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  1. Nope. Don’t go blaming Japan on this one. Japan may have had complete softball facilities built, or at least underway, when COVID shut everything down. Japan has extreme land/space management, and doesn’t have the luxury of creating large-scale, purpose-built, role-specific buildings… only for them to sit idle and unused (unusable/off-limits). Compounding this, the IOC has draconian design and building codes for its venues, the least of which govern such things as security, stand-off distance, climate control, accessibility, and peak capacity dynamics. Then throw in LEED and sustai
  2. It’s more “frequency & familiarity” for me, @KenBAZ and the rest of us in Phoenix. We see these coaches (and players, too) so often, on so many games, on so many plays, these guys know what Outs look like, and what our (umpire) “calling cards” are. Most umpires – Ken and I included – won’t be affected or swayed by a BC’s pleadings, so what’s the point? Conversely, there are the occasional umpires who get waaaay bent out of shape over a BC’s theatrics, and go right to emphatically cautioning, formally warning, or generally escalating strife to the point of ejecting. … all over a hopef
  3. The point is, there is no standard, widely accepted “one”. They differ per region, and they differ per level. Should there be “one”? Possibly… but who’s to say which one it shall be? I can guarantee that MLBU, CBUA, and NFHS will not agree as to what it shall be. Even if you did, you’d still have that one rogue association in X-state who’d do their own signal set… because they wanna be diff’rent. My fellow Vulture and I worked a prestigious tournament series, and the Assigner had hired some on-furlough CBUA umpires to act as roving UICs and evaluators. I had been living in
  4. How do you know about this one? It’s not one most of us (in Phoenix, and out here on the road) use. We use the fist/point above the right shoulder signal. Then again, since pre-pitch signals (are supposed to) originate from the PU, and I do so many Plate games, I implement the hand signals I know / have been taught. And trust me, they are minimalist. If you’re ramping up your involvement in 2-man (and then 3- & 4-man), it’s far more important to know what positions, actions, responsibilities and rotations you have, in which situations, and how to perform them (and why). Once yo
  5. I went right to it, and sure enough, there it is... it is sized and styled to accommodate a plate coat! If you actively use & track Tile (or similar), dabble in it, or are considering it, I heavily recommend placing a Tile within this garment bag.
  6. 🤔 Why would you shell out good money on a lesser-quality, old-way-of-thinking steel mask? If Wilson had actually colored (or, tinted) their DynaLite aluminum masks, we’d have something that would be worth the price tag. But that’s beneath Wilson to implement, because of how bloated, unwieldy and arcane their production structure is. They can’t even color match to the current sky blue Majestic used! You’d be better served selecting a modern, top-notch mask and having it custom coated or anodized to suit.
  7. Can’t. Not an ejectable offense. To what end? As my esteemed colleague @KenBAZ points out, the… (I can’t say “good”) experienced ones don’t do it, and only the new-to-the-scene guys will throw their arms out in a hopeful safe signal, only to have them dashed by an umpire who has been calling games for as many years as they’ve been playing ball themselves. Going to the point of formally warning them or chastising them is like explaining to your dog that he shouldn’t piddle on the carpet. Genuinely works best. If you want to make a point, whack an Out call when you are 100% emp
  8. Hey, any actual ball bags beat one of these: Behold, the baseball landscaper’s bag! Who ever thought this was a good idea??
  9. Your attitude is commendable, but flawed in its application, as @Matt points out. Believe me, I’m with you in spirit, but my experiences have infused me with a step of “calculated caution” when approaching a situation like this. Granted, that caution has no definable period of time. I was told a story – perhaps it was anecdotal – of a fight breaking out on a football field. Instead of wading in, trying to separate the jumble of participants, one coach of the home team turned on (or ordered the turning on) the rather effective field sprinkler system. Most of the rabble and peripheral clea
  10. Pic? My friend, I gots video streams of me, and the one self-critique I have is I gotta lose 10-15 pounds (from the torso, for those that know me). It’s a set of dominos – increase / improve strength in torso and legs, lose weight, decrease stress and burden on hips (my left hip might have a torn labrum or partially torn flexor in it), increase mobility (back to where it used to be). I got a video of me missing a FPSR, and while I must not miss another one, I can’t help but be disappointed in myself at just how… out of sorts I am and appear on camera because my hip and legs just aren’t reactin
  11. @Mussgrass, I’d rather have a good partner like you stay at B (or C, when appropo) for the entire game, than a… “space cadet” of a partner who insists on “doing all the rotations!”, only to make his ailment worse, or go out on an otherwise routine liner (this forcing me to recognize… late… that he’s not coming in) or, worse, get run over or concussed because he has to perform a button hook pivot. Sorry to sound so morbid, but can I make one of you EMTs my new partner to help finish this game?
  12. MadMax

    Check swing appeal

    Says who? Surely, I and my three dozen colleagues in this traveling road show, and the several hundred colleagues I have back in Phoenix were not included – or even polled – in this “consensus”. Have you read the rule as to what constitutes a swing? According to your perspective, only 1st Base umpires (U1) can and should be appealed to… so where does that leave 2-man crews? Does this mean that LHBs have a decided advantage over RHBs, for only because there is no umpire at “that angle” to see – definitively – that the “bat crossed the plate”??? Doesn’t read very fair to me.
  13. Seriously, I wore my same Schutt MaXV that I’ve worn for the past 7 years. Still securely protective and best ventilated CP for baseball at all levels… … and yes, there were guys throwing 92-95 MPH. Yeah, they called them “dignitaries” or “honorees”. No kidding! 5 hits, 3 “critical”… the one that got me in the abdomen caused an existential crisis – “Why are we here? What are we doing?” Why yes it is. It’s one of the two Wilson DynAlums that I’ve got with me on this road show, solely because: Won’t bend Light I didn’t pay for either of them,
  14. Know how / where we (amateur) umpires can do our part, as a starting point? Stop saying at plate meetings, “If you disagree with a call (they all do, or will eventually), call time (they don’t call Time, only we (umpires) can / do), go to the umpire who made the call (they don’t, or won’t). We’ll get together and render our judgement (which is the source of the “go for help! You have to go for help!” pleadings).. “ Just stop it. Stop caving in and attempting to placate or appease the pleaders by “going for help” unwarranted.
  15. MadMax


    Alright, I can endorse this. How then do you / I / we respond to this, then?:
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