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  1. 2 hours ago, ArchAngel72 said:

    I had already answered on the why I was doing it and had stopped due to the board but then picked it back up. Nothing like your UIC asking you about things after the game and you tell him "cause I read it online."


    But you do raise a very valid point on the mis hearing something. I agree   However most times I would actually not tell them I would ask them what the situation was.  Least thats what I started to do later.  This way I knew they knew and were not just nodding their heads at me.  SO if they got it wrong I would correct them ( none ever did)

    Anyway  I understand it I do..

    I did this once in a LL game and the District UIC came by between innings and said, "Don't do that." So I stopped. Now when I call the first "1 more" after a pitching change. I'll suggest to F2 to let his teammates know what's going on. The good catchers know what I'm talking about and will step in front of the plate and do just that. The not so good catchers will have no clue as to what I'm asking and it usually ends with a grounder to  F5, who stomps on 3B, then tosses the ball to the mound as he's running off. All while, half his teammates are bewildered. F2 will turn and ask, are there 2 outs or 3? And I'll tell him, "there's two, because there was no runner on 2B, so no force out at 3B." While half the team is trying to figure it out, what should have been a simple third out at first is now a triple, possibly a HR on errors with 2 - 3 runs scoring. 

    I did have a coach come out and ask me why I didn't tell the pitcher what was going on. I told him, that "if I was coaching them, one of my infielders would have yelled out the situation prior to the pitch. As an umpire, it's not my job."

    The magic happens when F2 comes to me between innings and says, "Now I understand what you were talking about." 

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  2. 16 hours ago, Richvee said:

    Can we start a movement and get everyone to just buy the black Smitty  shirts?  If I get one more Varsity partner this year that emails me and says “ I only have navy” I may loose it. 😤

    I've been watching for sales and started buying 2, a large and a medium. The medium is for the bases. If my partner is the right size and can fit, I'll loan them a shirt to match. Out here, powder (delta) blue seems to be the standard. 

  3. 2 hours ago, BabblingBlue68 said:

    That said, does anyone have any advice on how you try to let careless comments of coaches roll off your back and move past them? That is a hard thing for me to do sometimes.

    I checked with the fans and coaches of the other team and they thought you called a fantastic game. ;)

    On close plays, be loud and sell the call. If they ask you to get help, and you have any uncertainty in your call, get help. If you are 100% sure of you call, let the coach know that you don't need help and your call stands. 

    Also, once you call, "Foul!" you can't put the cap back on the bottle. There's no appeal. It's foul. 

    Finally, have a short memory for the bad stuff. Every game starts as a new game. Most of the coaches will forget what's happened in the past and so should you. I try to remember the coach's name, it's pretty disarming when somebody calmly addresses you by your name. 

  4. Wow, Oregon fees suck. This year a varsity game gets you $69.25/official, with JV at $52 (x1.33 if solo). 

    And we are seriously hurting for officials. Last season, the association that handles the Portland metro area high schools was down to 35% of the umpires they had 2 years ago. JV games were either solo or cancelled. 

    During fall ball, one of the 14u leagues, decided to stop playing double headers and go to a 9-inning format. But instead of making $120 for the D/H, I was getting $70 for the 9-inning game. The games were slightly better, because there were only 2 innings left when they ran out of pitching. But it was still a really long game. I did back-to-back solo behind the plate. Morning games on a south-east facing field, suck for fly balls when working solo. 

  5. Here in Oregon, most associations pay the same for plate and bases. There is usually a $5 difference between 1-man and 2-man. I'd happily give up the $5 to have another set of eyes on the field. Most of the guys who worked solo JV games, said the same. 

  6. 14 minutes ago, mac266 said:

    We have a Pecos league team locally and the umpires are all local.  I'd love to get into that.

    Find out the association and the assigner. Contact them and ask what you need to get in. It might take a couple tries to get thru. 

  7. With the shortage, many new guys are having to work solo. When they miss something like this, they get berated by the fans and coaches, and basically don't want to umpire any more, because they aren't aware of the rules. They don't know the rules because they never had a mentor to tell them to "...read the rulebook before you go to bed, it will help you fall asleep." 

    I've got a couple years under my belt and I still appreciate the post games and the critiques that I get. But those 2-man games aren't happening much any more. And I'm still working on trying to glance at the runners while I'm tracking the ball. It's also hard to work on 2-man mechanics when 95% of your games are solo. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, BT_Blue said:

    Do you still have the V-Sport? 

    Yep, Might be pulling it out as the weather gets colder. The Schutt was a godsend when I was working 4 games a day in the summer. I didn't get Ray's harness, but I found an All-Star System 7 for $15 and put that on the V-Sport. I love the V-Sport, but there is absolutely no air flow with that, and it gets really hot. And it's still in really good shape. 






    6 minutes ago, BT_Blue said:

    Getting back on topic... that listing is actually a pretty decent deal.

    It's taking some serious will-power to not check to see if it's still available. I've got everything, but that's a good price. 

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  9. You may want to search Craigslist (or here)(or ebay) as well. You can sometimes find somebody who is hanging it up and wants to sell. I bought a bunch of stuff this way, kept what I wanted and donated the rest to my son's LL. It can also allow you to try out different gear. I really like my Diamond mask, it's super light, but I prefer the view thru my Honig's hollow steel mask. It's slightly heavier, but I just prefer looking thru it. 

    I got my first set of gear off of Craigslist. And a couple things on ebay. A year later, I swapped out an old V-Sport CP for the Adams. This year, I replaced my Diamond UmpLite shins for a pair of Force3. 

    This is from our (kind of) local Craigslist.

    Umpire Gear - $1 (Sammamish)


    Plate Shoes - 3N2 - Size 9 ½ EE - $35
    Base Shoes - 3N2 - Size 9 ½ EE - $25
    Shin Guards - Diamond - Size 17, Posi-Fit - $20
    Chest Protector - Diamond - DCP-iX3 UMP - $15
    Chest Protector - Schutt - Model XV $30
    Face Mask - Honig’s - $35
    Gear Bag to hold it all - $20
    Ball bags, Counters, Red flag, plate brushes - $1 each
    Various Caps - $2 each
    Take it all for $160

    And don't be frugal with your cup. You will take a shot to the jewels. And while it still sucks with a good cup, it's not as bad as a cheap cup. 



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  10. On 8/30/2021 at 5:03 PM, Matt said:

    Wendelstedt RIM 8.4.3b (II) states that the status of the runner (forced or unforced) for an appeal is determined at the moment they miss the base, even if a following runner is put out.

    Not as easy to determine working a 1 or 2 man crew for a FED game. 

  11. Last weekend, I worked a 16u game. The catcher on one of the teams had mentioned that their top 4 pitchers were at a pitching clinic. I started both teams with a fairly tight varsity zone. One pitcher was pounding it with well located fastballs. The other was struggling. He was walking about 4 per inning. During the 3rd, I decided to open the zone for him. I told the batter to let the team know that the zone just got bigger, so that we all wouldn't spend the majority of our Saturday, at a baseball game. 2 batters later, kid comes up and thanks me. He said he understood why I had opened it up and agreed, but he was happy that I let them know, so they could get a little more aggressive when hitting, instead of wondering why the zone was different all of a sudden. Kid went on to have a 12 pitch at bat, fouling off a bunch and doing a great job of protecting the plate. 

    During the postgame, my partner had suspected that I had done that. He said, he wouldn't think about telling one team that they would be seeing more strikes, but it made sense, especially during fall ball. 

  12. A baseball game is a set number of innings based on what level they are playing and the rules for that level. Each team takes turns playing offense and defense every inning. (barring any rules that may prevent this. ie mercy rule, weather, etc. ) The rule says that only the defensive team can appeal a checked swing. Since each team is given the same number of opportunities to play defense, they have the same opportunities to appeal a checked swing. I fail to see how that is unfair. Is it unfair, that the team playing defense is not allowed to score runs, while playing defense?

    Something I always taught my players (when I was coaching), is that the umpire is always right. Even when he's wrong. They are free to criticize the umpire(s) every game they play without any mistakes. So no swings and misses, no called strikes, no outs while on offense. While on defense, absolutely no errors and every pitch is a strike.

    I would suggest that, if you feel the need to criticize umpires in writing, you may want to want to work on your punctuation. 

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  13. depending on the pitcher, I may go up to the armpits for JV. 

    19 hours ago, Recontra said:

    My up and down strike zone varies considerably depending on the level of play. One of the best things I ever did for my strike zone after I worked a game where I was calling 80 mph strikes at or just below the textbook "halfway" point, is I had a long post-game in the parking lot with my partner who had been a high school baseball coach for 27 years. He showed me what a good batter could and could not get a bat on with a natural swing. In my neck of the woods, if you're banging them at the numbers in a varsity game with kids throwing in the 80's, you better be wearing some hearing protection. In all the years I've been umpiring, I don't think I've ever heard a coach complain if strikes are consistently NOT being called above the belly button. They'll bitch about where they think the "knees" ought to be, but I've yet to hear them yell that they didn't get a strike called that was above the belly button but below the halfway point. The don't want it there. Nobody actually in that game wants it there. But if you do call it there, plan on your pitchers working on top the entire game.

    Just my two very unofficial cents.

    This sounds like you are giving the batter an advantage and taking away the top corners from the pitcher. If you can throw an inside pitch at the top of the zone, that's a money pitch. Especially if you can control the low, outside pitch. Top of the zone, usually yields a bunch of pop flys. If the pitcher has a half-way decent defense behind him, he's going to want those. As an umpire, I love one-pitch outs. 

    A properly coached team will figure out that you aren't giving the pitcher the top of the zone and take full advantage of it. Last weekend, I rung a kid up on a low outside fastball. He was pissed. As he stormed back to the dugout, the on-deck batter says, "That's been a strike all day, you gotta swing at that." 

  14. The other night, 14u game, foul ball that F2 went for, I tossed a new ball to F1 and as F2 and I were putting on our masks, I glance up and see F1 just about to release the pitch. I yelled TIME! so loud and moved F2 and I out of the way. Luckily, my yelling caused F1 to spike the ball. 

    I explained to F1 that a foul is a dead ball and he can't pitch until I decide everyone is ready and put the ball back into play. Which he did for the next 2 foul balls and then was back at it. 

  15. I always appreciate any feedback given to me from my partner. I also think that working above our ability will only make us better. 

    I hustle my ass off when I'm on the bases, but it still floors me when I'm behind the plate and my partner, who is 15 years my senior, is always in the right spot to make a call. I'm hoping that repetition will one day get me to that point. 

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