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  1. Ump Attire Shield Logo Luggage TagView the full article
  2. Good question. The industry has been moving to this new phase of new things coming out randomly and not items coming out say in the fall, late in the year or early in the next - like they used to. What you’re seeing as new for 2023 when it comes to protective gear of our current lines, some of it has already come out. FORCE3: Revamped ankle plates on shin guards; grey defender mask; new defender helmet (which isn’t really new but they have good stock now so it feels new) WILSON: Pro Gold line with 2 new CPs including memory foam plus pro gold shin guards with memory foam lining; we also added a memory foam padding steel mask. There is also a trend of word getting out on things before they are officially to be announced. Now that it is out, I can confirm: ALL-STAR: MVP5 helmet (eta is Dec or Jan); plus just added - 4” throat guard with updated All-Star logo. Of other gear brands - Champro, Champion & Diamond - there is nothing new from the 2022-2023 catalogs or meetings we have had. They always could surprise us with something, but right now most factories are having difficulty meeting their current selection capacities. There will be: EVOSHIELD: A Skull cap in black & navy There will be other products I am sure. Ray is working on a few things and will let him announce those. Smitty is always doing something. I do know the vertical stripe shirts will be available in a body flex material soon. Here is all our new - in order of most recent over the past year. I would say the first 20-22 have been recently added. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/New/?page=1&perpage=36&cat=177&orderby=newest desc&brand=&search= Anyone not on our newsletter, get on it as we are adding on a average a product (or more) a week. https://www.ump-attire.com/newsletter-signup.html
  3. Official Review: Wilson MLB Pro Gold 2 Umpire Chest Protectors (Memory Foam & Air Management)View the full article
  4. Thanks for sharing. These are the go-to shoelaces for New Balance plate & base shoes. NB stopped having shoelaces with their logo on them. The company who made their replacement shoelaces still makes them, but just without the NB logo on the packaging. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Shoelaces/
  5. Tools-In-Action: Good Call Officiating NFHS GamebookView the full article
  6. The Dish: KoolBlues Inventor Brad FinkenView the full article
  7. @ErichKeane You made my day. Thank you. We just updated that article yesterday, so just in time. Otherwise, you could have said “I found this article to be dated.” 😅 Good catch with both at the same price as of writing that the value statement doesn’t apply with Champro with the Wilson bags being put on sale this week. The Champro for sure is headed to a price increase soon due a recent cost increase from Champro. Therefore, that statement you picked up on Erich will no longer be applicable regardless in the future. Thanks for bringing that into my awareness to change that guide when that happens.
  8. Actually the extra protection is in the back on purpose. With multiple of layers of mask frame, mask padding, skull shell and skull padding, All-Star testing found that was plenty enough force reduction in the front (and it is, partly, too, because force is reduced transitioning layer-to-layer). The extra padding in the back is for backswings. It was added because it felt there was not enough back there for umpires in standard padding skull caps. So the interpretation of having more padding in the back because that is the front side for catcher’s is incorrect. This was something that Stan Jurga, product development of All-Star emphasized, and that it came out of input at the MLB level and their own testing. So, yes, the umpire skull cap was indeed designed specifically for umpires. Hope that helps clear up any confusion.
  9. Researched @ErichKeane. Seems we made a packing mistake that attributed to having 1 less when you ordered the last 1 of that size. We have a really good system that prevents this but looks like it was human error on our part. Our apologies for the extra work on your side. Hopefully you’ll put your trust back in us for next time.
  10. Mystery solved (more like remembered). This was a video that we are re-doing…can’t remember why exactly…perhaps we left something important out or maybe said something that was not accurate…the old video is not available. Stay tuned on the new one.
  11. The “navy” is a little lighter and a little brighter than other navy ball bags on the market.
  12. It’s unfortunate and rare. It’s important you trust our inventory levels as they are synched real-time warehouse to website. I will research your order.
  13. Official Review: UMPLIFE Weather-Tek Pro Ball Bags - Set of 2View the full article
  14. @Rock Bottom’s perspective and review was outstanding! Well done!! I would like to add some insight on cap inserts from Unequal. First of all, I applaud you for wanting to add more head protection. We considered all the Unequal inserts as possible solutions to umpires as an extra layer of protection and of force reduction, including the flexible Dome style you mentioned. The downside of the Dome 2, besides it not providing full continuous coverage, is the extra foam thickness that will require in all cases to buy new caps one size up. If that is not a concern, it will certainly work well in the places it covers. We settled on the Uncap as a permanent offering for 2 reasons. First, there was near full coverage. Second, we found sizing up was not required (although there have been some exceptions as noted above). I do want to add that the Uncap will not cause your cap, and subsequently, your mask to jut more outwardly. Related, It is interesting you mention Unequal with your Force3 mask. Some of the same people involved in Force3’s patented mask design also were involved with the Uncap design. Indeed, Uncaps will work well with Force3 masks. Lastly, you mention not “needing” the protection in the front. Definitely the All Star Skull Cap and Unequal Uncap (as well as the Dome2) does provide back and side protection not there in soft umpire caps. However, do not underestimate the EXTRA protection you get in the front by having another layer of protection there. The layer itself provides more protection. Also, as I learned from Stan Jurga of All-Star, there is a certain degree of impact force lost just by transitioning one layer to another. Therefore, Force3 with any Unequal insert (or skull cap) results in quite a protective setup! Hope that helps. I’d encourage you to order whatever you want to try, see if it might work, and send it back if it doesn’t…little risk to potentially create a LOT less risk for yourself.
  15. Wilson MLB Pro Gold 2 Umpire Gear with Jim and TyView the full article
  16. Official Review: Smitty Short Sleeve Body Flex Umpire ShirtsView the full article
  17. New Balance Base Shoe Care ASMRView the full article
  18. Thanks for noticing this! Truly important.
  19. Good news! Some of what you mentioned is back in stock for Force3. + Silver & Black V2 Defender Masks + Ultimate Shin Guards (all sizes) + V3 CPs That puts us at 28 of 32 F3 items in stock, as of writing. https://www.ump-attire.com/Force3-Umpire-Gear/
  20. For performance pads in the rain, All-Star MAG & LUC pads have a moisture-barrier inner layer (basically plastic wrapping completely around the foam…why it makes a crunchy sound when you squeeze it). So, they’ll still get wet on the outside, but not soaked through the entire pads. https://www.ump-attire.com/All-Star-Umpire-Replacement-Mask-Pads/ Leather as @wolfe_man mentioned is about as performance as you can get in a natural material. Hope that helps.
  21. I have some insight. The synopsis is they have experienced a great deal of growth, as you mentioned, plus they have been in the process of moving and settling into a new hq/office/warehouse space and on top of that dealing with the same supply chain issues everyone is having. Even with that, stock has actually been available continuously for us on most things such as: -Drylo Ball Bags -Ultimate Socks -Protective Tights -Shin Guard Bags -Replacement Mask and CP Harnesses Some items were unavailable for only a short time but were replenished for us in mid-February where our stock continues to be solid. -Ultimate Gear Bags -Mask Bags -Shoe Bags -Laundry Bags -Throat Guards -Mask Visors We had been out of their mini gear bag for a longer time and just received a good amount of stock last week. The protective gear, as you’ve noted, has no doubt been more difficult to keep in stock. That has been at least partially due to pent-up demand. In mid-February we received a shipment of CPs, Shin Guards and Defender Masks (Black-Black and Silver-Black). For those items, the CPs sold out the same day. We had a very large list waiting to be notified and within 8 hours they were gone! We received an even larger shipment of shin guards, but those sold out in a few weeks. The masks lasted a bit longer - maybe a month. The Force3 gear just moves on a different level. I recommend a “get-it-while-you-can” approach. Several containers recently arrived there and more of these out of stocks, including the masks, are expected to be shipped soon to us, if not already, per Hunter (our buyer) who works closely with them. I would just advise anyone to get on our notify me lists for any of these items (and any other item we might have out currently), and then jump on the item as soon as you get the email. Our system is completely automated, so as soon as a quantity for a product is received in our warehouse, it is then updated online and emails are instantly triggered. From a service perspective, I can only speak for ourselves. We are OCD about making sure our website is up-to-date and that if something is running remotely low on stock, unless discontinued, it’s already on order from the supplier. That’s why we retail and service gear & apparel and don’t manufacture it. Manufacturers have their own set of issues that I am happy to not have. Hope that helps. I will add Jason Klein and their new CEO Steven Goldsmith paid a nice visit to us last summer. Mr. Goldsmith was the former CEO of Brookstone (THE Brookstone - super smart and impressive guy). I know they are working hard to play catch-up to growth (and supply chain) challenges.
  22. Good question. Yes, the body flex fabric is replacing the pro knit. We still have good stock of the more popular colors in pro knit at this time. Stock away!
  23. Official Review: Champro Air Management Umpire Chest ProtectorView the full article
  24. Official Review: All-Star Pro Series System 7 Umpire HelmetView the full article
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