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  1. To quote the great Deadpool, “What in the a**?!!?!” That’s awesome! Hey let me know if he has a spare one.
  2. I’m thinking of hanging my Nike and getting the black frame when it comes out.
  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/0Z68er4M2vruBO0a2 Beyond incredible!
  4. I know I’m kind of dreaming here, but I’m finally going to see my role model/idol Jim Wolf tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone knew someone in his crew so that, if possible, I could meet them. Jim was the one who inspired me to get into umpiring in the first place (his brother played and he didn’t; mine played and I realized I wasn’t good enough to keep playing) and I’d like to thank him in person. Thanks again!
  5. He also did it on his Douglas. Hope you guys don’t mind this, but I’m going to call myself the “Wolfee connoisseur” from now on...
  6. I think my boy Jimbo is rocking the magnesium colored black.
  7. I’m guessing it’s similar to the Wilson situation: “You don’t have to wear our products, but you sure as hell need to cover every other brand up with our immense logo.” As for the clothes, I would like to see everything from College to MLB be a “free agent” kind of thing when it comes to uniforms; if a guy wants to wear smittys vs another guy in the crew wearing Davis’, then go ahead (as long as the colors match).
  8. I was looking at heights of several players and umpires for fun. Jim Wolf is listed as 6’ and so is Randy, but then I found this.... Jim looks more like 5’9”. Kind of insteresting to see that their heights are changed or maybe they are measured with shoes on. Just a random find, by the way.
  9. I think I’ve spotted the poly-spandex...
  10. I can’t wait to see what’s in stock for us...
  11. They switched from Honigs’/Hardwicks?
  12. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if the pros have started wearing the Polys (I’ve seen some with more “loose” and “flexible” pants) or are they all required to wear Honigs’?
  13. Didn’t we see that same sequence of events with a fellow member??!!
  14. Wash them with woolite by hand (mom’s advice).
  15. Nike Ti with TW pads and Wilson 6” throat guard.
  16. Thanks, man! It’s not an ugly mask, just “unusual.”
  17. Is it the one made by All-Star? If so, is that a custom paint jo?
  18. Mariners @ A’s Is Jimbo donning yet another mask?? Perhaps my man @Scott K can help. https://photos.app.goo.gl/uIhnVzc6luNtRLja2 P.S. Sorry for the bad quality. And for those who haven’t noticed (because it hasn’t been obvious, of course ) I’m a huge fan of Wolf. Also, I think he’s wearing the 460v3s low. (Correct me if in wrong)
  19. Please forgive me if this maddens anyone, but I’ve been debating between the 460v3 and the all black Zigs for Plate (if I’m lucky to find some). However, I wanted to see if any of you out there had both the low 460v3 and the Zigs for comparison (pictures are worth a thousand worths) since I would like to see them side-by-side. Thanks and sorry again.
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