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  1. I've been umpiring since 1999 and in the early 2000s I left umpiring when I was offered a coaching job. When I left I was getting some low level college assignments. This summer I got back into umpiring and am looking to get back to, and advance past, the level I was working previously. I've been studying my butt off and watching videos on new mechanics. I was just wondering how you guys went about asking for evaluations from your assigning associations? Do you just shoot off a email asking or have you had friends who umpire come out and give you notes?
  2. JSam21


    There can't be a pitching infraction when the ball is dead.
  3. For high school baseball here in Missouri... If you don't submit your evals you are not allowed to play in the state play offs... They are done electronically. It goes on a 1 to 5 scale... 1s being the best... If you give a 1 or a 5 the coach must write a paragraph about why he gave that rating.
  4. So you want to trade a Wilson TI frame for a Wilson Ti frame?
  5. How do you teach someone to handle situations, when different Associations, leagues, conferences, etc want them handled differently? I understand what you are saying, but in practice it isn't something that you can teach with a broad brush.
  6. Looks to be listed as the Pro Stock Catcher's helmet... Listed for $159.99... not available in an all black umpire style, only two tone.
  7. They have painting systems that are laser guided and will do a perfectly straight line even if the operator varies by 6" either way
  8. The plan is to be there next year... change of jobs got me to where I had no time off.
  9. And that isn't jumping over. Now... what constitutes "over"? I say torso
  10. Just because a kid closes his glove on his hand... doesn't mean he was giving him the ball... Also no voluntary release no catch
  11. For NFHS there most certainly is...
  12. It depends on the rule set... OBR yes... FED... only of the fielder in on the ground and they may never dive over a fielder.
  13. Is that blue one a dyna-light steel?
  14. Do you know who the umpire was? I've seen it a couple of times this year. Remember the play where the umpire got taken out by a guy sliding past the base?
  15. JSam21


    No... the trail runner was out on the tag... I'm guessing they are calling abandonment on the lead
  16. JSam21

    Out of Baseline?

    I use them walking into dead ball territory...
  17. I had Blue with gray pads from Honigs
  18. The runners are FORCED to leave the base... it is no longer a safe haven for them. If the base is touched before they are tagged the force is removed.
  19. Matte Silver with black speckles
  20. So I guess every time someone squares to bunt with your partner on the plate it has to be a strike eh?
  21. JSam21

    out of play

    The same reason that players aren't ruled out of play when touching fans...
  22. Exactly... I still call it the new complex. I played home high school games at the old one. I started my umpire career at Ballwin Athletic Association. I'm back there helping out and instructing.
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