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  1. Wow, horrible placement on the MLB logo and Wilson name.
  2. One of the guys I've worked with, would start walking slowly out to the mound from the plate, as soon as the coach got there. I asked him what he would do if he made it there? He said, that he never made it all the way there. One of his mentors suggested it, as a way of showing them that there is a limit. Visual usually works better.
  3. Except the PU had to get this all up to the Press Box where the official scorekeeper was. Our PU also keeps track of these things as subs have to play 6 consecutive outs and bat at least once.
  4. I wasn't the PU, but we had a couple games where a pitching change would re-arrange almost everyone on the field. In one instance, F1 went to F5, F5 went to F7, F7 went to F5, F5 went to F7, F7 went back to F5 and F5 went to F1. Basically, F1 and F7 switched, and F5 ran around a bunch.
  5. I do LL, so I was taught that for 11u and under the PU should hold up a hand to keep the pitcher at bay, until the batter and catcher are ready. At 12u, you try not to do that any more as the pitcher should know by this time to wait for the batter. I understand that it's not appropriate, as you are theoretically calling time, but it's either that or extend the game by an hour by caling quick pitches, no pitches, and illegal pitches. Not to mention, the batter, catcher or PU getting HBP. The good part, is that once I talk to the pitcher, many of them "get it" and slow down.
  6. Mister B

    Force out?

    So when would he be called out?
  7. Mister B

    Force out?

    In a similar vein, if the same runner had passed second and then turned around and trucked directly back to first without touching second, is he out when he touches first? (disregard the ball, as I'm working Little League and the ball was picked up by F9 and thrown to deep left. )
  8. I'm coming from this via the coach route, it's only Little League, so I got very little training. So I want to make sure on when I make a call and when I keep my mouth shut. If the runner misses the tag-up, I keep my mouth shut until, the defense makes the play at the base and I call the out. Correct? If the runner missed the bag, I keep my mouth shut until the defense figures it out and tags him out or he is passed by the next runner, in which case the next runner would be out. Correct? If the defensive coach appeals either of those without making the play, what is my course of action? Thanks.
  9. Mister B


    it sounds like the ball got away from the catcher. There is no safe zone, unless he is hit by his own batted ball, but if the batter has the chance/ability to avoid interference and doesn't, he should be called for it. It's a judgement call. Don't send your catcher thru the batter. If this is Little League, make a mental note of rule 6.06 (c)(3), I belive it's 6.03 (a)(3) in the MLB, and bring it up with the UIC.
  10. Based on what I dropped on my gear, my wife will make me get a couple years out of it.
  11. I got into this as our league requires Minors level coaches to umpire a couple games. It saves money and forces some of us to learn the rules. My son has started progressing beyond my coaching ability and his All-Star coach asked if I could volunteer to ump some of the district games. I guess the UIC of the tournament needed help as I was asked to work a couple of other games and then a State game. I enjoyed it. So I got myself some gear for behind the plate and look forward to working some more games. Don't know how far up I'll progress as I'm already grey, and not as quick as I used to be. Best of all, I love learning new things. I see umpires are very similar to teachers: You are required to know a bunch more than the average person. The average person, believes that you don't know anything. And likes to remind you of that. The pay sucks. When you are working, you HAVE to be on. Thanks, looking forward to learning more.
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