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  1. 36 minutes ago, kylejt said:

    The "wider" part has me confused, too. The Smitty plate pants, IMO, are far too wide, as are the base pants. I can live with the plates, but the base pants do tend to flap in the breeze.

    I'm not a fan of the expander waist bands, as I don't care for any extra bulk around my beltline, if you know what I mean. These golf pants have enough give in them as it is.

    Oh, and yet another shade of charcoal? Fantastic.


    p.s. why do we need 3 belt loops in the back like that? Or, is that in place of a logo?


    That is their "signature" look. 

  2. 17 hours ago, kylejt said:

    It'll probably be draft picks, and the teams will appeal to delay the punishment to the back pages of the sports pages (which no one reads anyways)

    The average fan has no clue about this, and worse, doesn't really care. We, as a nation, aren't as passionate about our national pass time as we were when we were kids. 

    You want to hamstring a team, remove a roster spot for them for a season. Make the bench a little shorter. That'll send a message. 

    Can't violate the CBA and reduce a team's roster size. 

  3. 41 minutes ago, Richvee said:

    We should place other runners as if there was no obstruction. It's a bunt with R1. Had there been no obstruction, BR is out, or beats out the play at 1B...Of course R1 rounds 2nd. Every runner would round second. If he rounds second, and F4 has the ball at 1B, what are the chances he advances to 3rd? It may be the answer they want, but I don't agree given the info we have. R1 would need to be well on his way to 3B at the time of the obstruction, and, unless he was running on the pitch, is highly unlikely. 

    I agree... The test wants you to place the runner on 3rd. My first attempt I kept the runner at 2nd... It was marked wrong. I sent the runner to 3rd on my 2nd attempt. I got it right. 


    In an actual game, unless I'm 100% sure that R1 is going to reach 3rd safely, there is no way I am placing the runner on 3rd in this situation.

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  4. 8 hours ago, grayhawk said:

    There is really only one BS question on this test, and it's the one with the BR being obstructed before reaching first base.  The information given to render judgment on the placement of R1 is insufficient.  It's kind of a coin flip between awarding second or third.

    They want you to give the runner 3rd

  5. 42 minutes ago, dumbdumb said:

    Just think at some time in the past???? the topic of a 5th umpire has come up and give the PU a total day off the next day.

    Just wishful thinking, considering the Red Sox scandal and the Astros scandal, do you really want Home personel handling the ABS system of relaying the pitch to the umpire?? If you ain't cheat'in, you ain't trying syndrome. A 5th umpire in the crew rotation to work the ABS system to take the integrity issue off the table would open up another 15 jobs.

    Not saying this is on the table or would be in the thoughts, just my wishful thinking.

    But, if they want a crew of integrity laden local umpires to handle the job to handle ABS in the parks, i hope someone will submit your name @Thunder.

    I am also thinking about local hacking of the ABS system, where a pitcher like a Glavine who likes to work the corners and keep the ball low, has the system hacked and the perameters of the system switched to the advantage of the local home starter, and nobody would know about the hack job. Just things that cross my mental wacked out mind.


    I think that MLB would more likely have an MLBAM employee working on that end instead of paying a six figure salary to 15 more people to sit at a computer every 5th day. 


  6. Nike has the NFL Uniform Contract... They don't make the officials uniforms. Nike does seem to make the NBA officials' uniforms. They aren't available for sale to the general public. If Nike does make the umpires' uniforms two things to be aware of. 1) They are most likely going to be Nike Branded Majestic cool base shirts, just like the player's uniforms are for the 2020 season. 2) They won't be available to the public. 

  7. 5 hours ago, Stan W. said:

    Some may remember that when we went to the first Navy pullover shirt the MLB shirts were made by Logo Athletic.  They had a prominent logo on the left sleeve or on the nape of the neck. To me they seemed huge and out of place especially to the more discreet Honigs logo.


    It was on both... I had these shirts as well when I first started umpiring. 

  8. 8 hours ago, Richvee said:

    Maybe so, but are you interested in applying what you've learned to making the correct call? 

    Apparently not....And that, my friend means you're making $h*t up. it's got nothing to do with "classy". You've been told the correct ruling, you continue to tell us you will not call this play correctly-- therefore...you're making it up. . 

    As it is often said on the FB groups... His answers are job security for others. Officiating to the path of least resistance is the bane of the profession and that is exactly what his statements are. "Screw being correct, I don't want to be seen as the bad guy."

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  9. 31 minutes ago, beerguy55 said:

    Careful here.  Examples two, three and four are plain wrong.  Catching the third strike (ie. whether or not it was caught, IS a judgment call) - otherwise, any time a fly ball is caught by any fielder no umpire would need to signal anything...because, after all, the ball was caught...the batter is out by rule.  The runner was tagged...no need to signal anything because he's out by rule.  This statement basically says that umpires aren't necessary.   I know the rest of the statement says to make the calls anyway, but the premise of their position is flawed.

    The fact is, no matter how obvious it is, it is still a judgment call, and the umpire may judge something that is completely opposite to what seems obvious to everyone else at the ball park. At that point it doesn't matter if they're wrong or right...the call is the call, because the ump judged it so.  In that light, the players ALWAYS need to know the umpire's judgment...it's not because the players don't know the rules (though that is also true)...but even if the players know the rule book cold it doesn't do them any good if they don't know the umpire's judgment.

    The worst umpires aren't the ones who haven't learned all the rules yet...they're the ones who don't communicate.




    Answer the question before it is asked. It is simple. 

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  10. 16 minutes ago, Forest Ump said:

    To sum it up. The line up can be either 9 players or 10 players. If it's 9 players, one player can be designated the P/DH at the beginning of the game. That allows the line up to go to ten players anytime during the game. Once they are at ten players, the DH rule is the same as it has always been for HS. Am I missing anything?

    One player can be any position/DH... not just P/DH

  11. 18 hours ago, ricka56 said:

    Does anyone know whether this DH rule change impacts the courtesy runner speed-up rule ? Is a courtesy runner allowed for F1/DH or F2/DH ?

    Remember with this rule, when on offense they aren't their defensive position, they are the DH. DH's aren't allowed to have CRs. 

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  12. 21 hours ago, Lou B said:

    Under the just signed labor contract between MLB and the Umpire's Union, the use of computers to call balls/strikes can be implemented at some point in the next five years!

    It is just saying that over the course of this agreement, that the MLBUA will assist with the development of the system. Not that the system WILL be implemented in MLB. 

  13. 5 hours ago, umpstu said:

    How do they do on wet grass?  And so far our Cardinals have done nothing to get better this off season.

    I don’t know as I don’t wear them but I’ve seen guys wear more running style shoes on the bases.


    As for the Cardinals, I don’t want to sound weird, but the farther I’ve been advancing in my umpire career the less I’ve followed the club. I’ve become more of a fan of the game than a single team. That and I just don’t have any time to watch baseball lol. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, Aging_Arbiter said:

    IIRC it is a 3 base award on a batted ball, 2 base award on a thrown ball and 1 base award on a pitched ball. I don't believe that a DK3 plays into this scenario, given that the "catcher who then picks up the ball with her helmet/mask" had committed the infraction, and thus, the award of bases.

    I think it is more of the fact that the batter shouldn't be awarded 1st on the play because they weren't eligible to legally advance because of first being occupied at the time of pitch. 


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