do you still have these masks? Does anyone have any of these logos leftover on a harness or pads? Thanks
  6. I was too fast - it appears you are correct. If looks like it might require heating... of course, that makes sense on a car. On a CP, you could probably cut and super glue it down. I'm just guessing here though... I'll wait for the expert opinions.
  7. You've got something there! Here is a type of carbon fiber - similar I think to what he used. Much easier than painting a CP - and just as cheap!
  8. Anyone have any ideas on how to "clean up" the plastic on an old Platinum? I'm okay with it if not, but I thought about trying to make it black, but trial and error proved that black spray paint is not an option.
  9. I like.... a lot... does this match our Smitty/CK/etc. MLB blue shirts?
  10. They do look the like +POS shoes I've seen on eBay and FB.
  11. Yeah, that sucks... especially when they do bids versus Buy It Now or Make Offer.
  12. @Stk004 and others in Seattle area... there are some good deals to be had up your way. For example, Wilson Ti, Honigs CP and shins - all for $75 I wish I was closer.
  13. The pillow in the Platinum is removed fairly easily if anyone wants to do so. Just saying it's an option, but agree it adds nothing to protection.
  14. 15" for $34.99 with free shipping on eBay. This has the Velcro plates as well.
  15. Pleasant transactions with @JoHart10 and @LittleBlue this week. Bought from JoHart10 and sold to LittleBlue. Also, @Jimurray proved to be a great guy this week! Thank you all for your business - I wholly recommend all of you. FYI - if you need a nice mask - talk to @JoHart10. He has several at very fair pricing.
  16. Nice black frame. Hollow-steel. One small nick thanks to Babe Ruth catcher on top (shown in pic below). Has a rattle which is common in hollow steel masks, but I wanted to be upfront in case it might bother you. I just have too many masks so trying to clean up shop. Asking $25 shipped to you in lower 48 states. Thanks! PS - Sorry about the pics, they won't turn for some reason.
  17. I have a new Zett (Navy) for sale. Never been worn - new in plastic. $35 shipped to continental US. I'm trying to break even on this, not get rich. Thanks!
  18. I've had three Adidas masks and all were magnetic.
  19. They do have a face shield for hockey style masks. I was looking into one when I had the All-Star MVP 2500, but when I sold the mask I didn't follow up. I'm not aware of anything for a traditional style mask, although after catching a face full of dirt I can see your point and wish there was something.
  20. I'll let you know if I get any rain on me the rest of this year. I'm down to about 10 games left now.
  21. It was scratched up, so I thought I'd just go ahead and put a new look on it as well. And if the visor idea is to block the sun, then a blacked out visor would certainly stop light coming through completely was my thought.
  22. It was scratched up, so just thought I'd go ahead and put a new look on it as well. And if the visor idea was to block the sun, then a blacked out visor would certainly stop light coming through completely was my thought.
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