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  1. Good morning UE folks. Not to bounce off of anyone’s thread, but I’ve been looking for a pair of the Zigs (all black) in 11.5 or 12. If anyone has a pair send me a PM. Thanks!
  2. Surprise!!!! I have another question however I didn’t t know if this was the appropriate thread, so, I’m advanace, I apologize. Anyways I got the Poly-Spandex plate pants Monday and have been looking for good tailors in the area who have experience with atheletic fabrics. Since I don’t want to blindly step into the 5-Star rated tailor who knows a lot about suits but not about umpire pants like these, any suggestions???? Thanks again!
  3. Have you seen the new version that just came out? Here it is just in case: And in my honest opinion, being new to the CP game as well but always looking at trends and reviews, I would get something that is comfortable, durable, useful, and SOMETHING THAT “calls” you (no pun intended). If you like the WV, go for it.Yes, it might set you back a few bucks, but if it’s truly what you like and is safe for you, go for it! Although the CP may not be visible, it’s good to have something under there that’s “unique” to you and your style. Hope it helps and best of luck.
  4. @Razzer‘s harness should be arriving this week. Of course, I included tribute to my country and my favorite ump and put that #28. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get it on the CP. THANKS again, everyone. It’s truly awesome to be a part of this community.
  5. Thank you all! Unfortunately, no one close to me knows about umpiring, do you guys think you’ll be able to lend a hand?
  6. Do you think you’ll be able to help when I get the new harness (it’s kind of tedious)?
  7. I ordered one as soon as I found out I was getting a Douglas. It should be here next week!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thank you, I’ll definitley try it as soon as I get home. So, no need to size down right?
  9. I just got my Doug (“treat yoself” birthday present....with some help) in 13”. However, I can’t seem to get the shoulder pads over, ironically, my shoulders; they dry looking forward and it looks bulky with the majestic(Sz M) on. Any tips??? Thanks!
  10. It just came to me: it’d be really cool if all LL umpires, (not coaches who HAVE to tend to umpire duties) who are located in the same general area, to kind of create their own groups of two or three and travel around local leagues and do what they love doing. I find it frustrating when I have to umpire with a coach who: a) doesn’t want to be there, b)doesn’t take it seriously. Also, it’s kimd of boring not having family or friends interested as much as I am.
  11. Hi all! I have this 1st gen WV to trade. Besides a small hole on the top-left padding and a loose piece of plastic where one of the T-hooks attaches to,the CP is in great condition. It’s a 13-incher. NOTE: T-Hooks are rusty. Pictures won’t upload. For pictures and/or offers, feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  12. I’m sorry @Fittske24 but I was browsing through your page and your rank is the most bada$$ and hilarious one I’ve ever seen.

    1. Fittske24


      Lol  thanks bro!

  13. Looking for these shin guards 17”. They seem to be the or predecessors to the current ones offered by Douglas (if anyone has info on that it’d be great). If you have these, please PM me. Thanks
  14. I’ve never used them, however, my little league gear room is stocked with them. I’ve seen coaches (AA to Seniors) take hits with them on and never seen them complain, so I think you’d be alright. Again, I’ve never worn them before so can’t tell you from own experience.
  15. I just wanted to getyou all’s take on the marketplace. thanks SD
  16. Thank you all! You guys are far more experienced so I’ll go with those who know.
  17. Hi all, I’m finally getting my big break and going behind the plate this season. I wanted to look professional so I was thinking of getting a pair of pants. However, I would like for the pants to have that combo use to them so that I won’t have to spend as much. That being said, I like wearing my pants a little close to my legs, because, you know, “trends.” Are there any pants that I should consider that would help me achieve my duties as well as the desired look? Thank you
  18. I like those “faded” pads on number 70.
  19. Just saw this and when I hit the link, they had sold out. Thank you so much for the opportunity though. You guys are the #1s!!
  20. @JimKirk @Scott K possible exclusive blue pads?!!
  21. Never mind... he just got some nice looking blue pads.
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