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  1. Wear a pair of compression pants and Gerry Davis pants. The under garments actually feel cooler because they wick moisture and breathe well. They also eliminate the need for anti monkeybutt powder. I call tournamnets almost every weekend from late Feb/early March thru Oct/Nov. 9 is a slow weekend. I do always wear a pair of under armour compression shorts but the best feeling in the world after the third or fourth game is to sit on the truck tailgate, wipe my face with some ammonia water and hike my pants up to feel a little breeze. I have found out that in the world of umpire clothing you can either get "moisture wicking" or "breathable", but rarely both. i'm at the point where i need more breathability.
  2. i would love the black and white ones if the zig sole was black. I really like the reebox check in white. Gives it a real sharp look. Do you think that a paint pen would be ok on the rubber sole? i would be afraid it would flake off when the show bends as you walk and run.
  3. I have looked over all the posts from people talking about umpiring during the summer but everyone only talks about one or two games at a time. I call tournaments all summer, typically every weekend from mid february to mid July and sometimes even into august. I need some help finding the best pants and shirts to wear in the heat. On a typical weekend i will call 9 to 12 games in temperatures flirting with triple digits and upwards of 85% humidity. I understand alot of you like the poly wool pants but you would die calling 5 games in a row wearing poly-wool's. I have found the most breatheable to be the smitty's comfortTech pants and the Dalco shirts. I wore a Majestic shirt for a few games but couldn't stand it. Anyone have any other suggestions?
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