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  1. I doubt Western Region is instructing anything on this. This is a local rule, put in place by the league and not a Little League rule. Please point out where a 5 run rule is in the Little League rule book? I would like to see a Minor Player hit a HR over the fence. Never have seen one yet. Again this is instructional non-competitive ball. Hits, runs,KOs and every other stat should not matter. If you are running a Minor Program any other way, then you are penalizing the kids for more than hitting a Home Run. BTW: If a HR is hit, give the kid credit. The team just cant score more then 5 runs in a inning. I'll e-mail the WR UIC and get clarification, but unless I heard wrong, they teach to count all of the runs on a home run over the fence. Any other time, we only count the 5 runs, but let the play continue. I'll post what he says when I get it.
  2. In our LL district, we'll let the play continue even if the 5th run has already scored. We want the kids to finish the play. FWIW, Western Region instructs us to count all of the runs on a home run that clears the fence. Their reasoning is to not penalize a kid for hitting a home run.
  3. I was there with him for the 2 week school and I couldn't be happier for him. Nice kid, hard working, good umpire. I hope he makes it far. You could tell early on that he was one of the students that would probably make it. Congrats!
  4. The BBUC clinic sounds interesting. Might have to put that one on my list. I'm in So Cal, so Sacramento is not that far away. I'm too old and ugly for the 5 week pro-school, that's why I only did the 2 week. LOL!
  5. Western Region offers one week school sessions in San Bernardino, CA. The information taught is right out of the Jim Evans Academy. Jim donates all of the materials. The cost is about $300.00 which includes room and 3 meals a day. You stay for the week in the dorms, but some opt for a hotel room off site. I can tell you for the training received and the cost, this is one of the best schools you can attend. It is basically 5 weeks of pro school condensed into one week. There are usually around 60 students and you get plenty of cage work, camp games, drills, and classroom work. The days are long, but you learn a lot! Check it out at http://www.eteamz.com/llbwest/ I've been to this one and the Wendelstedt 2 week school in Florida, and both offer almost the same instruction. BT, they have info about the Outreach Clinic in Corvalis as well. I think that is just a one day clinic, though.
  6. One of the guys in our local league did just that a few years ago. Minors LL game and the umpire called type B obstruction, but did not award the next base. Manager comes out and argues for interference. Umpire and manager apparently had some history and the manager was a bit of an ass. Manager was insistent on interference, so the umpire says, "You want interference? You got it coach, the runners out." Manager ended up getting tossed. Not something I would do, nor do I think it is right. But it was damn funny!
  7. Hey Tom. I have the books on order, hopefully they'll arrive soon. See you in January!
  8. You're not kidding Grayhawk! With the California State legislature having a super majority, I just can't wait for all the goofy laws to come our way. Not to mention all the tax increases and regulations. Not even, the "conservative" Moonbeam can stop anything.
  9. I thought it was strange as well, but that is what is being taught, at least here in So Cal. I'm not so sure the kids understand the concept of solving the equations, but rather just going through the motions. Semper, both my kids did Catholic school K-8. One is still in, but my oldest made the switch to public high school last year. Mornings always started with the pledge and a prayer. It was a great way to start the school day!
  10. Sometimes I have to clean up alot of SH*#. I've been called worse!
  11. Thanks Michael, I really enjoy your posts. They are always well written, thoughtful, and insightful. I should probably explain my nickname and avatar. A good umpire friend of mine has called me JonnyCat for years. It has kind of caught on for some of my friends. One day my umpire buddy was cleaning out a storeroom in his dry cleaning business and found an old bag of JonnyCat litter. Realizing that it was a perfect logo for me, he e-mailed me a picture, and the rest is history!
  12. I recently went with my son to his 10th grade Algebra-2 class. It was bring a parent to school day and I had time to attend a couple of classes with him. In his math class we played algebra Jeopardy. They were doing the grid or box method for many of the equations and I was completely lost. Now it's been a few years since I stepped into a math class, but I was always good at math in High School and College, I even managed to pass 1st semester Calculus in college. Of course it took me 3 tries, and needless to say after that, I changed my major. I was looking forward to visiting his math class in hopes that I could dazzle my son with all of that silly knowledge I have. My son said I should stick to writing essays. We did algebra equations much differently back in the day. I don't know if the grid method is better or not, but my head was spinning. I wasn't able to answer one question correctly in Jeopardy. Luckily we were in teams and our side managed to win, but not with my help.
  13. Thanks Guys. Happy to be here!
  14. Hi Everyone. I've been lurking on this site for a couple of years now and decided to finally join. I've learned alot and enjoy the insightful comments and discussions. I've been involved in youth baseball for 12 years now, have 2 boys that still play, one in high school and one in LL Juniors. 8th year of umpiring, LL and travelball, big and small diamond. Before I get too old and ugly, I'll be attending the 2 week Wendelstedt school this January. Always wanted to do a pro school, more of a personal quest. It's not the full 5 weeks, I doubt my body could take it, but we will be in the same 5 week course only shorter. Looking to move up to high school ball and maybe some Juco. I've done alot of local and LL Western Region training, as a student and an instructor for my local LL district. If anyone has some insight and advice about the Wendelstedt school, I would appreciate any information. Some of you I may know already. I rubbed elbows with Grayhawk on a few occasions. Had the priveledge of working 2 divisional games at his LL field this year. Really enjoy the site, and I hope to contribute on occasion. Thanks John
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