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  1. A and C are definitely true.   B may be true, but I don't know of any shirts that have an approved NOCSAE cardiac cavity pad.

    If B is true, then D would be your answer.

    If B is false, then I agree that C makes the most logical sense but it is technically not fully correct either since A is also true.

    I really think D is the correct answer since it has the "NOCSAE approved cardiac cavity" verbiage in B, thereby making it correct - and we know that both A and C are correct already.

  2. 2 hours ago, BT_Blue said:

    I wonder if you will run into the same thing I have with my Rawlings TI. I'm not looking to sell it. But I was curious the going price on it and the gap in pricing is pretty crazy for a used one. I've seen as low as $65. And as high as $250. 

    I wonder what the All Star TI you have would go for in a fair price?

    I honestly have no idea.  I think masks with squared-off ear-guards are generally less desirable by most umpires, so I am sure that affects price.

  3. 4 minutes ago, boyinr said:

    Absolutely is a V1 FM25 TI.  I had one and sold it.  Regret letting that one go.  Great maskframe.  Enjoy that one.  

    You know me, I'll probably sell it on here or Facebook.  I just like the fun of buying/selling/swapping.  It's in my blood.  I get to see different gear and try it out. If I really like it, then I keep it - but normally end up passing most things on. 

  4. 41 minutes ago, GreyhoundAggie said:

    I have my MAG pads on a diamond frame wolfe and it muffles me.

    I must have a different face shape then or we're setting them up differently.  On the actual MAG mask, they sit up near my mouth, but on the Diamond they fit right where I'd expect them to on mine.

    I have a bit of a long face though. :HS

  5. Currently using only MAG pads.  Perfect in all weather temps & conditions. Dry fast too.  On some frames they don't muffle you at all (Diamond for example), but then I've never had any say they couldn't hear me due to these pads either.

    TW's are nice & safe, but I don't like how they fit on some of the frames I've had.  Great in hot weather.

    I really like the Honig's pads also.  They look classic and fit my face and mask frames so well.  Plus, small logos are great.  I like their harnesses for the same reasons.

    I had my first glimpse of the new UA mask on Saturday. Partner had one of all of the new masks it seemed LOL.  He buys them to offset his taxes as he does a lot of baseball year-round.  Anyhow, he likes it and says it feels odd when you're hit, but no hurting.  You can feel the air move when compressed.

    Also saw my first Evoshield helmet.  Catcher liked the fit and view, but said the glue holding the pads in kept letting go on him.  He said the weight wasn't too bad either.

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  6. 14 hours ago, SeeingEyeDog said:

    I guess what confused me was the mixture of mis-remembering this being a point of emphasis (now I'm thinking it was simply something my association pushed out as a communication), the fact that my partner tried to make the cite post-game (and now I will keep a rule book in my car for future occurrences), the batter's behavior (which may or may not be explained by the situation because I can't fully remember what happened on each of those pitches relative to the cite), the fact that the manager COULD have challenged my mis-application of the rule and didn't...topped off with a complete lack of understanding of the rule on my part.

    Thanks again, brother...


    FWIW it was an NFHS POE maybe 3 years ago.  They were trying to keep the games moving and this is one way to save time.

  7. The Ump hard-shell umpire chest protector.  This is a nice, low profile chest protector.  The color is navy blue. 

    Being hard-shell, it is safe for baseball and actually designed for it.  This is not the soft version used for softball.   There are guys on here who have used this CP in college ball and I personally have used in HS with no ill effects.

    If I were to keep this one, I'd mod it to accept a new flex harness and make it connect to both sides of the CP - but it is fully functioning as-is also.  I have done this mod on other versions of this CP.  The CP does come with removable hard-shell bicep protectors as well.

    I really like these for something different and they're getting harder to find anymore.  You can add one to your working collection now for a game fee!

    Asking $50 shipped to you in the con-USA obo.


    The Ump 1.jpg

    The Ump 2.jpg

    The Ump 3.jpg

    The Ump 4.jpg

    The Ump 5.jpg

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