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  1. I look forward to joining you in Arizona next week! I'm calling my last game in Seattle tonight. Ken, thanks again for the info you emailed to me. I've been crazy busy lately but I will start reaching out to assignors this week.
  2. Hello all, Longtime lurker and infrequent poster. I've been calling ball in the great Pacific Northwest since 2004. Everything from little guys to semi-pro. Next month I'm moving to the Phoenix/Mesa area and I'm looking to get in touch with an assignor or three in the area. I already have about a hundred games under my belt this year and would like to continue within a week or two of arriving in the valley. Thanks in advance for any help! -Tom
  3. This exact same thing happened to me in a 18u wood bat tournament. I was positive that I heard the sound of the ball hitting the knob of the bat. I called a foul ball and the batter took off his batting glove and showed me the giant red mark on his wrist bone. I awarded him first base. Knowing that the sound I heard was ball hitting bone instead of wood almost makes me sick to my stomach. That's gonna leave a mark.
  4. In the video above the obstruction happened on the first base side of second base. I have the runner protected to second only. He's on his own if he heads for third.
  5. JohnnyFever


    By definition, a pitch is a ball delivered to a batter. If the ball doesn't make it to the foul line it hasn't been delivered. Balk.
  6. JohnnyFever


    If it crosses the foul line it's just low and outside. Ball. If it doesn't make it to the foul line. Balk.
  7. You're absolutely right. I do have it backwards. Thank you.
  8. If the ball hits you in front of F6 it is still a live ball unless F1 had a legitimate play on the ball, correct? Play on, no umpire interference. My understanding of the rule is that umpires are just a part of the field until the ball passes a fielder other than F1. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. JohnnyFever


    Not if he re-touched second on his way back to first.
  10. I worked the Babe Ruth State Finals in SW Washington last night. My two partners and I wore jackets and still froze as soon as the sun started going down.
  11. Great shape. Only worn for a half dozen games or so. Size 12. $60.
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