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  1. I like your idea [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Can you link me to the official rules on when time is called? I keep searching but can't find the official ruling on it...
  3. Is that suppose to be funny? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. Runner slides into a base and then puts his hand up to get some time to stand up safely, when he puts up his hand and the ump gives him time to stand, does it kill the possibility for him to advance to another base? For example : if the first baseman over throws the ball back to the pitcher, is the runner not allowed to run since you called time as the umpire to allow the runner to stand properly on the base?
  5. ​I know that rule where the bat can be out there and not be offered. In this situation though it was offered. He was attempting.
  6. ​Never thought it of that way. I forget sometimes how much power I have out there.
  7. ​Even if the pitcher already engaged with the rubber and stepped off to have a team meeting on the mound?
  8. ​No, he didn't hear it, I am just talking in general terms when a kid slides into a base and puts his hand up for time but the play is not over yet since the ball is in route to that base he is at and passes him. Does that mean it kills the play when the player calls time? Or would I have to grant time for the player, but if I granted time and the ball passes then it kills it all right?
  9. ​I did put "Play" in my head and I did this when the pitcher had the ball on the mound after the HBP, the infield wanted to all get together to have a talk but never called time with me or the PU and so in my mind the play is live and the player on 3rd could steal if he so desires right?
  10. ​Thats what I thought too, is there an official ruling on this situation to throw at him when he wants me to do the same thing again? I thought it would of thrown my partner under the bus if I changed his call being the base umpire
  11. ​If I did call time when the coaches and catcher is pointing to me but not the PU, wouldn't that throw my partner under the bus? The PU didn't point to me to appeal, I would think if he didn't ask for help which usually they do when the catcher or coaches want it then wouldn't that mean I am going to stir things up later on in the game when they want a call changed again?
  12. ​No he was still engaged with the rubber while faking to 3rd. He did not step off the rubber while making the move to 3rd with a runner on.
  13. ​In High School rules. I would also like to know in MLB rules too
  14. This happen tonight at the game where a batter was hit by the pitch which = dead ball. The pitcher received the ball back while on the mound area. The first baseman and the whole infield thought it was a good idea to have a group meeting there on the mound without calling time or anything. The runner on 3rd noticed that there was no time called and just ran home then was sent back to 3rd by the homeplate umpire. When is the ball live again? I would think when the pitcher is engaged with the rubber.... What is the official ruling on this?
  15. Tonight I had a game where there was a bunt attempt that missed and the home plate umpire didn't see the bunt being attempted because the catcher stood up. The catcher and coaches tried to appeal for the strike which I saw but the homeplate umpire did not point at me for help with the call. I did nothing since the homeplate umpire did nothing and didn't ask for help even though I knew it was a strike since the batter didn't pull the bunt attempt back in time. My ump chief who thinks he is all knowing thinks I should of gave the appeal call since the catcher was pointing at me to change the call. What is the official ruling on this?
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