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    Phoenix, AZ
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    Rally racing, Snowboarding (instructor / tech / barnstormer), Soccer (still play it), Hockey (working toward being a linesman), Baseball (umpiring, obviously), Architecture, Restorations

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    the West Valley Vultures
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    Designer / Fabricator
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    U18 – NFHS, mNFHS, mOBR; NCAA / NAIA; MiLB -level; CDP
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    ABUA (umpire.org)

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As of the New Year of 2020, I'm embarking on my 12th year of umpiring. For two years now, I've been a Crew Chief with the NorthWoods League, working with a 3- and 4-man crew. Prior to that, I was a Crew Chief in the brand-new Expedition League. Both leagues are Independent Professional, with college-eligible players playing 70+ games within 80 days!

Otherwise, I call Phoenix my short-term residence, having moved there 5 years ago – from frigid Wisconsin – at the encouragement of @KenBAZ (AKA The Outreach Ambassador of Baseball Officiating in the Desert) and several other colleagues to do “more and better baseball”. I have the more covered, now calling 400+ games per year, and have been blessed with better quality of baseball, often called in to do MLB/MiLB Spring Training Games, college, high school, and showcase games.

I am a founding member of the Vultures, a group of umpire colleagues who share mentorship, development, and evaluation of each other and take a “honor among thieves” approach to assignment opportunities. It is completely different than conventional associations. If anyone would like more information regarding the “vulture concept”, please PM me.

Around U-E, I’m known as being a gear tinkerer, as it plays into my other career work as an environmental designer. I’ve turned my hand at several occupations, and have worked as a graphic, web, product, and furniture designer. Outside of baseball, I also officiate soccer and hockey, as well as still mountain bike (nothing as extensive as @Majordave), windsurf, and snowboard.

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