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  1. In that act, being legal... he can feint, right? So if he can feint, he can throw – regardless of who it’s towards or where they are. Or, since he can legally feint, he can begin chasing the R2 down, if he wishes. This is all provided that there is a “legal move to 2B”, as you mentioned. So... Yes Yes Yes And, as @maven is apt to say, “This is legal in all codes”.
  2. Story time! Back when I was in Wisconsin, a rainstorm rolled through most of the county, and wiped out most of the baseball games on that day's schedule. It spared one corner of the county, and the community up there kept their game active on the schedule, but it was without umpires. So, seeing my game cancelled and that one open, I jumped on it and drove the 40 minutes up there, checking the scheduler repetitively to see if another umpire was going to join me on the game. I arrive, and start getting dressed for Plate, since I'm the only umpire on the game thus far. About five minutes in
  3. Yeah, but Jim, c’mon... without the MLB logo on ‘em (anymore), they’re basically worthless. According to ~Some Guy~ ~Some Where~ the only gear you should ever buy is the stuff the big boys use... ... hence why he insists that everyone in the association gets Wilson Golds.
  4. Why isn't there an option to go shirtless? No shirt = No problem!
  5. Geez, turn the knife in the stab wound a bit more, willya? It's a Nike "Icon" Titanium. Real deal. Can tell from the clean welds and the blunt-sawn wire (bar) end on the arrowhead strut that we can see in the photo.
  6. Says the man who – get ready for this one, folks – is the only umpire with a visor for a FM4000/5000!!! And, despite having the ear of someone highly placed at All-Star, will not persuade or convince them to make visors for the rest of us! How callous and uncaring!! My reasons for choosing one particular mask over any of my other masks descend thusly: Vanity – let's be real; how it looks during a particular game with what particular coat, shirt, or color thereof is a big factor as to which mask I use. With my plate coat, I'm going to favor a traditional bullring-&-wicket (th
  7. @aaluck, this is not an excuse for New Balance, and the 460v3 separating... but Shoe Goo will fix and remedy the problem: Go ahead one step further and get yourself an injector / syringe... I looked up the phrases "plastic syringe", "glue syringe" and "glue injector" and there's plenty of results.
  8. Not necessarily. Price fluctuations on Amazon are the result of different vendors and sources pricing them to their own value scale and desired profit margin. Amazon itself does not set the price. Various vendors are experiencing stagnant inventories, obviously due to COVID effects on the market. And, as @JimKirk can attest, a stagnant inventory is very problematic to a vendor. These vendors are going to try to unload their inventories before the end of the year, assuredly. If they've got a "hot" or popular size, they'll set the price rather high. Conversely, if they have an obscure size
  9. The primary symptom/effect of the spacing issue is that the site upgrade completely replaced the font pack. Each and every font and size spec has been replaced.
  10. Which, the Champro? Surely, you can’t be serious... ... and cue the Leslie Neilsen Airplane! retort.
  11. I concur. I’m looking right at the “arrowheads” of the ear guard struts. Those are sawn solid wire, not hollow, cut and plugged. Now, this must be a relatively recent Nike Titanium, as those saw marks are pretty sloppy compared to earlier units. We know that Nike’s QC has dropped in the past few years. At least the welds are clean. But yes, aside from having it in my/our hands, all signs point to Nike for this one.
  12. Sir, Can I ask something about 'Nike catchers masks'? 

  13. What’s this “10x more from MadMax” nonsense, Spence??? Wolfe beat my word count without a finger-cramp! Sheesh. Anyway, @Rock Bottom (and everyone else reading... except Spencer, who’s heard this before), it is crucial to point out that in this comparison, we cannot factor in either mask’s specific use, or non-use, by MLBUs. These guys are only working every fourth game, and typically no more than 45 plates per year. I’m finishing October having done 37 plates in the month. In no small sense, the recent protocol implemented by MLBUs, wherein an impact to the head means that PU is r
  14. Elaborate on "convertible" please. I've expressed this before... it doesn't cease to confound me that Wilson is supposed to be "our" company, and they own EvoShield. EvoShield is the iconic producer of shin, ankle, foot, wrist, and elbow guards in a variety of styles and sizes. Wilson, through EvoShield, isn't making a shaped metatarsal guard (and toe cap) that can attach to any sport shoes. How hard can that really be??!!
  15. This. This. A thousand times this!!! This question has a slight whiff of coming late to a Mexican food truck party and calling out, “Did anybody bring the nachos?!”
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