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  1. 22 hours ago, Matt said:

    It is in the February 12th clarification.

    "The Crew Chief/Replay Official may not declare a runner out based on a play the umpire believes would have occurred subsequent to the play subject to Video Review."

    Interesting that the clarification came out in February but the online clinic was supposed to be completed by January 20. I wonder what the error rate was on that question.

  2. 6 hours ago, The Man in Blue said:

    I forgot to say “thank you” ... thank you for posting that!  Do they provide any commentary, or just the right answer?

    There is no rule reference, but the next question was:

    After the ball came off the bat, does the fact that ball landed in fair or foul territory have any bearing on the play per the replay regulations?

    The answer provided to that was question was yes.

  3. I would embrace any advice @Richvee has for corrective eyeware with his decades in the business as solid information.

    And as far as his mechanics go, I would suggest that it his approach to umpiring that has lifted him from only rec ball and subvarsity assignments to a schedule of varsity and JUCO ball that most members of this board would be envious of.

    As much as I rib him about being a bobble head, his umpiring is solid. 

    As he reads this, he's probably thinks "What the hell has happened to the perpetual wiseass Kevin_K?" but I have to give him his due. He was the first guy I reached out to when I was working on my NJSIAA test that opened with this question:

    The NFHS approved signal for indicating that an umpire has some relevant information for his/her left chest (heart).
    A. Correct                   

    He walked me off the ledge.

    Thanks Rich!

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  4. 11 hours ago, The Man in Blue said:

    I love the inconsistencies on this board ... “Don’t EVER do something not In the manual ... unless it isn’t in the manual and then you should go ahead and do it anyway.”

    Umpire mechanics were developed for consistency and to make us look as if we know what we are doing and have authority.  Yes, mechanics can and do change.  Different sanctioning bodies have different mechanics for various reasons.  If your state’s arm of NFHS has a mechanic, use it.  What I said was NFHS does not have a prescribed mechanic ... that does not give you carte blanche to make up your own or use another sanction’s.

    That said, yes, you need to manage the game.  Game management and mechanics are two totally different things, don’t get them confused.  Use verbal commands to this.  Ask yourself this: Who needs to know if the ball was caught or not?  The catcher and the batter ... are either one of them looking at your arms sticking out while you are standing there behind them?


    Managing the game sometimes requires us to do things that are not necessarily in a manual.

    I have never read in any manual that I should signal safe when a ground ball passes within a hair's width of a base runner or when there is no obstruction or interference when players come very close to occupying the same ground. I do know that when I signal safe and verbalize what I have,  I tend to avoid situations that can spiral out of control quickly if my communication isn't what it ought to be.

    As I have read here on occasion, sometimes you just have to umpire.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, The Man in Blue said:

    There is no NFHS mechanic.  By default that means the correct answer is you do nothing.

    (Unless your state association has a defined mechanic.)

    Just because there is no specifically mandated mechanic  does not mean we should do nothing. Preventive officiating would suggest that @Richvee's "You certainty can't stand there and do nothing. " view would be one way to let all participants know what was seen, what is occurring, and how players ought to proceed.

    Doing nothing would more likely lead to more of a sh*%show than doing something that is not necessarily in the the NFHS Umpires Manual

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  6. 10 hours ago, Richvee said:

    What I’m inferring is less draft picks means the talented high school kid who can’t afford to “tour” on the prospect showcase circuit,  who was only seen by one or two scouts at a low level high school game isn’t going to get the benefit of a flier in the 30 th round if there isn’t a 30th round. Yes, I am inferring more talent will slip through the cracks than does now. 

    And yes, this is an umpire site and this is a thread about minor league contraction. 

    You are implying. Your readers infer.

    This is also a site where language is an important consideration.

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  7. @Joe0x7F is another of many users who has sought the input of this umpiring community with the hope of a particular answer. When the preferred reply is not provided, he makes an argument about why the answers provided ought to conform to his line of thinking. 

    Why are these pitches not a balk? 

    Because in the judgment of every umpire who has replied, the pitcher has not violated the requirements for the set  position. The umpires see a discernible stop. Many of those who have replied have seen hundreds of thousands pitches. That experience affords each of them the courtesy from all of us that they are capable of telling a bounce from a stop. That is why those pitches are not balks.

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  8. Insanity is far less common in volleyball in these parts. The true loons are few and far between.

    Coaches know there is the seat belt option if they get out of control or if the players on the bench act the fool. Coaches disagree on calls but they move on. A coach told me one time that the ball doesn't lie. Eventually the team that is better will come out on top.

    Almost every ball handling situation is a judgment call and everyone gets it. Sometimes the call breaks your way and others it does not. Sometimes you get away with one and sometimes you do not.

    And there is no film of Earl Weaver berating a volleyball official.

  9. My assigner and I have a very open and Frank relationship. I have never worked for a better supervisor. He understands that volleyball is a distant second to either my job or my family. I understand that he has given me many wonderful opportunities and I would willingly do whatever he asked of me as an official.

    He knew about the situation within 30 minutes of the end of the match. I had nothing to be concerned about and did not want him caught unaware.

  10. So this Saturday I was all set to officiate the semi finals for the county volleyball championships. Both semis are played back to back, with one official up for the first match and their partner down the first match, and then the two officials y switch for the second match. For most parts of the country, county championships mean little, but in New Jersey, they are a big deal because there are so many schools in each county. 

    Last night I got a call from my assigner. He said he had to remove me because I am on the "no" list for one of the schools.  Not because of my ability to officiate a volleyball match, but because, according to the athletic director, of a "bad attitude."


    This past September I was at this AD's school for a big match with a very talented team. In the first set I heard the student section call out two visiting players by number. In New Jersey, that's a no no because of our sates's position on good sportsmanship. I motioned for the AD to come over to the referee stand because I wanted to let him know what I had heard.

    When he came over to the stand he said ,"If you're going to talk to me, you're going to come down off that stand. I'm not talking to you while you are up there." So I did.

    I told him what I had heard and he said, "I was over there and didn't hear anything." To which I said, "I didn't say that you did. I did." He replied, "So what do you want me to do?"

    I told him that if I heard something like that again, I was going to ask them to leave if the culprit was not found, to which he said, "Do whatever you need to do."

    The road team lost the first set and one of their players punched the ball into the floor and it bounced pretty high. Upon seeing that, the AD approached my stand and said (while I was still "up there") and advised me that perhaps I should pay more attention to what was happening on the court more than what was going on in the stands. I said nothing to him. Just stared in disbelief.

    I guess I am guilty as charged. No defense allowed. No witnesses like my partner who heard the same thing I did. Not the coach who has indicated in the past that she actually enjoys having me on her matches because I make her team play with better ball handling. Game, set, match. Let the masked man do his job.....


    Mrs Kevin_K and I shall now dine at our leisure this Saturday evening in a restaurant to be named later. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming




  11. 19 hours ago, Thunderheads said:

    thanks, how was your width?

    I did not purchase the shoes so when I received them as a gift I didn't really think about width. Most shoes I don't need to be concerned with width, but with the old mid 450/460, the EE fit much better

    I never had any concern about the V3 being to narrow.

  12. For any of you who actually know me, saying that my brain operates in peculiar ways should come as no surprise. So....

    I would like to see how a game would go if I gave a strike to every pitch that F2 butchers ,  frames, yanks , transplants into the strike zone. It is apparent to me that their coaches teach and/or approve of this silliness. Why should I not give them what they want?

    If only.....

  13. On 9/30/2019 at 12:26 PM, Rich Ives said:

    Why do so many think it's a dead ball?


    Same reason that they believe the hands are part of the bat and tie goes to the runner.

    To paraphrase @MadMax from another thread.... a nine letter word that starts with "I" and ends with "gnorance"


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  14. Because there is nothing in non-fed rules that would offer legitimacy to ejecting the coach, I would likely have a much tighter leash on everything he does. 

    • Outside the coach's box - ""Stay in the box coach (and specifically not use his name)"
    • Standing in the dugout opening  - "In the dugout coach"
    • Wants to chat me up - STFU stare and walk away
    • Balls and strikes - Ignore, Acknowledge, Warn, Eject

    Should he ever wonder why, I would likely let him know discreetly.



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