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  1. I enjoy this time after the World Series as a lot of topics about pro school come up. I know every year Umpire-Empire members head to both/all the schools and seem to come back with some great stories and experiences. This year based on what people have written it doesn't seem as many are going or atleast not talking about it. I think we have a few who have even been picked up by the minor leagues. SO are you attending a school and if so which one?
  2. got the pants, have not yet used them. ordered the shirt to see if it could protect my fat belly that seems to have a target on it (i have the platinum, which i like, but it is a bit short). the picture of the shirt in the gerry davis catalog shows it with ~ 12-13 rows of hexs below the armpit, looked like it would be long enough for my use. when mine came in it only had ~4 rows, barely below my ribs. not much use for me
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