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  1. BTW for the life of me i cannot tell you why i put this for sale ad in this forum. Sorry, if anyone knows how to move it please let me know.
  2. I prefer the look of my black TW in the Nike. The tan isnt quite the color of tan I like. I have had two takers but neither has gotten back to me. So...they are still available.
  3. Used for two games. Ship shape, not one sign of use literally brand new. Want to ship for $28. Paypal is acpar72@yahoo.com I will ship first thing in the morning. Thanks guys.
  4. WES2006AG, quite simple...the MLB guys work 40-45 plate games a year. Their necks are not in any danger of fatigue like ours working every day behind the dish.
  5. So much hate around here. He was just wondering if and when its coming and he has to be lectured. Umpirecordova, you may very well have seen a guy wearing it. My theory is, they cant get it right and what you probably saw was a guy with a powder coated Wilson titanium mask.
  6. Jeff Kellog wearing the Wilson Ti with TG and TW black pads today in Detroit. Good umpire if you ask me.
  7. Just finished a nine inning game in it, could not be more sold. I hope someone jumps on this besides me. Regarding the welds, they are indeed Nike style welds and not Wilson style welds. Guys, dont overlook this thing. Put TW pads in, 6.5 inch throat guard, its just plain poppin!
  8. You will not be disappointed with this mask!
  9. I need to add as well that the inside of the mask is indeed painted black. I cannot see the advantage but to be sure there is no disadvantage.
  10. Just wanted to review the Rawlings LWMX Ti facemask. BTW, if anyone can explain how to take photos from the iPhone to the Mac and then to this site, I will post pics. Weight: 1.1 lbs with the stock pads Pads: Nothing special, everything the Nike Ti stock pads are. Vinyl or PU with Microfiber on the chin. Three velcro straps on both chin and forehead pads. Nice looking, nothing overdone. A simple classic Rawlings patch in the middle. Can be blacked out or left alone, either way it isn't overwhelming. Strap: Same size as Wilson MLB harness, a simple "R" in the middle. Extremely easy to use and again not over or underdone. Facemask: I am absolutely sold! It is everything the Nike Ti is minus the cost and trouble associated with getting one. Compared to the Wilson Ti, it has the same shiny tone to it that the Nike has and the Wilson doesnt. It has a much less angled throat guard than the Wilson Ti, exactly what sets the Nike apart from the Wilson as well. It is standard profile. I would estimate it at 10" if not 9.5." The mask does exactly what the Nike Ti does with its bars, it runs them parallell with one another which the Wilson Ti does not. The only differences between the Rawlings Ti and the Nike Ti are the pattern on the throat guard, the ear protectors which are squared off rather than angled, and lastly it has a reinforcement peice in the middle that is hidden by the velcro strap. Overall: I will be using it for the first time this coming week, I am completely stoked! Quite impressive visually, everything if not more than the Nike Ti. I also am more confident in this mask in that it isnt from the black market. I have a receipt, a proof of purchase in the event that a bar is bent I can get a new one at no cost.
  11. IMO if NB is lucky enough to have the MLB contract as they are, they should put out new shoes every year. I cant bring myself to buy those clown plate shoes they have available now.
  12. I didnt use a Sharpie marker, I agree it turns purple in a hurry. I used the Sharpie "paint" marker. I field tested it on my running shoes for a couple weeks prior. I will post pics tonight.
  13. I got the Black/White Zigs for the plate. I cant do low tops for some reason. I must say they are considerably lower than any other "mid" shoe Ive had. Regarding the WHITE, I took a Sharpie Paint marker to the toe plate and the back of the shoe. In doing so, I believe they are now considerably better looking.
  14. Long sleeve shirt any day. Leave the jacket for field.
  15. How would that pertain to this? Regarding the shinguards, someone came in and made a reasonable offer and needed them fast. I ended them and shipped them and he is now at umpire school. I felt sorry for him and gave him an incredible deal. Tell me, did I do anything illegal? Are you the eBay police? Are you the Umpire Empire police? Do you want me to buy you a pair of shin guards? I will. What do you want? Where should I ship them? Im guessing you voted Obama? Sometimes life isnt always fair pal, Im sorry your daddy taught you differently.
  16. Purchased brand new two weeks ago. Is EVERYTHING that it's cracked up to be. Truly the Holy Grail of umpire equipment. Lightest mask Ive ever held. Pads are black and outrageously comfortable as well as sharp looking. I'm selling in order to buy some things that I actually need. Wish I could keep it. Again, brand new, was bought from Florida seller that got it from Gaby Sanchez, not a drop of sweat, no scratches, no marks. Unused, tags are still on it. Will ship in original plastic. Asking the same price I bought it for... $500. I can send more pics upon request. For some reason it always says the file is too big to upload on to this site. That includes shipping. Please send me a message or email me at acpar72@yahoo.com. Thanks for looking.
  17. At a clinic last fall, I was berated and my move was described as "brutal" and it was way more conservative than 75% of these!
  18. Im trying to load the pic but Im having trouble...In the meantime, did anyone catch the MLB logo flip flops when one of the umpires was tying his plate shoes? They were Reebok so they were from at least a few years ago but was wondering if they were retail or specially made for the big boys. They would be convenient.
  19. Not sure if this has been on here before. If it has I am sorry but I thought this would be fun to argue about. To be sure...Hallion hurts my eyes. http://deadspin.com/5923645/
  20. I use both and i only base my decision on what I feel like. Neither has what I would consider better traction or looks. Because I like NIKE, I choose to buy their trainer due to them not offering a base shoe.
  21. Not for nothing but I would schedule about 10 more games next year, put it in the bank and then pay for Direct Tv with it.
  22. Whoa, how much do I want it to be thursday already. I hope we get more Joe West, it would be great for him to be declared a human being baseball fans.
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