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  1. Brian your correct no more issues that game. Ump-24 I agree. No matter how much game experience we have there is always one game that we let things drag on a little too long.
  2. How would you guys handle this? Earlier this week I had a game that was a little "chipy" between the two teams. Nothing that we all have not seen or been a part of before. Just two good teams in a battle. A few times during the game the home team coach asked the catcher "where was that pitch", on one that I called a ball, and to his credit the catcher replied "out of the strike zone". Here is the exact situation: Late in the game home team down 2 runs. They are playing defense. Catcher sets up for inside pitch and the pitch comes in low and about 4-5 inches inside. Catcher does not
  3. Warren, Thanks for the detailed info. It is very refreshing to hear that these guys are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with guys that are not at their level. Then to read that they truly have a passion and desire to help others speaks volumes about their character. I can not wait to attend the International camp this fall and then the Southern camp next February.
  4. Welcome aboard. Glad to have you here. I really wanted to go to the Southern Umpires camp this year but my schedule would not allow it. I will be attending the International Camp this fall.
  5. I found this post on "Illegal contact or Interference?" interesting and have nominated it accordingly for "Post Of The Month February, 2010"
  6. daled


    I wanted to attend the Southern Camp this weekend, but I had some scheduling issues and could not work it out.
  7. daled


    1. Make sure I am in the correct position to make the call 2. Learn from my mistakes 3. Continue to build a personal network of peers 4. Attend International Umpires Camp in Atlanta, GA 5. Begin a journal And as Brian stated don't suck
  8. One of the umpires from my association called me today about this situation he had a couple of nights ago. I want to make sure I gave him correct information. Here's what he described to me. I was not there so I hope this make sense to everyone. Cal Ripken Majors Game R1, R2 and R3 (all bases occupied) 2 outs and a 3 ball 2 strike count on batter. Pitch is swung at and missed and catchers does not field the ball and it goes to the back stop. All runners are moving on the pitch so catcher recovers the ball and attempts to make a play at the plate. The runner is safe at the plate. With
  9. Like others have stated not only keep your eyes on the ball, but anticipate the next play and expect it. The younger guys are not always in the correct position nor are they ready for the play because they have not anticipated what will happen next. Just as Treedog stated I always talk about coverages during the pre-game meeting between my partner and myself. After each game I make sure to have a quick post game with all of the younger (read as rookie) umpires. I hope this will help them as they progress along.
  10. Welcome aboard. Glad to have you here.
  11. daled

    Grabbing a kid

    I agree file the report with the league and keep it to the facts. Just the incident that was observed first hand, leave out all of the hear say. The league should then make sure he understands that this type of behavior has been observed and will not be tolerated. Keep him on a very short leash. I too think if he knows that people are watching him, he will make sure to keep his hands to himself.
  12. I use Combo pants with my triple knee shin guards. I am 5'9" 185lbs. Hope that helps.
  13. Yes I always work inside. I feel I am in the best position here. I have never been hit or should I say unable to get out of the way of the ball. Some day I may not be so lucky but for now I will work from inside.
  14. Welcome aboard. Glad to have you here. I umpired for a few years in the mid 1990's but gave it up to coach my son. I started back this year at the age of 38. Just as Dave stated get the best gear you can afford. Read the rule book's and study them as often as you can. I would also encourage you to find a mentor within your group. Make sure he is someone that will be willing to give you honest feedback as well as good advise. Good luck.
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