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  1. That game wasn't played in an adult league from Morris County, was it?
  2. I would definitiely reconsider the ejection...... he should have gone sooner.
  3. I beleive this was a point of clarification in NJ last HS season. If the fielder extends the field of play, as this player did by pushing the collapsible fence out at the :11 mark, it should be a home run. Note that both feet are not on the ground and the one that is on the ground appears to be beyond where the fence meets the ground. With that said, to make the call in a live situation and virtually no angle to see the extension of the fence would be difficult at best.
  4. I usually just give them a blank stare for a enough time to create an awkward silence, smile, and then start my pregame conversation. Once I am on the field I go about calling pitches the same way I always do. I don't have to be anywhere except on that field.
  5. And that's why they are rats.
  6. I was working a varsity game this year with one of my least favorite partners (we cannot block umpires on the Arbiter). After a ball was fouled off, I threw a ball out to the pitcher who rubbed it up and approached the bump. R1 was about ten feet off the bag and the pitcher fired over, causing the runner the runner to take off for second where my partner banged him out. As the runner was headed toward the dugout, I came out from behind the plate and returned him to first. DT HC came to me and asked what I was doing and I told him the ball was never put back in play. He asked if I was sure and I told him that every time a play results in a dead ball I will put the ball in play when the pitcher, catcher, runners, and fielders are set. He said, "Oh... OK" and returned to the dugout. My partner looked at me as though I had just killed his puppy. Post game I asked him about the play, and he said that he assumed the ball was in play because I had thrown a new ball to the pitcher. And that is yet another reason I am no fan of him!
  7. I had a game a few years ago where the sun was low and between the third base dugout and homeplate. A rain shower started and while the rain was nowhere near being hard, it was enough to reflect the sunlight off every drop that fell from the sky and make it impossible to see anything coming off the bat. 10 minutes later we continued play as clouds then covered the sun.
  8. It can't be stressed enough how dangerous it is to work outside of the slot. You subject yourself to getting hit by foul balls that are traveling at a higher velocity. Simple physics, the bat is shorter in the slot; short lever equals less force coming off the bat. The bat is longer on the opposite side of the slot. Longer leaver equals more force. You will get a concussion if you work the opposite side of the slot. Don't do it. Set up on lefties as deep into the slot as you can get. You may have to turn your body a bit more but you will get a much better look at the outside pitch. Amen! Amen! Amen! Stay out of the danger zone!!!!
  9. I would suggest tracking the ball the entire time it is in flight. The strike zone is 3 dimensional. Any part of the ball that touches the zone in any direction will always be a strike in my games. Further, pitches caught like strikes ought to be called as such. Slow down. See the entire pitch. If it is not a strike, you need to be comvinced that is isn't. Otherwise, ring 'em up!
  10. Kevin_K


    No seeds? I don't think so.
  11. PU should have kept his mouth shut. I would be willing to bet there wasn't much of a post game, other than BU indicating he would never again work with PU. Nothing like working with some one who has your back!
  12. I have recently learned that….. as PU you should wear Big Ben on your wrist to make sure the time between inning does not exceed one minute; in addition, the expected color scheme of your mask should be all red so as to not clash with the pink heather grays you are wearing. it is perfectly acceptable to carry all your plate gear in a duffel bag into the HT dugout so you can gear up at the field rather than in the parking lot; further, it is expected that your partner should rush to get dressed at his car in order to accompany you to the dugout so that the game does not start late that if it gets to warm during the game it is perfectly acceptable to go to your duffel bag in the HT dugout, remove your jacket, and put on a wrinkled short sleeve faded blue shirt over your 1970s porn star long sleeve grey turtle neck. in baseball, time is signaled by reaching up to the clouds with your right hand open and yelling “Dead Ball!â€
  13. When I first started, a sage advisor told me to ignore the A2B’s. I had no idea what he was talking about. He said that anyone who pays their two bucks admission feels as though that gives them carte blanche to say whatever they want to the umpires. It took some time to learn to ignore them, but now I do not really even hear them anymore. My focus has to be between the lines to be any good. My focus has to be on positioning, mechanics, and the game itself. That intense focus blocks out the jackass on the first base line. It does not, however, prevent me from seeing the looker down the third base line!
  14. It sounds like you got it right. What is the logic that your partner used to determine in hindsight that the runner should have been out?
  15. Kevin_K


    How could you give him a 2 game suspension and an ejection as an umpire?
  16. Without us, its called practice.
  17. Kevin_K

    Hey all

    Greeting All! I am from the great north woods of New Jersey – that’s rights … New Jersey has woods! Baseball is a great passion of mine and I have been calling balls and strikes for a dozen years. My umpiring career has taken me through all kinds of levels of baseball from LL through summer college leagues. It is a rare day in season that I am not on a field somewhere. This site is great for making me think. Over the past several months I have read some great suggestions, thoughtful questions and some sharp (and funny) pokes. Hopefully, I can contribute something worthwhile without sticking one or more feet in my mouth. Kevin
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