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  1. Question / anybody have any experience wearing the Mizuno Titanium mask as there is one for sale on EBay used for $240

    is that price high or low?

    i Already have a Nike titanium so trying to purchase another titanium as well so any help here appreciated


  2. Wilson Davis Shield Chest Protector

    brand new / unused 13inch model

    great protector for lower levels 12U and under plus softball. 

    light weight and streamline under shirt 

    I have worn this protector for 8 years at the lower levels and still do with no issues and taken many direct non caught pitches and foul balls. Especially good in the heat of summer 

    i just had another umpire order this model from Gerry Davis but he no longer needs the item $109.00 retail cost plus shipping was his cost for the item

    selling for $75 plus half of shipping cost

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