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  1. No House of David games for you, then?
  2. stevis

    Tag or force out!

    Jai alai. IIRC, the ball is deemed to be moving to fast for anyone to be expected to react to the "backwards" spin off the wall safely.
  3. This is awesome to see and I'm filing it away if I ever run into someone who might need it around my league. Thanks for sharing the follow-up!
  4. Amen to that. I'm UIC for my LL. I try to take game reports like this from my coaches and turn them into teaching moments for the junior (and adult) umpire corps. As you describe it here, I have obstruction all day long. And no, no, and hell no on coaching runners to plow over guys.
  5. stevis

    Runs scored

    You could also go single-caught stealing-single-caught stealing followed by four singles, the last of which had the missed touch appeal. Substitute a pickoff if you like.
  6. Man, going right to the ball bag is a little forward, don't you think?
  7. No, you could run it as Mudisfun describes--issue the "warning" and the runner can't be put out, but can keep what they can legally get. I guess that's less a warning than a milder penalty, but you could do it. Since I can't get my league to get rid of it entirely (though I badgered them down to only the first week this year), I'm going to advance that as an approved ruling next season.
  8. Yes. What I was trying to say, was that in this ^^^ manner, it's no different than the play where F3 picks up a ground ball with R1 hugging the base. R1 has no safety at first base because the BR is forcing him to relinquish it.
  9. R1 loses their right to the bag as soon as they're forced to go, right? Don't see how this is different than F3 tagging R1 and 1B bag in the correct order to get a double play.
  10. stevis

    who's watching?

    Yep. With closed base positions, we teach B with R1, otherwise C.
  11. There is no bad weather; there is only insufficient clothing.
  12. stevis

    No brackets

    I think it's possible, because the NCAA primary exists to complicate the students lives' while letting adults make crap-tons of money off of their labor. Of course as an umpire you're not making the crap-tons of money so your caution is probably warranted.
  13. Not if it hit him on the ankle. But your general point is taken--I'm imagining it likely would be in the zone. Call the zone the best you can in the circumstances and allow no argument about it.
  14. Is that a Nutty Buddy or are you just happy to see me? /I'll show myself out
  15. And that's undoubtedly LLI's rationale, that they don't want to be responsible for 12 year olds policing their own game. This is a stupid way around it though. I stand by my point that if they can steal your signs, your encryption isn't strong enough.
  16. Sounds like adulthood has already arrived, sooner than it should have. Sorry to hear that.
  17. Didn't get to see the end; it proved too intense for Ms. 6 year old. Was good what I saw.
  18. Where I work LL, the coaches are calling pitches through some yelling out two or three digit number code anyway. In my opinion decryption isn't stealing, so I'm not going to worry about it. Yeah, this rule is dumber than the chicken in Moana.
  19. Ten years of Umpire-Empire, or one year of Umpire-Empire ten times?
  20. I believe it was the Pirates who insisted late in the season that if Baez was holding the runner and Rizzo was up the batter's gullet, Rizzo shouldn't get to have the 1b mitt. The Cubs sort of shrugged and said "ok" and took the minute to switch gloves. Which then set up the designed pickoff play they used in the postseason. i don't know that there was ever a definitive ruling, but "the player holding the runner on 1b is F3" makes intuitive sense. In the specific Cubs case, Rizzo throws lefthanded and presumably has an easier throw across the diamond to get the runner(s). If you employed a RH lummox at 1b, your idea might be the best way to employ this alignment. Then again, whichever fielder is in, for anything less than an MLB pitcher facing MLB pitching, I think you're risking your fielder losing some teeth when the batter swings away (if you're as agressive as Rizzo was.)
  21. FWIW, Little League's international pitch counts for high school age players: Age 17-18 105 pitches Age 15-16 95 pitches
  22. It was a foul ball. It was also caught for an out. Scored 2-3.
  23. Strikes me as the umpire equivalent of this:
  24. LL is OBR based, so from what I'm seeing here about multiple OBR sources conflicting, I would say it's up in the air. Sportsmanship wouldn't enter into it in LL I wouldn't think--more likely to be a massive confusion/misunderstanding about the proper action than a deliberate attempt to cheat, at least outside of the international tournament. (There...I wouldn't put it past some teams.)
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