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  1. Updated again with what is left. Diamond harness $10 Wilson black mem foam pads $25 Both together for $30
  2. Thanks - that's exactly what I was looking for. I know some didn't like the "Shamu" stripes on the side, but I've read positive reviews as well from the same folks who just wished they were all black.
  3. What are these worth? I found a pair for around $125 shipped for brand-new in the box. Are these better than the new NB MU460v3 plate shoes? I've not heard very good things about the New Balance, so I'm kind of scared to shell out $150 for them. I've heard they're hard to keep clean, tear easily, etc. Thanks!
  4. These have been worn maybe 5 times. They are in great condition. The only flaw on them I know of is the presence of rust on some of the rivets - and we all know that is unavoidable with moisture and metal being what it is. $50 includes FREE shipping within the continental USA.
  5. 1. Wilson tan leather pads (new) 2. Wilson black memory foam pads (used a couple times) 3. +POS harness (new style harness, brand new, just put a pic with OP) 4. Diamond harness (used but in good condition) 5. Wilson MLB harness sold (post updated now)
  6. Ultimately, I'm fine with it being either Wilson or Nike as I like it, but in my quest to understand I am exploring all the possibilities. I not only want to understand what it is now, but if I see another one come up for sale then I want to know if I should be paying Wilson or Nike prices! In my humble opinion, my mask is clearly different from the Wilson DynaLite catcher models A3007, A3008 and A3010. I have stripped vinyl off about 6-7 of the Wilson's because I think they are very close to the Nike's and I can normally pick them up on eBay for under $40 shipped. Once you remove the vinyl these masks really lighten up - you would be amazed at how much of a difference it makes! These old Wilson DynaLite catcher models A3007 and A3008 are very solid masks that offer a good view for a great price. I'd encourage you to pick one up to play with over the winter months if you see one. However, with all of this discussion and experience, I still believe the mask in my OP is a Nike Steel. It has different dimensions and looks and feels different than the Wilson's that I own and have held, so I'm going to call it my Nike. Thanks to all of you whom have weighed in and offered feedback/ideas.
  7. Side by side (sorry pics are sideways) - mask at top is Wilson A3008 DynaLite (vinyl stripped, unpainted) - middle is "Nike" - bottom is A3007 DynaLite (vinyl stripped, painted silver)
  8. Side by side showing "Nike" is wider than DynaLite
  9. Just for the sake of conversation, not argument. I took some more pics of this "Nike" next to my DynaLite's A3007 and A3008. This mask that I have is wider and shorter than the DynaLite's. I am still convinced my OP is a Nike - but I think the original steel models used a slightly wider U-bar/bullring/wicket at the bottom than the current models. Perhaps it was a different supplier than current? I know the current models of steel and Ti are the same, but the older models were not always that way. Lastly, the new-to-me mask is noticeably lighter than my DynaLite catcher's models, even with TW pads on it. The "Nike" is wider (11" DL vs 12" N), shorter (14" DL vs 13" N), has bigger/wider "ears" and has a longer & straighter "chin" than the DynaLite (see pics). I'll have to split up the pics due to sizing unfortunately.
  10. Updated pricing and what is still available.
  11. All prices include shipping within continental USA. Diamond mask harness (used) $10 Wilson memory foam pads (used a couple times) $25
  12. Sorry- just re-read post. Mine is not a steel but a Ti.
  13. Here is the link the silver mask with TW pads. This was MadMax mask and he called it a Nike Steel. This is where I looked before I purchased it to make sure, but then second-guessed myself. http://umpire-empire.com/topic/65819-fs-nike-steel-mask-bright-silver-mipc-nike-harness/
  14. It is definitely NOT a Wilson WTA3007 which can be confused with a Nike at first glance, much like a +POS. Closer inspection can discount both Wilson and +POS rather quickly due to ear guard placement and sizing. Below is a pic of a Wilson WTA3007 for example. If you look at its ear guards, you'll know that this is NOT a Nike. Nike uses that extra wide ear guard - and the arrow strut on the top of both guards is more defined on a Nike mask. Wilson (as shown below) rounds the top ear guard down - whereas Nike is straight out from the mask in a 90-degree perpendicular (imaginary) line from the dead center of the mask. Finally, Wilson's bottom ear guard is rounded more versus Nike has a more angular shape, especially at the bend on the bottom of the ear guards.
  15. I'll have a Nike available for sale within the next week. If you don't have one by then, I'll reach back out to you. I put in 2 offers on eBay and won both - I really only wanted one. I'm just waiting on both masks to ship to me.
  16. I don't think so, it's the angle of the pic. JoHart's mask red and blue pads is the same mask just different pads. If you look at the bottom strap on the U bar, it's all the same... at least IMO.
  17. And this was @JoHart10's mask he sold.
  18. Here is one that @Thunderheads had coated by Tony.
  19. I think Nike steel too, but I see Stk004's point as well which is why I asked. The lightweight and angled ear guards suggest the Nike steel, but the wide bottom U-bar looked like Wilson catcher's models a little. But then I have a Wilson WTA3007 and A3008 and the ear guards are different on them than this. I'm pretty confident it is a Nike. It looks like it's been coated, perhaps by Tony as it has a very sparkly metallic silver. It really catches the light when it moves. It has a couple nics and needs a need job done on it now.
  20. Can anyone confirm what this is? I think it’s a Nike college steel. It’s pretty light. Thanks
  21. I’m looking for Nike pads & harness. Color doesn’t matter just looking for fair prices. Thanks
  22. Gap is a necessity - I've caught a ball or two in the shoulder gap and it's not fun. T-hooks is another good one.
  23. I have a Schutt one I tried. It worked as good or better than any extension I’ve seen and it’s about the same thickness of padding as my WV Gold. I’m short (5’10”) and really don’t need it - but it fits perfect between my belt and the bottom of my CP. It stays in place well and is actually more protective than any CP due to wrapping fully around the sides. As a positive, you cannot see it under the shirt when wearing. It fits close on me. If I were tall, then this is what I’d wear. While most extensions are soft, this is hard-shell. They make just the back plate also if you don’t want the full wrap-around. I got mine off eBay new for $15.
  24. Okay, you may think this is funny but here goes... Wear a football rib protector backwards - instead of protecting ribs and spine, spin it around and cover the belly and ribs. Hard shell protection/extension for about $20 -25 on eBay. Added bonus you can buy gray or black to match your CP. You can attach to your CP or buy industrial strength Velcro strips and make It detachable.
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