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  1. Heh, that reminded me of this:
  2. A relative of mine was an assistant for a D1 football program. Whenever they played a team with a coach he didn't like, he'd be sure to stick his hand down his pants to get some sweat before he shook the hands of the other coaches. Not only are there sick and twisted people out there, but I'm related to some of them.
  3. I know where it came from, and the full reference - that's what makes it useful. The guy who first taught me umpiring said it's the only job where you're expected to start perfect and just get better from there. I figure I have enough flaws that if I tried to deny them all, it would be laughable.
  4. G5? I quit using my Core 2 Mac about 2 years ago because it was getting too old and slow (and flaky).
  5. My previous boss had a good phrase he'd use whenever I'd screw something up. "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."
  6. I've got (*counting*) #13 and #14 this evening. In Kansas, high school doesn't start until after spring break, but once it starts we stay busy.
  7. Somebody posted a similar situation here a few days ago, and I thought the way he handled it was pretty decent. Go to the OHC and explain that it should not have been called foul, but nonetheless it's still a foul ball by rule, whether that's just or not. Prepare to lose weight from the butt-chewing that will ensue (and deservedly so - but it's too late by that point), but that's still the way it is.
  8. Now that I've gotten the feel of this site, I'll relate the night of my first game behind the plate a few years ago. Rec league, 13U. R2. Batter gets a fair hit to F8 who chases it down and throws hard to home where R2 is coming in. Looks like it might be a close one. R2 slides and comes up about 6" short of the plate while the ball sails past F2 and hits the fence. F2, thinking the run has already scored trots over to the ball. R2 is still 6" short of the plate with his left leg outstretched and his right foot under his left knee. F2 finally realizes the runner hasn't scored and tags him for the out. (This whole time BR is standing on 2B, not trying to advance). R2 has a look of pain on his face and says "my wrist", so I call the coach to come look at him. He rolls over and that's when everybody realizes it wasn't his wrist....it was his ankle, which is pointing much more toward his knee than an ankle ever should. We had to suspend the game for nearly 20 minutes to wait for the ambulance to come and get him. Your first game at the plate is always exciting, but I think mine was more exciting than most.
  9. So you said the batter made contact - I'm assuming then that it wasn't a foul tip? If it was a foul tip, it's just a strike and R3 is out (based on the rule @Richvee quoted above). If it was hit (fair or foul doesn't matter), the batter is out and the ball is dead so R3 stays at 3B.
  10. Were you able to catch yourself before you asked "What????"
  11. kylehutson

    Base award

    Well whatta ya' know. That is a good shrubbery. I like the laurels, particularly. Anyone? Anyone? But there is one small problem...
  12. In fair territory, it's a fair batted ball, so yes, it's INT (same as if a ball hits a runner as he's going from 2nd to 3rd) subject to being past all infielders who have a play on the ball, which would be very unlikely in this case.
  13. I second (third?) Majordave and ZebraStripes. I've found your posts informative and helpful to me.
  14. ... and its comments like this that make keep me reading this forum.
  15. Please elaborate. What other factors? FED: did he permit the pitch to hit him. OBR: did he attempt to avoid the pitch. Gotcha. That wasn't an issue in my situation.
  16. Please elaborate. What other factors?
  17. Had a situation tonight that I wonder if I booted... High school JV (FED rules). Home team's jerseys have large sleeves - enough that when the batter is in position the sleeves hang down about 3" below his arm. Pitch comes in high and inside and barely brushes the hanging-down sleeve. Runner takes off for 1B, and I call him back and call a ball. HC argues. I said that clothing only applies if it is "reasonably well fitted" (2-40-1). However, in reading 8-1-1, it appears that that only applies if the shirt is not being worn "properly", and all the uniforms are that loose. Batter ended up getting ball 4 on the next pitch anyway, so it didn't make any real difference, but I'm trying to make a learning opportunity for myself from this.
  18. kylehutson

    Incorrect Box

    The second situation nearly describes the only time I've ever called it....kid stepped so far across the plate that not only was he standing on the plate, I couldn't even see the pitch or pitcher anymore. Didn't even hear a peep from his coaches, it was that obvious. I caught no static from that one either. I did catch crap on my first one. Coach was arguing that I shouldn't be watching that since I wouldn't be able to see it if I was watching for balls and strikes. *rolls eyes*.
  19. kylehutson

    Incorrect Box

    I've only called outs on batters box twice. First time was a kids rec league game where the rules were that once the batter had drawn four balls, the coach would come in and pitch two more (really a good rule for games that become a walk-fest). Kid sets up with his front foot right on the front edge of the batters box and took a huge stride before hitting it. Also, I didn't have to call strike or ball, so it was easy to watch his feet. The other was high school, right-handed batter hits a bunt that would have beaned a left-handed batter. Foot was entirely in front of the plate.
  20. After reading this thread the past couple of days, I had a 5-pitch inning, and felt pretty darn fortunate even at that. (1 ball, 1 foul, on top of the three grounders).
  21. What languages/platforms?
  22. I'm a sysadmin for a HPC (High Performance Computing) cluster at a D1 public university. Prior to this, I spent about 10 years in small business computer/network consulting, but that's a young man's game and I'm getting too old for all-nighters - loved doing it though.
  23. In our association, we work with different guys nearly all the time. Get lucky to work with same guy/gal more than once. So that is why we pregame about 16-20 things (will have to look at my sheet) to include rundowns. Don't think it would hurt to do it pregame, but maybe if you are working with same guys/gals over and over no need to do that. What is the harm in doing it pregame? You nailed the communicate part and splitting of responsibilites as they are vital. Any chance you could share that sheet? I'm in the same situation, and I always feel like I'm leaving something out, so having such a checklist would be useful.
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