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  1. I'll see your disagreement, and raise you. If I've gotten to the point where I've run at least two coaches (and some Daddy-ball teams have 4-6 coaches), I'm fairly certain any parent of that teams that's around won't be prepared/content to sit there and supervise. And there's no way I'm making a player the "manager," per OBR or otherwise, at least not at the level I believe we're talking about. Look, the team and its "management" had its chance to play the game and not cross the lines. They haven't. Game over.
  2. There were some good points, I suppose, but the overall feeling I had upon reading it was: "Geez, was this written by an umpire, or the head of the San Diego Adult Baseball Player's Union???" Maybe I need to re-read it, but the guy did all but say "take their crap, and let 'em play." That was my initial interpretation, anyway.
  3. Phwoof... I like the creativity, but I'm not sure I can buy it. As a theoretical exercise, we could discuss it; but now take your reasoning, with the 'millisecond between the touch and the catch,' and picture yourself trying to sell that to a HC out to "chat you up." I dunno. I have the catch making the ball dead, by virtue of it also touching at the same time. I'm not going to make it a touch first, then a catch, so I can negate what everyone sees - a batter holding the d@mn ball in his hand. I do get that the touch does happen first, by the various definitions, but I'm just not buyi
  4. Based on the paragraph I left in from your post, I think I'd go with interference, on the logic that "catching the pitch" IS a play attempt by the catcher. The batter isn't letting him field his position. And if it's coming in at a speed where he can bare hard it, he can surely get out of the way. ("And don't call me 'surely.'") So I'm getting me an out there.
  5. Well, it might be a LL hotbed, but I'm not a LL umpire, unless assigned. I have worked Majors, Juniors and Seniors. But I don't follow the LL Points O' Emphasis like I would FED or OBR. I understand that waiting for a throw isn't possession, and I know access must be allowed - not much different than other codes - but complete access, nor the preferred access (on the runner's part) isn't required. If I had a runner that wasn't looking to round the bag (as this one wasn't), and an F5 waiting for a throw to come to him: if that F5 is straddling the bag, but not really blocking access to
  6. Define "in the way." The way I read it, F5 is standing 'over' the bag, waiting on the throw, and Big Lummox comes in and shoves him out of the way. Sorry, but if F5 is straddling the bag and waiting on the throw, he's not obstructing. It's still INT by B. Lummox.
  7. Mate, if you turn your head, at some point you'll be making the call AFTER you regain consciousness, unless you're wearing the hockey mask. ....never mind the h3ll you'll catch for making calls at pitches you're not looking at.
  8. Sounds like you could have gotten your first toss right there. A) assistant coaches don't come out to argue; any coach that comes 'running out' probably needs to go.
  9. Don't sweat it. I don't remember the entire context of the "moneygrubber" thread, but here's the thing: umpiring is like a regular job/avocation. Some are good at it, some aren't. Granted, everyone that logs into this site is an excellent umpire, but there have to be the other guys out there, that make us - the upper half - possible!! And some are doing the work for the money. Or they aren't that good, so other people feel like they're stealing what they get paid. Or something. I'll say this: I don't work for free, except in rare occasions. I worked for nearly nothing when I first
  10. I haven't been anywhere in a week, so I guess I'm hated more. Had a Western Branch game killed Monday a few hours before I was supposed to go, and then some Legion Jr game for Tuesday was killed Sunday or Monday. My last games were Sunday, doing some AAU-14s. (Your friends the Knights, in fact. No one was sent home early, although one guy got close.)
  11. Good times, good times........ Hey, Mr UIC, guess where I'm at Saturday? Same place! Whooooooo!!:bang:
  12. Is your brother-in-law still a jerk today, or did he grow up?
  13. I don't get this. You have farts more than 50 years old? How old are YOU, then?? And you bet on them? Are they racing??
  14. Settle down .... In this context, the spelling is h-o-k-e-y.
  15. Well, I was UIC's partner for the AAU game he's referring to. In my opinion, AAU basketball is fairly unsavory overall, and I'm not sure baseball is that much better - maybe for different reasons, but it's got issues. As Warren said, what's the chain o' command? It's not like there's a Virginia AAU - yeah, there IS one, but it's not going to DO anything. And at the national level, from what I can tell, you get a team to the nationals with 2 criteria: 1) find 15 or so kids that can shell out a couple grand, and 2) play in a state tournament. You don't have to win, mind, you just have to
  16. I work in the same association as UIC (aka "The Rain Man" - I'm beginning to think he's the harbinger of rain during the main baseball season. It'll stop raining around the end of June). And yet I managed to get games in Mon-Wed of this week. Anyway, according to my logs, I've done a touch over 400 games, between here in Hampton Roads and Australia. And I had something - given some of the skill levels and all I've seen - that I thought was like seeing a yeti or a unicorn... I finally had my first ever 3-pitch half inning. JV game, 3- or 4-0 to the home team, and getting a little da
  17. Before we get there, I'll tell my story. Adult game - so we all know what we're dealing with right away. Had a guy that had been kind of a pain all game at the plate. I got a first pitch strike on his 1st 2 AB, and got a little stink-eye in return. During the second AB, he mumbled "looks like every 1st pitch is a strike," but he at least was smart enough to keep looking straight ahead. A little irritated, but I'm okay. By his 3rd time up, though, he was now also pitching for his team, and was a whiny biatch there, too. I don't know if he was still pitching by the time he came up t
  18. Seriously? You don't think Oregon State's 3-0 rout of Pitt isn't the: Worst. Bowl. Ever. ?
  19. As a VT graduate and fan, it surprises the %^$^ out of me that you would pick VT. I know, from growing up in Frederick County, that Maryland doesn't talk college sports near as much as pros, but I'm guessing you haven't heard about us. We have the 112th offense in the country (having Saturday off actually let us pick up a couple spots). That's WITH the first two QBs on the depth chart not being hurt. And now they are. Better still, the guy that's probably going to start at QB is a fifth year senior who was converted to a WR. What we have going for us is that Maryland can't beat an un
  20. As UIC mentioned, I umpired in Oz for a while. I worked games for 4 years in Alice Springs. What club are you with? Anyway, Queensland Baseball is pretty well organized, so you should be able to get training and mentoring. At level O, I would think you'd be working bases, at least, and getting some games behind the plate at the younger age groups. Before I left, I managed to acquire level 2 status. But my main concern was being accredited, period, as I knew I would be leaving Oz in a set period of time, and there was no chance of getting truly big games in Australia. There was one g
  21. Dude, I hope so. Every game you guys lose makes us look more like %$^& for blowing that game in Charlotte. So here's the emoticon needed for this game.... I'm not convinced this is really an upset pick, if only because no one in the ACC is making a clear case for themselves. Wake losing to Navy almost compares to Clemson losing to Maryland, at this rate. I think I would take Clemson here, but not call it an upset. (But if Clemson is our opponent in the title game - and yes, I think VT is the inside track for the Whatever Division - I think we beat them. I know we haven't lo
  22. UIC has mentioned this before, but we work in the same association, so I see some of these teams, too. I think this week was worse because it IS the end-of-season. A lot of games last weekend were on-the-fly matchups and/or makeup games, so guys wouldn't have to sit out a week before the playoffs start. My partner didn't seem to have too much crap in our first game Sunday, but I had a couple guys crying a decent amount. One guy should have probably gone; he was a player's dad who played to give them a ninth player (he was actually the eighth player at the very start of the game). I pul
  23. It's not just because it's too American, although I'm sure some votes were cast against it for that reason. It's also because of the number of countries that play the game. I read somewhere that there had to be something like 75 countries playing the game/sport to be considered or retained. I don't know what qualifies a country "playing" - does that mean a nation-wide league, or a national committee, or what? Cricket has it worse; if you go by population, more than 1/4 of the planet follows the game (thanks to India, where they're banans over it). Unfortunately for them, only 11 countr
  24. HokieUmp

    First EJ

    What I thought was kind of funny about that is 1) as the catcher, he'd already seen some "outside" stuff that I got for strikes, and 2) if he's going to do that and show me up (and get his a$$ run for it), then get some mileage for the effort, and draw the stupid line WAY out there. Putting it about 2" off the edge of the plate? Son, that's IN the strike zone! All a ball has to do is touch just part of the black, and the balls 2 3/4" wide. So you just proved my point! Thinking about it later, I guess I could have, without saying a word, taken a ball out of my bag, and laid it down on th
  25. HokieUmp

    First EJ

    Got my 'first' EJ yesterday. By that I mean, my first real one. I've had two, but one was for language in a teenage division, and the other was for a kid that kept slinging his bat at the Pony age level, after being warned twice. I call those procedural more than anything else. But I finally got a real one yesterday. It's not the most exciting one - no histronics or anything - but I'll post anyway. (The game is NABA. I know, here and other sites have had postings about not doing adult ball. But - I think it was here - UmpireInChief and I both talked about how those games have been
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