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  1. 6 hours ago, bluetick48 said:

    I’ve got to brag on my man Tony! I just sent him my Allstar 4000MAG and had it powder coated gunmetal. Not only did he do a great job, but he’s also just a great guy and takes a lot of pride in his work. As soon as he finished my mask (he received it on Monday and finished it in less than 24 hours) he sent me pictures  to make sure I was happy. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND using him for any face mask needs. 


    Can’t wait to see this with pads!

  2. 1 minute ago, MadMax said:

    Because, just like All-Star is encountering, there isn’t a conventional (ie. “cheap”) part that will fit the unique geometry the Defender has. Force3 used the CAD file, created, commissioned, and produced a great visor that fits completely in a Defender... but... (here’s the part that just confounds the beancounters in a company, who ultimately shoot down any ideas like this)... doesn’t fit any other mask on the market. 

    That’s what is ultimately stifling this product – that it’s something that doesn’t have market-wide appeal (limited to just the FM4K models), and is perceived as being yet another entry in an over-saturated market of $12 visors from Markwort, Diamond, Champro and any other no-name ho-hum brands. They think no one will care, and that no one will buy it off a retail peg.

    We gotta change that perception.


    You show me the product and I'll put down my funds!

    I am in agreement though.  There's a lot of good companies being held back by bean-counters.  I get that we're a small market, but there can't be that large of a cost to produce these and... here's an original thought... build the pricing into the mask and include on with it!

  3. 1 hour ago, beerguy55 said:

    And, from time to time, you will see a pro hold up when someone's face is on the ice feet in front of him...because we are after all human.


    I'd call that good sportsmanship.   At some point, it is just a game and no goal, or run, or touchdown is worth harming a defenseless human being. 

    As for this post in general, I was a 2B/SS until Varsity when I played some CF too, and while we were taught to throw straight to 2B - it isn't really that simple. Maybe I thought too much or something, but no way I'm lighting up another kid with my hardest throw just because he didn't peel off.  Now, I would throw it in his general direction but off target enough so that I could make it clear to anyone watching I had to adjust my throw due to the runner being in the way.   There may have been other times where I did throw towards the runner, but not hard enough to do lasting damage but it sent the message I intended.

    I think this one you have to be there or see the video.  It's so hard to judge intention off a post.

  4. 19 minutes ago, humanbackstop19 said:

    Little off my OP, but this is one I can chime in on as you speak of R1/R3.  I've been advised at a clinic the proper 2-man mechanic taught at pro school is to stick tight to your B position, don't drop step, and follow the ball.  This prevents the tangle with a middle infielder, while holding the "angle over distance" philosophy of 2-man.  You have the same angle at second base by just turning as the ball passes, while you can make a read step in towards home plate if the throw goes behind, or back to R3 from the middle IF making a cut.  

    I need to go to a good camp. My HS trainer (works some college ball, not D1, but decent ball) told me we should start moving, pick up the throw over our shoulder and keep going towards the base.  I have to be honest, it never made sense to me to do this as my movement, although slight, does seem to be a distraction to some catchers (I do 14U travel, BR, Legion, etc. ball through HS).  I think I'll try the deep B idea and see if I can still see good enough for the tag play at first.  I'm sure I can find a happy medium.

    Now, of course, they'll review me and tell me I'm not in the proper position for OHSAA.  Just like that stupid pivot that I hate, when I can see just as good as looking over my should for R1 to catch the base or obstruction, etc. and then be in a more comfortable position to move on to 2B.  But that's another topic and I can't rip off this thread (so just forget I said this).

  5. 2 hours ago, MadMax said:

    Grrrr... You’re not going to “find” an existing, conventional visor for such an advanced, unconventional mask! You (All-Star) have had something like seven years now to find a visor, and it should have become evident in that first year that the FM4000 needs its own bespoke visor. Someone has the CAD file for the FM4000 planform... sooooooo... fish it out, do some curve and spline matching, create a visor model, and voilá, send it off to fabrication! Can’t be that hard! 

    :ranton:And while we're on this sun visor topic.   Am I the only one who wishes they would cover the entire top half of the inside of the mask?    Force 3 is the best fitting sun visor I have ever seen on a mask.  Outside of F3 though, it can be a pain in the neck for someone who is a neat freak like me to fit one of these into the top of a mask by attaching it to the padding. Then, it will shift or make the pads fit uneven or something like that that drives me crazy!    I wish it would offer full coverage from side-to-side (ear-to-ear along top eye port) and from the eye opening up to the top of the mask a la F3.

    While we're inventing the perfect sun visor for the FM4000 steel and mag mask platform, let's also update and fix the "other" visors so they ensure "full coverage" and look great too!

    Notice how F3's visor is fuller  (bar-to-bar coverage) and even all along the bottom and top of the mask?  They don't have the stupid black plastic bar at the top of their visor either, like every other manufacturer does.  There are times I wish F3 would make a conventional mask without springs as their stuff is top quality.  I wish I had the capability and equipment to manufacture my own gear.  I know I am nit-picky, but I like what I like and what I'd produce would be top-notch. :rantoff:

    Pro Mask Sun Shield Online at $19.95 - Force3 Pro Gear  

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  6. 7 hours ago, Jimurray said:

    That’s the beauty of deep B in3-4 man with the most likely play as evidenced by the NCAA video. In 2 man you are in B and can back step and turn with the throw as it comes and be pretty close to the grass line to judge the most prevalent swipe tag. Some umpires do not have that ability in 2 man. With R1 and R3 in 2 man you have too be aware of the cut by F4 to throw home. I have had F4 catch the throw a foot from me as I tracked the throw and pivoted with it.  

    That makes sense for 3-4 man, but if R1 in 2-man, then I need to be closer to the mound (shallower B) to see the tag on a pick-off attempt at 1B.  Let me be clear, I'm not arguing with you as I know there are far more experienced umpires on here than myself, I'm just explaining why I do what I do.


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  7. 5 hours ago, Matt said:

    In their defense of their lack of defense, you shouldn't be moving until you see the ball's path.

    I begin moving and pick up the throw as I move. If I wait until they throw, there’s no way I’ll get there in time.

    PS - I only do 2 man, so if you’re speaking 4-man as the OP was, then you may be right.

  8. 9 hours ago, Aging_Arbiter said:

    I'm in!   Time to hit social media with a peaceful protest.


    Join in with me.............Come on guys.........you know the words!!

    Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......

    Who is Heather Grey and what did she do to cause this animosity? 

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  9. 8 minutes ago, Razzer said:

    I am working on a few things right now and hope to have some testing done in the next month or two

    Exterior ABS protection with pad for impact displacement

    Separate additional pad (washable)  for comfort and impact

    Also working on a generic low profile pad replacement idea 

    Excellent! I'm always looking forward to see what comes of your plans.

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  10. I noticed that too.  I don't know if it is due to the culture over there, or because they are smaller-structured than us on average, or maybe they're just smarter than us for wearing them?  Someone mentioned to me that they also don't have to deal with the type of assignors that we do over here. There is too much focus on "appearance" over ability & performance to move up to higher levels.

    I'll say this much, if I ever take one off the wrist-bone, then I will wear them - I am past caring what people think looks "macho" or not and I have no fear of being blocked from moving up because I'm fine where I am.  I will wear what I need to feel safe, so I can stay locked in if I have to go up there looking like Darth Vader (kidding mostly but arm-guards aren't that big of a visual issue in reality). 

    darth vader GIF

    P.S. - Welcome back my friend!

  11. 6 hours ago, BT_Blue said:

    I would KILL to have a different supplier for Washington! Right now, we have Gerry Davis, whom I used to deal with all the time. But our state shirts are sublimated Cliff Keen shirts. They might be the JUNKIEST shirts I have ever worn! Any kind of crease to them removes the died color and shows white fabric. They are hot and do not breath well at all. I wear a jacket of some sort (usually a convertible one) rather than wear that god awful thing!

    Arik, just an idea, but I know guys that buy Smitty stuff, then go an have a logo put on it.   The OHSAA logo (and I doubt the WHSAA or whatever Washington's logo is) is not trademarked or copyrighted, so you can add it without any fear of retaliation.  Shoot, one of our suppliers will do it if you ask them and pay the $10.  I had a friend even get one for his plate coat.

  12. 53 minutes ago, SeeingEyeDog said:

    +1 for umpiring shoes with no mesh! @kylehutson, nailed this. Keeping those mesh areas clean is difficult. I have been using an old bathroom scrub brush on those areas but, I'm worried I'm eventually going to rip or snag the mesh. If anyone has any tips, please share.

    @JimKirk, perhaps a 2 minute complete shoe care video would be helpful to showcase products and techniques?

    I have an old MiLB buddy that gave me a tip - he said to use a denture brush.  It helps get in those small cracks and niches where dirt likes to collect.  I use Scrubbing Bubbles and then brush those areas that are stubborn, but normally I can get my shoes clean with just wiping the SB off.

    Ray Brownlie offered an excellent tutorial on this FB page on how to clean the NB V3 mesh umpire plate shoes.   He takes the liners out and then soaks the entire shoe in hot water.  Then, he hangs them to dry with newspaper stuffed into them to help dry quicker.  He allows them to air dry before wearing.   I forget all of the nitty gritty details, but he had a whole process.  This was the "deep clean", he offered other tips for between games.

  13. 2 hours ago, JimKirk said:

    Good question. We do have some really good customers from Ohio and send a decent amount of orders that way.

    Regarding the OHSAA, we are just being a good competitor. Purchase Officials does a really good job servicing the OHSAA and has been doing so for a long time. They put the time in to go to lots of association and state meetings, not to mention having a storefront in Akron. They deserve the OHSAA business.

    Purchase also owns the Refsmart line that we carry, so that seems to be a fair trade-off.

    That's nice of you.

    Most guys in my area work with Purchase Officials or a local shop called Fleming's out of Columbus.  Both attend our mandatory meetings in late February to early March.  They bring a lot of gear and uniforms with them for guys to try on and purchase if they like it. Plus, any web orders placed with them can be picked up that night for free if they mention they'll be at the meeting.

    There are other suppliers who carry OHSAA products although I've never used them.  I normally work with Purchase Officials as they are the best prices for OHSAA gear and I always have my stuff within 2 days of ordering.

    I will say though that neither PO or Fleming's carries anywhere near the level of inventory or selection that UA does.  UA normally is equal or better-priced on most items too, so other than actual OHSAA gear itself, I mostly use UA as my supplier.

    Personal Request:   I would like to see the All Star MAG pads and regular LUC pads added for purchasing if possible.  I'd also ask for Honig's pads, but I realize that is a competitor and not a supplier.


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  14. In Ohio, there's a common misconception that we must have all black shoes.   The words instead are "mostly black" which means that you may have some white on your shoe.  Both my plate (Reebok Mags) and base shoes (Nike Air Diamond Trainer) have white on them.

    Baseball is already charcoal only for playoffs, but we can wear heather during the season; however no one in my area does except for the guys too cheap to buy a new pair.  But then, the guy that won't buy a new pair of pants normally is also wearing a navy blue shirt that has turned soft purple due to the sun and washing/wearing.

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  15. 16 hours ago, humanbackstop19 said:

      Do pro mechanics allow what you're saying, which in thought is nice?

    I honestly do not know.  I was just offering my thoughts on it.  I only do HS, Babe Ruth, Legion and Travel ball, so I mostly am in NFHS rule set.

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  16. 8 minutes ago, humanbackstop19 said:

    Just looking for feedback.  I'm watching a series of games which is using 4-man crews.  Almost every U2 is set up in C with only R1.  CCA manual gives choice of B or C (same as 3-man).  I don't work 4-man too much, but I prefer staying in deep B.  Puts me in a better window for the majority of SB attempts and make a read step if needed.  In C it seems you can get blocked off by middle infielder taking the throw and bag on errant throw, or get straight-lined.  Thoughts, feedback?  

    If I were given the choice of a runner stealing 2B, I'd prefer the view from C.   It's just like being at home and doing 3B-extended over 1B-extended albeit a somewhat different angle.  You should have a better look at the runner coming into the base and see the tag easier. 

    In B, you can get blocked out by feet, glove, fielders knee, etc. and miss something, unless you get almost perpendicular to the bag, which is I think C would offer a better view.

  17. 5 minutes ago, aaluck said:

    That's the problem! That's what has me so frustrated and p'd off!

    However, I am not so quick to place blame, or point fingers, as what we THOUGHT was right two months ago, or even two weeks ago may not be today or next month.

    I can honestly say that in my 52 years I have never felt so frustrated and helpless--and I don't like it. I'm to the point I'm more concerned about my mental health than my physical health and this is why I will probably do football this year--as I have for the past 12 years. It may not be smart, as @SeeingEyeDog has said, but I NEED to get on a field and at least feel "normal" for a couple of hours a week. 

    You're not alone brother.  So many of us are just longing for a return to the "normal"... the problem is, I'm not sure that's going to happen even once we clear this stuff.  Things have changed now and I'm afraid we'll not get some things back.

    If anyone ever needs to just talk, please reach out.  Mental health is just as important, if not more so, than physical health.  I'd add spiritual health there too.

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