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    Well, not good coverage, but the question was about the ruling. R3 failed to tag up, which is error #1. He scored on the play, then returned to 3B without retouching HP, that's error #2. If we rule that F2 obstructed R3 returning to correct error #1, then that's Type A OBS: ball is dead, award advance base (HP). R3, between 3B and HP, must rectify error #2 prior to error #1, since he has to retouch HP on his way back to 3B. However, since the ball is dead, once he touches HP he may NOT legally retouch 3B. 7.10(b2) Thus, if R3 touches HP first, the defense may initiate a retouch appeal at 3B, which should be granted (whether or not R3 has touched 3B). If, OTOH, R3 touches 3B first and then completes his award, the defense may initiate a missed base appeal at HP, which should be granted. Therefore, R3 is screwed, but few will know it or be able to take advantage of it.
  2. It's in the "state adoption" section. My state hasn't adopted (and won't).
  3. A lot of red meat in that post, but I'll add that this is good advice. But DO talk to the coach, who often is paying no attention to his F2: "Coach, he's set up awfully far back — too far back to make the breaking pitch look good. Did you set him there?" It's OK to coach the coach, especially at lower levels (and of course assuming that you know what the hell you're talking about).
  4. A foul ball is a dead ball. I don't care what happens to a dead ball (lodged, lands in a puddle, swallowed by a whale, etc.). Treat it like any other foul ball. Batter still at 3-2, runners return, etc.
  5. That's not what you reported above. According to your post, when the coach complained about your zone you said, "Coach how wide would you like it? That ball missed by about a foot outside." That is NOT ending the conversation, that's continuing it. I'm simply recommending that you consider not adding such a comment. You are welcome to take my recommendation for what it's worth.
  6. The more southerly one, last I checked.
  7. Magic, may I suggest that you think about this response? You engaged in a conversation about the zone, but when it didn't go your way you ended it. When coach makes a comment about my zone, I immediately go to, "We're not going to discuss the zone today, coach." If he starts again, I'll interrupt him and repeat, more firmly, what I just said. Usually twice is sufficient. My point: if you don't want to discuss the zone, then you shouldn't discuss it. Don't start a discussion only to stop it. Righteous EJ, though.
  8. I handle this situation by calling so many strikes, catchers never complain. :D
  9. The process is somewhat different. For FED, if in doubt the covering umpire may ask for input from his partner. Based on that information, the covering umpire decides whether to change the call. He reports his decision to the coaches. The covering umpire is the decision maker in this process. For MLB, as I understand it, the CC can call the umpires together to discuss a call. He will get all info from the crew, especially the covering umpire. The crew will try to reach consensus, but if they cannot the CC makes the decision. The CC is the ultimate decision maker in this process. If I don't have the MLB side perfectly right, someone will be along shortly to provide more recent info.
  10. For FED, you are correct: PU is the UIC. That is not, however, equivalent to MLB crew chief. FED mechanics specify the UIC puts the ball in play, has sole authority to forfeit a game, decides when to turn the lights on, and a few other matters. 10-1-4 specifically disallows an umpire to overrule another umpire's call.
  11. Good call. Lesson for us: stay with the ball. If you're PU on this play and turn back to the infield too quickly, you'll find bodies on the ground with no idea how they got there.
  12. 1. Agree. 2. In MLB, the crew chief routinely announces changed calls. The rationale for this is that he is responsible for calls that the crew makes as a whole. For amateur ball, it should generally be handled as you suggest: if PU gives U1 info and U1 decides to change his call, then U1 announces the change and deals with the fallout.
  13. In general that's true. In that park, I believe the cams in the catwalks are permanently installed.
  14. Funny thing is, the thunderdome has ceiling cams. I don't know why the director didn't access that feed, it would have been a great angle to judge passing.
  15. John, just curious: from a narrative standpoint, what does including Jim Murray add?
  16. Since I'm fairly confident my recollection is of Evans saying this in person, I'm not surprised it's in his book. I guess I was worried that some other mechanics (CCA, FED) had something different.
  17. I'm struggling to locate the basis of my ruling, help please! PLAY: Batter squibs one to F3, who fields the ball in fair territory 15 feet in front of 1B. He steps into the path of the BR and tags him out. I was BU, but before I could signal the out, my partner did. We discussed the play after the game, and I told him I thought BU had tags from the 45 foot to the base. He told me it was the same as fair/foul, PU has it up to the base. Who's right?
  18. Ah, now I remember. I was thinking it was a "stupid rule about R2." But no, it's a "rule about a stupid R2."
  19. Whoa. The run counts? Oops. For us FED umpires, remember that the FED rule is different here, and you get 2 outs even without intent to break up a DP. This is a different (and lower) standard from OBR's "obvious attempt to break up a double play."
  20. I would not put it this way, which reinforces the impression that you're calling a runner out twice. Rather, we should say that the out at 1B supersedes the out at 3B. A "fourth out" has always been merely apparent, as no team really gets four outs in their half inning.
  21. Funny, I've never heard it called that.
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    I seem to recall it being called on Verlander in the last post-season. He was *shocked*, *shocked*.
  23. Agree: it's not illegal till then, since he could step off and fix his stance, and waiting later is pointless.
  24. maven

    Runs Score?

    Dude, you ruined my spoiler!
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