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  1. Selling a pair of brand new Nike Huarache Turf shoes size 10, regular width. $55 plus shipping (shipping from US). Here they are on ump-attire. https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/NIKE-HUARACHE/Nike-Alpha-Huarache-Elite-2-Turf-Shoes
  2. Our website has gone live and our registration is now open!
  3. To all northern umpires, Our website has gone live and registration is NOW OPEN! Check us out at cbuc.ca https://www.facebook.com/CanadianBaseballUmpireCamps/
  4. @gjanssen24no mask has been sold. @Thunderheads
  5. @wolfe_man got it. Pm me with your shipping address
  6. @wolfe_man yes the harness is black. ok great. my paypal is baseballcatcher26@gmail.com please send as gift to a friend
  7. no. the reason i would ideally like to ship tomorrow is because i'll be in the US which will be a lot easier and cheaper to send. i'd do $27 including SH
  8. Up for sale is a BRAND NEW (never cut) Nike Harness. Can ship tomorrow if purchased by end of day today. $25 OBO Thanks!
  9. This is a long shot, but @BalkHawk you still got this for sale?
  10. Hey! @Thunderheads Indeed you have! LOL Yes this mask is definitely extremely light!
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