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  1. Crew How-To: Adjust Your All-Star Cobalt Umpire Chest Protector View the full article
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  4. Lots of food for thought for tomorrow. Will keep all that under consideration. For today, I will be celebrating the successful launch of the Cobalt CP. That culminated into all of our first shipments going out the door today!
  5. Official 2-Minute Review: Force3 Umpire Equipment Carry Bags (Redoing, posted in error)
  6. Those half sleeve compression shirts from Champro that you mentioned are really nice. And you guys know I don’t oversell things. We were very fortunate that a manufacturer had multiple colors, for all umpire requests for a reasonable wholesale cost. That’s what led us to these Champro shirts. They are well-priced, which is no indication that they are anything less than high-quality. But, disclaimer, not everyone will like the half-sleeve style. Would love for you or someone to pick them up and share a review.
  7. Official 2-Minute Review: Wilson MLB West Vest Gold Umpire Chest Protector View the full article
  8. The Dish: Wounded Warrior Umpire Academy Summit Preview with Major Greg Wilson View the full article
  9. I may have misspoke. I should have said “might” be one. Will know more next week about the exact timetable. Always something new coming out including these: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/New/
  10. Here is the current schedule: www.ump-attire.com/events There will be another live product launch on 9/30, but not allowed to say what it is just yet.
  11. Very impressive! Thank you @Richvee, I just learned a lot!!
  12. I pass along so much of what you guys share, without you even knowing. My antennas are always out! I am also fortunate that I have a direct line to most of the suppliers heads of development (or one person away), and that they trust me. I would like to add that I have a very good relationship with Jason Klein of Force3. One thing you may not know is that, many of the products they offer undergo slight changes from year to year without you really knowing. That is because they are always listening and willing to improve and make things better. Jason has a very good forward-thinking and umpire-specific mindset. Another super-sharp leader in the industry who truly cares.
  13. Good question. Would assume up. We just developed a new Facebook group for those who are wearing, going to wear or highly interested in cobalt items such as the skullcap and chest protector. That might be a question there you could pose that could be answered by the group better than I at this time. https://www.facebook.com/groups/376616286660443/
  14. In the article “Stubby Says: Umpire Concussion 5 Things to Do”, concussion symptoms are listed. https://www.ump-attire.com/Umpire-Articles/STUBBY-SAYS-Umpire-Concussion-5-Things-to-Do
  15. Great insights and explanation -You can tell that you are in education. I like that you discuss the low bar of NOCSAE. I want to echo what you said is that when you become a part of NOCSAE, you agree that you will not share your index numbers. I find that interesting and somewhat counter intuitive. Or just plain not helpful. The only thing I would like to elaborate on, you cannot NOCSAE certify a traditional mask...only a helmet that covers all the way around. To be honest, given that we would only carry helmets that are NOCSAE certified and given there are no ratings outside pass or fail, we do not give all that much credence to NOCSAE. Obviously we want to carry helmets that at the very least protect against skull fractures. Add to it that a smaller percentage of umpires wear hockey style helmets compared to traditional masks, NOCSAE just does not have that much bearing on the protective industry as it relates to umpires. So, I will take a shortcut and just tell you the cold hard and fast rules of protecting yourself from a head injury (or mitigation from a head injury). It’s as simple as 1-2-3-4 (there is a 5 but is harder). 1) Get as far away from the baseball as possible (aka in the slot or could also be back...see Joe Brinkman) 2) Wear as much protective layers including padding on your head that is as deflective and/or protective in as many areas as possible without being unreasonable. (HSM, skull cap or Uncap - could also be called an “Incap”, but being careful not to say getting an HSM whose layers are not really all that protective). 3) Don’t be stupid. This includes not replacing your padding often, building those bridges with your bill of your cap between your frame and head or trying to be tough by not getting off the field when you need to. 4) RICE just like you do with a bruise or muscle pull if you take a shot to mitigate potential damage. (except you can’t do “C”) R - This means get off the field for one. Heat can exacerbate bleeding (and just being active can cause heat, so it doesn’t have to be hot temperature wise). Besides, another head shot in the same game could be catastrophic. Don’t drive home. Limit your screen time (using your phone or even watching TV is working your brain and it’s definitely not resting it). Don’t do algebra. Etc. You get the picture. REST. I - Ice your brain (All Star’s cryo helmet is the best way to do this.). And when you ice something, do it multiple times. Icing is not a one-time thing. 5) This is the hard, advanced one that I learned from Dr. Marc Hilgers who looks after the MiLB umpires after they have received concussions. That is to strengthen your neck muscles. (Oh wow. Everyone just stopped reading.) Dr. Hilgers shared that concussions are typically impacted more by the whiplash that occurs when you take a shot, not the shot itself. The stronger your neck muscles are, the less whiplash you will receive. You’ll have to Google “how to strengthen neck muscles” to find how to do that. You’ll not find anything at NOCSAE about any of this. Why? Because 4 out of 5 have nothing to do with the protective apparatus itself. I made you look to confirm. 4 out 5. So, I’m with @Matt Arcovio on this. NOCSAE = Meh
  16. You guys are starting to learn that I am like the over-protective father at times. I know Matt is trying to find a solution for you navy-ridden guys, but I would heavily caution you on wearing a longer bill hard shell cap. We shared pics and wrote about this is at relates to buckets, but it applies to masks, too. (Article shows that different helmets have more or less space where cap bills are). https://www.ump-attire.com/Umpire-Articles/Use-Caution-When-Wearing-a-Cap-Under-Your-Umpire-Helmet Used to be that all traditional masks were that rounded frame, except for the new view low profile mask from Wilson. NOT ANYMORE. READ CAREFULLY (BIG WARNING AHEAD): The All Star Mag masks and the Champro Rampage are more angled. Therefore, where your cap bill sits, there is less room there on these masks than on the rounded traditional ones. (read that again please.) So, yes, you’re going to have watch your 6-stitch traditional cap with these, too. I always err on the side of caution, and I’m suggesting 4-stitch all the way when you wear the 2 style masks above if you wear a traditional cap - not a 6. It’s why Stan and All-Star designed the SC900 for umpires to have a shorter bill. The new bill is right-sized. Anything else, including the SC500 and Rawlings Cool Flo is too long. Stay with me. Read further. BIG WARNING #2 I hear guys all the time say “Heck I can get a 6 (sometimes I hear 8) stitch cap under my mask and can still take my mask off no problem”. To those guys, and some might be you, so to you, I say: ”SO!...Is your bill touching your frame or close to touching? If it is, then whether you can or can’t take it off is not the issue. Even if close to touching, your pads will collapse inward when a force is applied to it. Voila! You just built a direct bridge from your frame to your skull with your cap bill.” (Read again, too, please.) In other words, what we don’t want to happen is to increase head protection in the industry, then hamper ourselves with old thinking. I will stop writing. You stop reading. Instead, take your favorite mask with your favorite cap for the plate. Take a pic or look in the mirror. Then apply force and see where yours lies. Definitely do if you are wearing a mag mask or rampage. Go ahead. Do it now. I will wait. I would guess at minimum 15% are using bills that are too long.
  17. Thanks for mentioning. I wouldn’t frame it with the F3. The only similarities there is it’s black and looks cool. It’s more like the Diamond iX3 without extensions, but with padding, protection and materials upgrades.
  18. Thank you! Loud and clear. I just screenshoted your and @Thunderheads comments. I will share them with Stan next week.
  19. I confirm. You were the 1st to pre-order & will be the 1st to get. I believe just as the talk about the CPU5000 ended, you placed the order. No hesitation! Excellent timing!!
  20. That's impossible to beat you to anything. What we truly can not believe is that you were a test dummy pilot for the COBALT CP and kept this a secret for as long as you did!
  21. Yes sir. Happy to do it. Thank you. We love what we do!
  22. Got it. These are selling well. Maybe if we can report enough numbers, we'll go to All-Star and ask on your behalf to make a small batch. Stay with me. :))
  23. The Dish: Cobalt by All-Star Official Launch View the full article
  24. So glad you guys are continuing the conversation. I am going to echo what @Matt Arcovio said but with a different spin. 1) Yes!. The padding, specifically the pit pads, are adjustable there. Move them where you want. 2) That will be your call. The cap is there for a reason, but we know some of you will prefer an ultimate low profile look. 3) Yes! We did not get into that. The reason for the sand blast finish is so that it can be used just fine with a traditional harness. Matt says it works better with a Delta Flex harness. I won't argue. That is likely the most ultimate solution. You'll see some big leagues guys wearing it with the flex harness but those are likely the ones who are wearing with the smooth finish. The sandblasted finish was added later for that grip so that umpires won't have to upgrade to a new harness to make this work. We want to lessen the reasons for you not to buy and use this. 4) What Matt said. You can wear a black hockey style helmet with your navy shirt, too, correct? Tell your assigner it's a two-piece protective piece all-in-one...just like the hockey style helmet. Great questions! Thanks Jeff for tuning in last night!!
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