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  1. INT in all codes.... and most likely MC in FED and NCAA
  2. Well then... guess I won't be doing that. Trying to find just an aluminum frame
  3. You can order directly from +POS
  4. JSam21

    Play at the plate

    When ever a runner passes any base, they are assumed to have touched the base until properly appealed by the defense.
  5. JSam21

    Appeals play

    Probably not for much longer....
  6. Is that the same interp. for NCAA and OBR?
  7. The catcher has the baseball, so it really doesn't matter where he is. The runner has 4 options, slide, try to go around him, retreat, or give himself up.... Running through him is not a legal option in Legion baseball.
  8. JSam21

    coach calling an out

    Well... that exactly what occurred.
  9. JSam21


    Who knows with the new commish. I would say that it could only be a one base award.
  10. JSam21


    This is true... but the camera set up would still be the same. Guess it would be easier in stadiums with roofs.
  11. JSam21


    Because it isn't a ball past the base. Another thing is you would have to have 2 cameras trained on each base and synced perfectly to determine where the ball was at the time it crossed the front edge of the base.
  12. If you are playing by OBR then if he jumped and feinted a throw... that would be a balk.
  13. Depends on where it is I guess.
  14. I don't think I've ever seen a manager get shut down as suddenly that AJ got there...
  15. Looks like I should put my size 13s up for sale
  16. JSam21

    force play at 2B

    So if a pitch hits someone's hair you wouldn't award the base? It is part of the body...
  17. JSam21

    force play at 2B

    There is no way to say this without sounding like a smart ass. You don't have to touch the base with the ball held on your foot... so why would it matter what body part touched the base? If they have long hair and their hair touches the base... that counts too.
  18. JSam21


    If a trailing runner or batter runner is the first person put out on the play... there are no longer any force outs available.
  19. I think he is confusing the wood/composite/bamboo part of your previous post. I think you meant to say wood-composite bats. Wood barrel with composite handles.
  20. And that probably gets him dumped.
  21. Both the offense and defense were put at a disadvantage in this situation. The only way to fairly rectify this situation is to put the runner back on 3rd and re-start the inning with 2 outs.
  22. JSam21

    Check Swing

    Because he is no longer striking at the ball...
  23. How would one go about ordering one from Ray and how much
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