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  1. Brittany, I have another suggestion. If you cannot find pertinent rules about a number of potential problems, your coach might ask to clarify them at the plate meeting. The following are things I usually ask about when they are not addressed in the local rules. 1. Head-first slides. 2. Uncaught ("dropped") third strikes. 3. Balks and balk warnings. 4. "Catch and carry." There may be others, but these are the major issues I have found at pre-teen games. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one coach to say "The rule is X" and the other coach says "No, it's Y." Frankly, I don't care what the answers are, on any given day, as long as we (the two coaches, my partner and I) all agree ahead of time. Although this might be heretical to many U-E members, let me emphasize for my fellow umpires that I take this approach only when the local rules are not available.
  2. ErichKeane gets the credit, as he said it before I did: "unless local rules modify it." Every day I was umpiring, I would double-check the rules for that particular organization or league. It can be bewildering.
  3. I did find several on-line rule books for local Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken leagues that prohibited head-first slides except back into a base; others said it was ok except into home; some prohibited head-first slides for 8 and 9 y/os only. Brittany, you will have to check your local league rules, which are often posted on the league website. If that doesn't work, try contacting the league's UIC (Umpire-in-Charge) for a definitive ruling.
  4. LRZ


    Who would expect a rule addressing umpire "interference" with a runner ("umpire obstruction")? Rules cannot anticipate every possible incident. Should 8.01(c) apply to this play?
  5. At first, this sounded reasonable, but then I thought, "The coach does not have to interfere." I agree with Richvee: "Nothing says a coach can assist a runner because he was obstructed." Absent the coach's interference, and considering the obstruction occurred while R2 was rounding 3B, I agree with Rich Ives: award R2 home.
  6. Remarks about women's sports and Title IX and about young people. I have very strong thoughts about political and social issues, but I keep them out of my posts: this is not the forum in which to air them.
  7. I had no problem with an accommodation of a couple of minutes, and we did indeed start those games on time, whether or not K & D were present.
  8. I've actually had a couple of games where ADs and/or coaches have asked us not to start early because of parental expectations. Not often, but 2-3 times over the years, and it was never a problem. Besides, what can you do but honor such requests?
  9. She must have had trouble tracking the low outside pitch from where she was sitting.
  10. Us: "The game did start on time. Your phone is two minutes slow. Complain to Apple."
  11. The level of play is important. My last active year or two, I was working mostly U10-U12, where you have to be patient. The pitcher starting before the batter was set? How about before the catcher and I were set! These were not really quick pitches, just inexperienced players who did not have a clue. I'd put my hand up in the stop sign; if that didn't work, I'd call time and tell the pitcher to wait until we're all set; ultimately, I often had to talk to the coach between innings. Sooner or later, the lesson would sink in. I never had an argument about how I handled this.
  12. LRZ

    Squeeze with two outs

    Rules often must be construed together. Read 7.01(g)(3) in light of 5.08(a): "A run is not scored if the runner advances to home base during a play in which the third out is made (1) by the batter-runner before he touches first base...." And to emphasize the point: "Rule 5.08 Comment: APPROVED RULING: No run shall score during a play in which the third out is made by the batter-runner before he touches first base." Good try, though.
  13. Sorry if my comment came across as critical. Maybe my terse style came across as negative, but I always try to be constructive. I merely suggested there was another lesson to be learned.
  14. Somewhat more details: https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/high-school/2022/05/15/scas-2-a-baseball-title-marred-benson-players-postgame-punch/9786305002/
  15. When considering whether the rules allow an umpire to correct a misapplication of the rules, as I've argued, or whether a team must file a formal protest, a protest is not always an available option. PIAA, for example, does not recognize protests. (Yes, I know the OP was not a scholastic contest, but the point remains.) Another practical reason, besides the points beerguy55 made, to apply the clear language of 8.02 (b,c).
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