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  1. WIth no baserunner on he is. I bet his wife goes to pick up his check sometimes.
  2. Maybe Who is BU here.
  3. Wouldn't the lack of "On the tag, he's out!" call imply that there was no tag and he is not out?
  4. Haha, one of the perks of not having an internal clock or calendar. I thought "oh, that was like a month ago"
  5. I don't know, I like this option better:
  6. I like the "I'll take that under consideration" line. I think it would be better if you stopped closer to the field, since he's being cordial, let him say his piece, and try to cut it quick with a line like that, and a "I've got to get going. Have a nice night." This keeps from getting into a confrontation in an area where it's more likely to be you and him and helps you CYA better imo. If his advice is bad, treat it like a really drunk guy at the bar telling you stories. Tune it out and nod your head. What would Homer Simpson do? I agree that you do not know who the coach is, I used to do Babe Ruth league where a Big Ten head coach helped coach his son's 9-12 year old teams. But if they are a solid umpire that you should listen to, they're probably going to approach you better than this. They know that they won't want to be approached this way.
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