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  1. I have noting. F2 is set up to take the play properly, leaving plenty of room for R3 to acquire the base. F1 makes an awesome throw pulling F2 off the plate and suddenly and directly into R3's path. All I see is R3 doing the 'oh crap!' and trying not to kill F2... To me he just tried to stop anyway possible. You could try and make an argument for retired runner interference, but that to me would be a stretch and would be rewarding the defense for creating this scenario.
  2. Mudisfun

    Bases loaded

    You may also run into a ruling for an intentionally dropped ball if in the judgement of the umpire the fielder attempted to drop and then turn the double play. In this case, the ball is dead, the B/R is out and all runners return to their time of pitch base. In this scenario, nothing happens once the ball is intentionally dropped and time is called.
  3. Hell to the yes, to the yes, yes, yes. I VIVIDLY remember being a 12 year old playing LL majors. Our UIC, Jenny Ellison was working the plate and she took a foul direct to the throat. Thank God she was not seriously injured, but it took her out of the game as a precaution... considering I'm inching towards 50, and still recall this event with clarity, I never have questioned wearing or not wearing a guard.
  4. Truer words have never been spoken. A few years back there was 4-5 videos of a Huntington Beach Police Officer involved in a fight with a mentally unstable suspect. The fight started on their feet, went to the ground, and then back to their feet where the Officer ended up shooting and killing the suspect. The suspect, if I recall had gotten an item or items off the duty belt which made the officer fear for his life with the suspect now having weapons. 5 adults stood there and taped this, from beginning to end. Not a single one of them jumped in to help the officer, especially when the fight went to the ground. If one of these adults had helped subdue the combatant, A) he most likely would be alive today and B) The 20 something officer would not have to live the rest of his life knowing he was faced to shoot this unstable man.
  5. I'm ending the coaches participation right there. The optics to start with are horrible: 8-12 year old kids watching 2 grown men barking at each other through the fence, hurling obesities at each other. Parents and fans of said 8-12 year old kids watching this with a higher likelihood of also becoming participants in the above demonstration and thus having the whole thing spin out of control. Your job as defined in the rule book is to be the SOLE representative on the field of Little League International. (9.01(b)) If you are representing LL as an organization, how can you then allow the above to continue and not intervene? Sorry, but if your there to officiate the LL game, then the whole rule book comes with the job, not just the parts you want to enforce. As the umpire you have the following rule support to remove the coach, which in my opinion, should have occurred. 3.09 Players, managers and coaches of the participating teams shall not address, or mingle with spectators, nor sit in the stands during a game in which they are engaged.... 9.01(b) Each umpire is the representative of the league and Little League International, and is authorized and required to enforce all of these rules. Each umpire has authority to order a player, coach, manager or league officer to do, or refrain from doing anything which affects the administering of these rules and to enforce the prescribed penalties. (d) Each umpire has authority to disqualify any player, coach, manager or substitute for objecting to decisions or for unsportsmanlike conduct or language, and to eject such disqualified person from the playing field... Regulation XIV - a. The actions, on or off the field, of players, managers, coaches, umpires and league officials must be above reproach. Any player, manager, coach, umpire or league representative who is involved in a verbal or physical altercation, or an incident of unsportsmanlike conduct, at the game site or any other Little League activity including through online or social media, is subject to disciplinary action by the local Board of Directors.
  6. You got hosed! I did the same thing and the kids coach rung him up for a strike!
  7. Why would you not use the balloon? They are great... they provide better protection, including your arms, are cool since all you're wearing is a shirt and if worn correctly, provide all of the normal range of motion, including running, as you have with an inside protector. I try and use them whenever possible, especially lower levels where the battery and their ability to throw and catch is in serious question!
  8. Was slated to work a TB game on the varsity field which was scheduled to start at say 10am... there was another game on the JV field which started at 930. Well... someone forgot to turn off the sprinklers overnight (can you say Bull Durham?) and the field was completely unplayable. They expected me to wait for the game on the JV field to end (so what, 2, 2.5 hours?) and then work their game for the same $70. Told them no... they could pay me to sit in the lot and wait around, and then pay for the game OR I can call the assignor and see if he can find someone for them, but considering the last minute nature, that was doubtful. They actually chose to cancel and not play at all... Sucked losing out on the game fee, but no way was I sitting there for a couple hours just waiting for free. Had a HS coach call me to cancel as I was leaving the office to head out to their game. Seems they forgot to actually schedule the game with the other team, who obviously was not showing up since they knew nothing about the game! As the AD's office had confirmed the game was scheduled and they were the cause of the error, they paid me in full for the missed game, which was nice of them considering I had not left work yet to drive to the school. So basically... cash games in general, if you say play, you're paid (should have $$$ in hand already at the plate meeting). Assignor pay games the policy depends on the assignor and or their agreement with the league, but in my experience, cancellations are rare (So Cal weather is not normally an issue). HS, there is a policy in place depending on when the game cancels if you get paid at all, receive a 1/2 or full game fee. But again, in So Cal, cancellations at the last moment are rare.
  9. Had a run of the mill MC ejection the other night in our District All Stars game: Details of Ejections: Top of 5th inning, 1 out, bases loaded, game tied 4-4. Sea View player #XX became involved in a run down between 3rd and Home. As #XX was attempting to score, the catcher for HV (#YY), with possession of the ball tagged #XX for the 2nd out of the inning. As #XX was tagged, he lowered his shoulder and arms in a non-defensive manner and purposely created contact by driving his shoulder up and into the lower chin of HV player #YY. I immediately called time, declared #XX out as he was tagged prior to achieving home plate and the catcher retained possession of the ball, and ejected him from the game for his unsportsmanlike and dangerous conduct. Post Ejection: The game was delayed for approx. 5 minutes as HV player #YY was shaken up in the play. The umpire crew, along with the scorer and TD conferred to ensure all available players had met MPR and needed to determine the bench player who would be recalled from the bench for ejected player #XX. After the delay, the game resumed with no further issues.
  10. One of my female co-workers thought on the subject: this was MLB's way of trying to increase the female viewing demographic.
  11. I especially liked how Max was about to drop trowel right there on the mound; that would have been classic and set the new standard for 'inspections'.
  12. This made me chuckle... Did a game in Newport Beach a few weeks back. One team had two coaches, the other had more coaches than players. Don't know what they were there for; maybe to go grab coffee as needed?
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