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  1. They're hot and large.   You'll definitely need plate pants.  Mine squeaked too when I got into my stance. 

    But they are bullet-proof and cover everything.  I took the 2nd knee off of mine as they're hard to put on without a dressing room.  Dressing in parking lots, I can't not wear pants while I put on shins, so I removed the 2nd knee and they went on much easier for me.

    After F3, it'd be really hard to go back to them again. 

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  2. 6 hours ago, BT_Blue said:

    The story of how Harry came up with the pivot as told by Brent Rice is pretty hilarious.

    Was it while watching barrel-racing?  Because I always feel like the horse rounding the barrel.  It not only looks ridiculous, but it feels like it too!

    horse barrel racing GIF

    @Thunderheads we may need a new thread started for the Pivot and a couple of these moved over.  I know you like to keep a clean ship. :)

  3. 2 hours ago, wvumpire1984 said:

    no no im talking about the plate guy wanting to wear long sleeves and the base guy wearing short sleeves.  Im sorry but that looks bad. I once had a crew chief who wanted to wear his plate coat in 50 degree weather.  Me and the other base guy were like, OMG, its too warm for that.  But we wore our pullovers on the bases.  For continuity.  In my opinion, its no different that wearing 2 different color shirts on the field.


    and yes the versions of the shirt must match.  Maybe its my OCD, but it looks bad.  Will the coaches know?  no they probably wont.  But I will know, and if im being watched and i dont know it, then im screwed in that regard.

    I understand where you're coming from, but respectfully disagree.   Again, I'm hot-blooded and an older gentlemen working with me may need his jacket whereas I do not.  Why should I be hot just so he can be comfortable? So I look good?  Sorry, I can't get behind this reasoning.

    But then again, I hate the pivot between 1st and 2nd when I can pick up the touch/no-touch/interference/obstruction with a glance over my shoulder - but the regs mandate I pivot!  I guess I'm a rebel. I know it's an appearance thing - but I'm told the higher levels (2 man, not MLB of course) do not pivot either, so why must we do it? Because it looks like we're paying more attention.  Optics are important I get it.

    But since I am OCD too, I can relate to you wanting things to match. :)

    I will add that I'd be much more willing to wear the jacket on the bases if it breathed better.  But the Smitty required OHSAA jackets are basically sauna suits, which is fine when it's cold but at 50-and up you sweat like a pig and the material sticks to you. 

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  4. I quit using Honig's for the same reason Max loves them LOL! 

    Unfortunately, that goes for TOC also.  While I love their colors, I can't have two sizes of each color of shirt.  I'm not that rich yet. :fuel:

    I only use Smitty now.  Around my area, it's what everyone else has and the size always fits me right - regardless of for plate or bases.  

    I do wish I that I had vertical stripes instead of the old-fashioned arm and collar stripes though.  I think they'd look more slimming and they certainly offer a sharper look in my opinion.

  5. I find it amazing that people worry this much about matching. Is there a book somewhere for fashion faux-pas for amateur umpires?   "Oh, that jacket is just so totally last year Bob.  I can't work with you anymore!"

    It is ridiculously expensive to start as a baseball umpire, then let's add another couple hundred dollars in coats, jackets, long-sleeve shirts, etc. so he can be sure to match up with his partner all of the time - even though he may only wear it once or twice a year!

    This is why we all need to go to black as our main color, instead of navy.  You have to have navy for HS, but then if you do Travel, Legion, Babe Ruth, etc. also, then your navy OHSAA jacket can't be used - so you have to purchase a black (and possibly navy) non-logo one too.  Navy just makes you have to purchase a second set of everything.

    To me it is simple.  Jersey color needs to match... period.  

    I'd prefer the jersey striping matches too, but not required.  I've worked with so many guys that only have the 'softball' powder polo and I have the 'baseball' version but we got by as hard to tell from the stands if my stripes are black or navy.  I've since picked up another powder shirt to match exactly in the future.  I've also worked with guys who had the same color, but they had vertical stripes versus my shoulder stripes and no one noticed but me I think.  Unless I'm standing right beside him (which I'm not after the plate meeting), then all most in the stands see is a black shirt.

    I'm always hot and even in 50-degree temps, I'm probably rocking the jacket with zip-off sleeves.  I'm in OH, and have recently switched to a LS shirt on the plate because it's less to tuck in than the bulky jacket excess around the waist.   It looks better and I can layer under if needed.

    For the bases though, that guy needs to wear what makes him comfortable.  He shouldn't have to freeze because I'm always hot.  Many times I am working with older men who have thinner blood than myself, so why should they have to be uncomfortable because I'm not going to wear a jacket? 

    If we worry this much about matching and make such a big deal about needing to match, that they're out there shaking due to being cold, how long do you think it will be before their mind wanders and focuses more on being cold and ready to go home than the play at first base?  It's human nature. 

    My association told us to wear what makes us comfortable, try to match as much as possible but wear what keeps you warm.  And they were specifically talking about not having an OHSAA logo'd jacket to wear. 

    The focus ought to be on comfort and matching required jersey colors & apparel from our state.  This is amateur baseball... no one is going to die if my partner wears a jacket and I don't.  I've seen the guys in MLB do it this way for what it's worth. 

    I've always heard about the unwritten rules of baseball - but I think we umpires have almost as many on our own.


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  6. 17 hours ago, Rock Bottom said:

    What is the All-Star CPU4000 V2? I didn't realize they had a V2 of that model, or are you calling the Cobalt a V2?

    That's what I did in my haste.  Sorry, now I am confusing everyone.  There is no V2 - it's a Cobalt. 

    I have gone back and edited my post, but I can't correct everyone's quotations from my original post.  I should have waited to post anything this morning, but started to post and then was distracted by other work and ended up making an inaccurate post.

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  7. My apologies @Ump0000and @BT_Blue, I misread the OP.    Although, my post did reference that the CPU4000 aka System Seven was also as a good CP.

    Now on-target this time:

    1. I really like the CPU4000 aka System 7 CP.  I don't find it any bulkier than any other CP out there.  It's comfortable, breathes better than most and offers excellent protection.  For me personally, I don't think there's a better CP out there for the money ($129 at UA right now).  I'll be honest, I've been thinking of grabbing one as my backup at that price point.
    2. I have no experience with the System 7 shins, but they look interesting.  Personally, I'd still go F3 over anything else out there today for baseball umpires.  They're simply that good and cheaper than the other options so you're saving money too.
  8. On 1/10/2021 at 12:22 PM, Ump0000 said:

    I'm looking at the System 7 shins and CP. I was wondering:

    1. The smallest size in shins is 17. I'm 5'7" and usually wear 15 or 16s. Are the shins playable enough were the knee cap area will essentially act like a thigh cap?

    2. Is the CP bulky like the West Vest?

    1. My advice is buy F3 shins. 14.5" fit great and you'll forget you're wearing them.  When you finally do get hit, you'll be so glad you bought them as they're practically bulletproof.  When you buy shins too large for you, they fit oddly and can hinder your appearance and ability to run from my experience.  The F3 shins are also pretty low profile, many can even wear them using combo pants instead of plate pants. I've even read of guys on here able to fit them under their base pants!  Bonus - F3 is cheaper than the new All Star guards.
    2. At the risk of offending so many who seem to think the new All Star Cobalt is the best CP made currently (and one of the best ever), I humbly disagree.   I think it fits oddly and I am not a fan of it. I sold mine to another guy on here.  While I cannot speak to it's comfort in hot weather, I can say it is 'solid'. 
    • The pros - it feels very sturdy like it would protect you well. The plastic is harder and thicker than most CP's due to being American made.  The padding is low profile which is desirable. It is flexible to put on, there are no head/neck issues on this model like there were with some on the previous one.  I suppose I can add adjust-ability as a pro also.  You can adjust: shoulders, extension, etc.
    • The cons - the strap connects in the wrong place and makes it hard to get a good, comfortable fit without moving it, the extension tends to flare out if you wear it, the shoulders won't lay flat on me, there's the flaring issue again and I'm only a 46-48" jacket,  so I'm not that wide.  For a $190 CP, I expected more (maybe too much more perhaps).

    To be honest, all CP's are hot and I think I've tried all that's out there today (Douglas, Wilson Gold and Platinum, F3 V1 and V3, Schutt/Adams HDX XV, Champion, All American, V-Sport, All Star CPU4000 aka System Seven and the Cobalt).  You will sweat in all of them, or maybe it's just me that sweats regardless?  The coolest (temperature speaking) CP I've ever worn was the Schutt/Adams - but I hate their Velcro.  The safest and most comfortable I've felt is in the Wilson Gold. 

    If I were to design the perfect CP, for me, it would be a Wilson Gold with the pec pads removed and a Schutt/Adams D3O foam pad jacket. I suppose that I might also desire something removable/adjustable in the pec pad area like F3 or the All Star CPs.

    You asked for opinions on the All Star.  I tried to give you mine along with my thinking as to why I dislike them. Ultimately, you will need to check it out for yourself.  Too many times, umpires tend to say what's the hottest, newest item is the best - instead of testing it on themselves.  Trial and error is how I figured out what I liked and kept.

    The top three CP's that I've used, in no particular order:  Wilson Gold, Douglas with gap protection and All Star CPU4000 V1. Narrowly missing out would be Schutt/Adams. 

    The best shins I've worn:  Douglas and F3 - but there simply is no arguing that the  F3's are much lighter, cooler and lower profile.


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  9. 3 hours ago, Thunderheads said:

    How deep is the hole? My guess is that it's just an indentation from manufacturing and only cosmetic. I would call All Star to see what they say about it.

    I wouldn't be overly concerned though...

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    I agree with Jeff here.  I think it's only cosmetic.  They fill these masks through the ear guards (hence the block-y guards) but if a little piece of anything got in the mold, it could have made that indentation.  It looks very shallow to me and I would say that you have nothing to worry about. 

    If you are truly concerned, I would contact All Star as Jeff recommends. 

  10. 4 hours ago, BT_Blue said:

    Speaking of Ray's shin harnesses. Do you need to leave the top strap? Or can you move the harness up and keep the bottom strap?

    I left the existing F3 strap there on the top for mine.  Then used Ray's harness for the bottom 3 straps.  I suppose you could use it for the top 3 and then keep the existing F3 strap for the bottom one.

  11. I think he was joking about this (getting mad). 

    Although, I've worked with a few guys who enjoyed entering a game with a chip on their shoulder.  Argument with the wife and no way to relieve that stress?  These guys kept that chip on their shoulder and then took no crap when a coach came with anything.

    FWIW - There is something that can be said about strong emotions sharpening the senses, but I'm not sure you're going to get good reviews from an assignor if you take this approach.  How we handle the game, players and coaches helps to determine our level of success and chances for moving up.  I can't imagine being angry all the time is going to help you out, unless you're Rocky Marciano.

    Not Marciano, but boxing-related.

    what i am movie quote GIF



  12. 1 minute ago, noumpere said:

    You can't count from back farther?

    I can, just normally after they change pitchers the coach heads back to the dugout.  If he stays, then I stay back.  I only move up to the side a bit more, I guess mainly so I can round up the infield who gathered behind the mound chatting it up once the new pitcher is ready to go.  "Okay guys, he's got 2 more, let's get ready to play."

    I'll consider staying back a bit more this year.  I appreciate the feedback.

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