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  1. It’s in great shape and I love it, but I found a basically brand new Wilson V2 for $20!

    Since I don’t air travel to games, the bigger bag is a win for me.

    Bag is clean and all zippers work well. It has the inserts to keep the sides straight too. 

    Prefer to sell local for $75 - but will ship if you’re interested. 







  2. 44 minutes ago, GreyhoundAggie said:


    This would only apply if the obstruction caused him to miss 2nd in the umpires judgment correct?

    He doesn't get a free pass if he is obstructed 10 ft off of 1st base and then just steps right over 2nd on his way to 3rd.

    I should have thought about that just a second longer.   If he was obstructed between 1st and 2nd, then we'd give him 2nd most likely as the obstructed award - but R1 went on to 3B on his own, so you are correct.  R1 does not get a free pass if he missed 2B on his way to 3B.

  3. The obstruction supersedes the missed base, so that's nothing. 

    In my mind, if you allow the appeal, then what punishment was provided to the defense for obstructing?


    Not an exact scenario, but similar:

    2017 INTERP SITUATION 16: With a runner on first base, the batter hits a single down the right-field foul line. As the runner from first base nears second base, he is obstructed by the shortstop, which causes him to not touch second base. The runner continues to advance and arrives safely at third base. The defense calls “time,” and then appeals the runner missing second base. RULING: The runner is not out on appeal. If, in the umpire’s judgment, the obstruction caused the runner to miss second base, the appeal is denied and the runner’s advance is legal. (CB 8.2.5E) 

  4. 40 minutes ago, boyinr said:

    Thanks for the information.  The Champro might be good enough.  But, if I go that route, I will buy an All Star MVP2400 or 2500 (the only difference is the removeable padding).   All Star sells the 2400 for $99.99 direct with free shipping over $99. 

    I think that's a much better choice - and the cage design on the AS is far superior in my opinion.

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  5. Twins vs. Indians on 9/7

    HP Umpire Fieldin Culbreth is wearing a rather large throat guard. Just look at the size of the guard compared to his face!

    Anyone know what it is?

    It honestly looks like an old-school catcher's throat guard.

    Upon further inspection, that's exactly what it is. (see next post for ID)




    A better pic:


    MLB Suspends, Fines Umps After 2nd Mistake – CBS Cleveland

    ...and by the way, I hate his Strike Three mechanic. (And yes, I know he's in The Show and I'm an amateur... but I still hate it.)

  6. 8 hours ago, SeeingEyeDog said:

    I mean how was this game ever truly loved before it was ever shown on TV?


    How could you not love baseball? :home: There's so much to love and like in the game! It's a chess-match, exercise, sunshine, Americana, manly and so much more! And in the day's when it was America's national pastime (prior to football), you could attend a game with your family more affordably.  It was a game of the people and for the people - and by the people.  Almost everyone in America knew how to play the game at that time - even hand grenades had to be shaped like a baseball because every man could throw the ball around at a minimum.  

    Finally, let's not forget in the days prior to cell phones and technology, there wasn't nearly as much other entertainment available to families.  The weekly radio program was there, church on Wednesday and Sunday, but baseball was on the radio every day. Many of the games were played during the day (no lights) and were finished before dark. It was a family event to listen to the game or go and watch it.

    I'd still rather watch the game in person versus viewing on TV anytime. And how do people even eat a hot dog without being at a baseball game?  You can't tell me they don't taste right/better while watching a game? :wave:

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