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  1. @MadMax, I can't argue with your logic. Unfortunately, "I'm just following orders". I didn't make the rules, nor was I asked my opinion. I am trying to make chicken salad out of chicken $#i&.
  2. I appreciate the sentiment and thought about placing the "plate" umpire some distance being the catcher. I see two main obstacles: 1) given the skill level and lack of practice of many of our kids, the number of passed balls and wild pitches would require the umpire to be doing a dance most of the game. Staying out of the way of a catcher scurrying to retrieve the errant ball would be almost impossible. That also discounts the need for full gear. In a normal stance, behind the catcher, I feel somewhat protected. Anywhere else, I become part of the play. 2) the number of times that a call needs to be made on a shot down the 3B line is minimal - probably less than 2 or 3 times a game and that includes fly balls to the outfield. The perception of coaches of us hanging out behind the plate would inevitably call into question why we don't just assume our normal position. That's a discussion that I won't have. I've asked our supervisor the same question and we've spent hours having this discussion. In the final analysis, I think making calls from behind the P is the most sensible.
  3. *kylehutson - this is how the entire league will operate, all summer and fall. It's this or nothing. And the word you were looking for is "cluster"
  4. It seems to me that U1, behind the mound, would have 3B line while U2 would have 1B line. My real question is whether U1 simply stays in the A position.
  5. Due to an abundance of caution, our governing body has requested (demanded) that the plate umpire work from behind the mound. We work 2-man crews and the age group is anywhere from u10 to u14AAA. Can anyone help with mechanics, rotation, responsibilities or positioning? Instead of postulating what I think, I'll just open it up. Ready......GO
  6. Another reason why I don't like to do Little League.
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