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  1. I was recently notified that - I was selected to work the 2018 Little League World Series in Williamsport Pa. I have set up a personal blog to show my 'journey' throughout the year. Got to: http://www.easternmaineumpires.org/troylare.html

  2. On my way to work some Cape Cod Leagues games next week - hoping for great weather!

  3. Just got my assignments for the Cape Cod College summer league. Can't wait to go back there this year.

  4. Finished up a college clinic a couple of weeks ago. I got asked to work some game on the Cape this summer by my assigner. I was shocked and pleased at the same time.

  5. Worked the plate last night in the US Championship last night, working 1B in the Big League WS championship game tonight.

    1. smckin


      Saw the Game on ESPN Yall did a great job the Puerto Rican team was tough...

  6. Flying out Saturday to umpire in the Big League World Series (oldest LL division) in Easley South Carolina.

    1. lawump


      From an ex-New Englander, let me be the first to welcome you to the Palmetto State.  At least you'll be in the "cool" part of the state.  "Cool" being a relative term. 

  7. CDoes anyone else still have snow covered fields? Right now, the only fields without snow, are college turf fields. The snow is going, but not fast enough!!

    1. ZebraStripes


      keep that junk up there

  8. First games of the season - 2 D3 games coming up on Tuesday. Tons of snow everywhere, turf field and tractor make it possible. Gonna be a hot one - 38 degrees and sun is what it says for game time.

  9. Time for my second season to get underway - HS hockey starts next week, youth is already running - lots of exercise to stay in shape for baseball

  10. Getting ready for the SLWS this coming week - got most of the leg work done. Hopefully I can just sit back and evaluate this year.

  11. Season in a break until college fall ball - good to have a break. Will work as Ass IUC for Senior League World Series in a couple of weeks.

  12. Worked a Varsity game today - saw 2 attempted steals at the plate and had 1 successful squeeze play. That is finally some 'old time' baseball

  13. Just got a call from Guam. A friend of mine will be bringing me a Mizuno umpire mask from Japan when he comes this summer.

    1. gnhbua93


      Which Mizuno model?

    2. maineump


      Not sure - I he texted me yesterday, and our friend in Tokyo has picked it up and sending it to Guam. Photos when I get them.

  14. First 2 college games of the season today and 2 tomorrow. Our northern teams don't start home games until now! It is cold, but we are on the field!!

  15. One foot of snow last night - fields were melting good until....

  16. Traveled from Maine to Orlando to referee hockey games. Make sense to you? At leats there is no snow here!!

  17. Just got the first real snow of the year - love that global warming - Bring it on!!

    1. boyinr


      The first snow is always such a relearning experience for everyone..

    2. Aging_Arbiter


      We only got about 2 inches from that system T-roy.

    3. maineump


      It is amazing how stupid drivers get during the first snow of the year. Hello, you live in Maine, it MIGHT snow this year

  18. Bad sign in Maine - just got my USA Hockey rule book in the mail. Must mean that winter is on the way.

    1. mjr_2013


      What's winter??? (I'm still in denial that it will come back)

    2. James Walker

      James Walker

      Come to Texas, we have no winter.:.

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