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  1. Peyton Manning's team did this recently too. He had Brandon Stokely filling in and they won 66-0. They only had 5 players on the team. I'm looking for a story on it.


    Here's the only thing I could find - 

    It was in his ring of fame speech before the game yesterday it looks like.



  2. Turns out, I had a badly infected bug bite that I didn't notice because all I had done all week was sleep and drink pedialyte. So Thursday I ended up at an ER (it's new and thought it was an Urgent Care) at 10PM and got those IVs, antibiotics, ultra sound for blood clots, blood work, all that fun stuff. Still hurts to walk.

  3. I was out of town this last weekend and haven't umpired in almost two weeks. Driving home, I was feeling tired. We had some friends over Monday and I went to bed around 9 - I usually am up until 2am. 


    Tuesday, I woke up and called off a volleyball game because I felt awful. I slept pretty much from Monday at 9 until Thursday at noon.


    Wednesday, I woke up thinking I was dying. I was convinced I had covid (I got vaccinated) and went to the hospital. I took the self temp and it came up normal twice there, so I went to the store and bought pedialyte. Almost immediately, I could feel my energy levels coming back.


    So even if you're not out in the sun a lot, or doing a lot of games, don't ignore the hydration.

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  4. No reason to appeal when they're out. You appeal when they get on base. Previous activity is irrelevant. I think I just read this discussion on your facebook group page and the real problem is too many players not knowing the rules, and wanting the game to be simultaneously pure rec and played by the rules. You can't have it both ways. From what I read in that thread there, the team just chose to appeal when they should have. Batter's out. The other team should proofread their lineup better next time.

  5. The shirt you posted is the accepted alternative for IHSAA. They went with that, to allow softball umpires to more cheaply transition over. 3 years ago, they had initially accepted the MLB #2 (thin black stripe down the side). Then, changed their minds back and forth before finally saying that the softball one was the accepted alternate to Navy. It was ridiculous and rivaled Billy Martin's yo-yo tenure as Yankees manager.

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  6. 1 hour ago, MadMax said:

    Umpire plate pants are fitting over two pieces of protective gear – the uhm... personal protector and the shinguards. If your personal protector is too large to fit into/under plate pants... then perhaps Umpire isn't your calling. 

    That leaves the shinguards. And, without knowing what type/model of shinguards you're using, I'm making a guess that you're using ol' catchers shinguards. Please don't. They're way too bulky and too shaped and styled for the poor buggers that gotta kneel, dive, and flop all about for their job. Get yourself a good set of umpire shinguards, and you'll not only be adequately protected, but they'll easily and assuredly fit under plate pants. Additionally, because of how whippet-thin you are, you can likely make combo pants work for you as plate pants (plate pants and combo pants both have the butt-saddle stitching, reinforcing the seat), provided you get similarly slim shinguards. 

    When I was in college/just graduated, I worked with a guy who aspired to be a porn star

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  7. On 3/26/2021 at 4:10 PM, lawump said:

    My worst game, ever, was caused by my immaturity.

    It occurred during a four game series in the minor leagues.  In the first game I was evaluated by a MiLB evaluator (I had no idea I was being evaluated...I found out after the game when he walked into the locker room).  It was the best verbal evaluation I could ever have hoped for.  It literally included the line, "do not change a thing!  If anyone tells you to change it, you tell them I told you not to.  You are on your way."

    Needless to say, as a young 20-something my head swelled bigger than the size of Texas as a result of this evaluation.  And, I couldn't handle it.  

    I proceeded to go out in Game 3 of the series and have the worst plate job in the history of minor league baseball.  I had to throw out the pitching coach from one team who stood on the top step of the dugout and put his hands around his neck and screamed, "you're F*#King choking," because he thought I was calling too many "balls".  In the 8th inning, I had to throw out a batter on the other team who thought I was calling too many "strikes".   I so did not want to throw the batter out, that I gave him three warnings...but he left me no choice.  When I tossed the pitching coach, he sprinted out of the dugout with a look in his eye that I have never seen before or since on a ball field.  I thought he was going to tackle me, except that his manager (who was making a mound visit), sprinted off the mound and tackled him.

    I was screamed at for the whole game by fans (like I was at a youth game and the parents were going nuts).  Because the home team was only 45-minutes from where I grew up, I had my whole family in the stands (they weren't yelling...at least I don't think they were!).  After the game, as I was leaving the field, some fan was verbally assaulting me and threatening to kick my ass.  My Dad and Uncle (two high school football coaches) decided to get in his face...and they were all about to come to blows!

    I was so GOD awful, that one of the managers (after I had ejected his pitching coach) said, "Matt, you have to expect to take some when you're struggling this much."  All I could manage to say was an implied acknowledgment that I agreed that I was sucking up the stadium.  I said, "Dick, I was ready to hear it from you and I would have listened to you for a long time...but I ain't listening to your pitching coach."

    The moral of the story is that this game will eat you alive if you start thinking and acting like you have it figured out.  I thought I was "hot sh!t" and this game literally handed my ass to me.  It was a lesson in humility that I have never forgotten.  I was so lucky that I was not evaluated that game.  If I had been evaluated that game, I may have been sent back to rookie league!

    I was really hoping that you worked this game:


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  8. 1 hour ago, noumpere said:

    So in your OP when you said, "F3 bobbles the ball" you meant, "F3 touches the ball when the ball is over fair territory and F3 drops the ball."   Just clarifying.

    Good catch, edited

  9. I called OBS. Placed BR on 1st and kept R3 there. He was still standing on the base, so he wasn't attempting to advance.

    Coach comes out and I explained I can only protect one fielder. He said "what about the one that got trucked!" I said "he wasn't near the ball!" He didn't like it. But oh well. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm awful from past games as well.

  10. Great start to the season! Scrimmage in 45 degree, constant wind, with 45mph gusts!

    R3, popup hit down 1B line, near the RLI marker (turf field, so all lines perfect)

    F1 and F3 converging, BR running, i'm on bases getting my popcorn ready for this show.

    F3 is a few feet behind the RLI line when F1 and BR collide a couple feet in front of the RLI marker

    F3 drops the ball in fair territory.



  11. On 2/2/2021 at 12:53 PM, Aging_Arbiter said:

    Well, that darn rodent that everyone calls Punxsutawney Phil says 6 more weeks of winter.  GREAT!   That puts it 1 week before our HS season starts.  Looks like its time to run to Walmart and stock up on hand and feet warmers........



    They're sold out right now. I hope I can find mine in the next 6 weeks. These are pretty great. One charge will last the game. If you have a DH, use one at a time. 

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