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  1. I have the regular LUC pads on my All Star Mag like Jim. Opens up vision MUCH better than the oversized pad.
  2. I wonder if Jim Wolf and Chris Guccionne had their masks painted black on their own? Or maybe Chris used the same sharpie that he colored his tan TW pads with lol. Certainly looks like it here!
  3. agree @BT_Blue but I think the one thing is it is better having it there even at less than 100% than not. But who knows anymore.
  4. Quick review...pretty cool product. Will post pics tonight. The material: not foam, not entirely rubber, not soft but not hard, and not heavy but noticeable when on. I normally wear a 6 stitch hat and will attempt to continue that practice. However, a 4 stitch would be best suited with the subtraction of space. Not a deal breaker though. Looks good (I got the black) even with the black Velcro straps going around the front of tan or black/tan pads. The only consideration to make here is the fact that they only are at 100% (according to the website) for 50 games. I go past that in a season for sure. So the real test will be determining how it lasts past the 50 plate games.
  5. One of the better form fitting CP's ever made right there.
  6. I know right! When I see Wolf and Guccione rocking theirs it makes me covet. Also, their masks don't seem matte like the ones that will be available for retail. Seem to shine a bit. Anyone else agree?
  7. Black Frames expected late October.
  8. Hi all...I have the following and prices are negotiable. Cleaning the closet. I will post pics ASAP. Please PM me any questions or requests for other/more pics. Thanks 1. Nike Ti frame powder coated by Maskit Sports Matte Black. No dents, perfect shape. $275 shipped. $250 Shipped 2. All Star Silver FM4000Mag. Used about 20 games. Includes black LUC pads. No flaws, great great condition, comes with new All Star catcher's harness. $190 shipped. 3. Champro silver magnesium Rampage frame. Used 25 times, great shape, no dents, comes with original/new Champro harness. $85 shipped. $70 Shipped 4. Wilson Ti Frame original standard profile. Perfect condition, no flaws. Used for one season. These are hard to find. $125 shipped. 5. Black TW pads. Used less than 5 times. Perfect shape. $30 shipped. $25 Shipped 6. Wilson steel Dyna Lite with Black/Tan pads. Used maybe 15 times. Gold W removed from pads. Great condition, no dents. $45 shipped. $35 Shipped 7. All Star Delta Flex harness. Never used, brand new. $25 shipped. 8. Wilson Tan Doe Skin Wrap around pads. New. $23 shipped. 9. Force 3 Shin Guards. 18.5 inches, in great condition. No rips or tears, cleaned and febrezed after every game. Worn no more than 50 times. $80 shipped. $70 SHIPPED
  9. @Thunderheads please lock this up. Some of this is gone. Going to add much and relist. Thank you sir.
  10. Also known as the most comfortable pads EVER!!!! Is Honigs still a thing tho?!!!
  11. last year it was the Wilson aluminum
  12. Maybe i missed the update but watching the A's/Astros game...Jim Reynolds is wearing the FM 25 double bar.
  13. It does take some time to break in the F3's
  14. Removing the inner/extra pad will help as they will be closer to your leg and less space to catch your pants on the way up out of your stance. She was not telling you to remove all the padding just the inner removable pad.
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