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  1. Im trying to load the pic but Im having trouble...In the meantime, did anyone catch the MLB logo flip flops when one of the umpires was tying his plate shoes? They were Reebok so they were from at least a few years ago but was wondering if they were retail or specially made for the big boys. They would be convenient.
  2. Not sure if this has been on here before. If it has I am sorry but I thought this would be fun to argue about. To be sure...Hallion hurts my eyes. http://deadspin.com/5923645/
  3. I use both and i only base my decision on what I feel like. Neither has what I would consider better traction or looks. Because I like NIKE, I choose to buy their trainer due to them not offering a base shoe.
  4. Not for nothing but I would schedule about 10 more games next year, put it in the bank and then pay for Direct Tv with it.
  5. Whoa, how much do I want it to be thursday already. I hope we get more Joe West, it would be great for him to be declared a human being baseball fans.
  6. That is what ive been taught. But, you can see how he could have easily been blinded on the second attempt. I would have moved closer to the 3rd base line as the play developed.
  7. To me he should have been at "third base extended" to begin with but made out okay. I like to start "third base extended" and move if necessary.
  8. I recently purchased the therma base jacket by Majestic black with powder blue. MLB umpires are using powder/black/white color combos for numbers. I cant seem to find anyone that offers this color combination. Anyone have any ideas or names of shops that have a wide assortment of colors?
  9. I can tell you that in speaking with two retailers, the aluminum is not happening despite its presence in the 2013 catalog. Im assuming the field tests didn't pan out. Im going forward with the moliben as a backup to my ti. I think its interesting a lot of guys are still wearing the heavy Dyna Lite. With all the $$ those guys make and they still choose that, that says something to me. Ive thought a lot about this too because I am the guy that wants to wear or at least test out the gear that the pros wear. I am this way when it comes to golf as well. Here is my thought on why they wear the dyna lite... It is an incredible mask superior in protection and style. However, the pros only have a plate game at max 1 of every 5 days. On the other hand, I have one every day for almost 90 days in a row. My neck simply can't tolerate the load that the Dyna Lite carries. A few years back I bought the Davis Featherweight and was never so happy. However, wandering eyes have caused me to purchase the Wilson ti and while it is second to none, my neck does get sore at times.
  10. I can tell you that in speaking with two retailers, the aluminum is not happening despite its presence in the 2013 catalog. Im assuming the field tests didn't pan out. Im going forward with the moliben as a backup to my ti.
  11. And I just canceled my order. They (WILSON) are going to not make it this year. The rage is building!
  12. Just ordered mine. Will put up pics as soon as I get it.
  13. Looks like I have found my back up. I did a search and can't seem to find any posts on this yet. If I did my math correctly, this is about .2 lbs lighter than my Wilson ti and has the matte black that looks sharp. I'm planning on slapping black TW pads on it. http://www.who-sells-it.com/cy/wilson-3263/2013-spring-dealer-workbook-30266/page-61-fullsize.html
  14. Just for the fun of it, thinking about going into scissors next year. Took a few shots in the past year but mostly arm and head shots (no big deal). After a clinic last week, going with some of the suggestions/criticism I received I believe the scissors is possibly better.
  15. acpar72


    Just wanted to introduce myself as Im really stoked about this site. My name is Aaron and Im 34. I just finished my seventh year umpiring and it proved to be my most satisfactory season yet. I am from Sioux City, IA which is in the NW corner. I am fortunate to be able to do in the spring NAIA, SD and NE high school, and IA legion. In the summer months I do IA high school and NE / SD legion. I am really a watcher of umpires and have been fortunate to work with some top notch officials. I am fascinated with the rules and even more with the mechanics. Below is a list of my equipment... Whats in the trunk (Im not sure if thats been used before but I like it) Mask: Wilson Ti w/tan Team Wendy's pads Chest: Wilson Platinum WV Shin: Wilson Charcoal Pants: Charcoal Gerry Davis/Honig's Poly Wool Shirts #24: (In order of favorite to least) Black, Powder, Maroon, Bermuda Blue, Grey, Cream, Red, Navy Plate Shoes: Pentagon High Patent (It is a sick, sick habit. Hope to someday be free of my addiction to patent leather! They match my belt at least.) Base Shoes: New Balance MLB Black/Silver/White low cut Shades: Oakley M Frame Heater Red Iridium Lens
  16. Thanks! Quick question guys...I'm getting a backup to my Wilson ti for next year, do MLB guys wear the wta3007 which is actually the catchers style? Or do they wear 3009? (dynalite)
  17. As of 8/4/12 Rackley is sporting Nike ti with tan Team Wendy's
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