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  1. Why are we talking about this in the Mag thread? Anyway, I have it. I like it a lot. And despite the "50 games" i will use it beyond that. Its not as though at game 51 it is useless or worse...going to hurt you if you get hit.
  2. Pics under the plate coat.
  3. This CP will be the exact same as the Douglas and Wilson in terms of heat in the summer. I cant tell you they have ever been too hot for me as I am in shape. My favorite CP (the Champion) with the cloth like material covering the foam tends to stay wet unless aired out. The Wilson/Douglas and now the Diamond are all much faster in drying and I appreciate that in the summer months.
  4. better than the platinum overall. A better fit, better harness, extensions available and more affordable. People will like this, come to swear by it, and turn from what they were using. Others will have to look very very diligently to come up with a complaint. If you currently have a Gold or Platinum heres my advice. Keep them if youre not looking for a new CP. If you are shopping and love the Gold, get another Gold. If you love the Platinum, get the Diamond. Hope this helps.
  5. Grey piping is sharp around the padding and of higher quality than that of the Gold/Platinum. The CP is really really good. No need to use the extension. Its too long, i don't ever get hit there in the proper 45 degree stance, and it does NOT look good under the shirt. It is basically the Platinum minus the foam throat area extension. The harness is quality as it has elastic on the shoulder straps as well. It is a STEAL at $100.
  6. Is that the one that is being worn tonight? Not available retail correct? I will take it if it is.
  7. I have one of these on the way...we shall see. Not having Velcro attached plates is definitely NOT a dealbreaker. I have used the Gold and the Champion for the past 6 years. Honestly, I have NEVER removed the pads for cleaning. I will review the Diamond when it arrives.
  8. Right. How does Champion get to do it again?
  9. That is incorrect. "BLK" stands for black, which is identifying the pads and not the frame. However, it is now available from UA. Also, All Star's Instagram account identifies future deerskin padding. The Instagram account also states back in September that the matte black frames are "back" in stock. So now I'm wondering...maybe Jim and Chris did receive black frames from All Star? I mean, why or how would they take the time to have someone paint their frame?
  10. I mean, that I ordered LUC pads from All Star after I noticed how much of the "low" went away with the oversized pad sold with the 4000MAG. I had to request the LUC pads that come standard with the S7 because they are split allowing for the center vertical bar on the MAG.
  11. You will have to convince someone that you love them or they love you in order to powder coat (after market) the Mag. The heat required will blow the thing apart. Heat and Mag are not a good combo.
  12. I have the regular LUC pads on my All Star Mag like Jim. Opens up vision MUCH better than the oversized pad.
  13. I wonder if Jim Wolf and Chris Guccionne had their masks painted black on their own? Or maybe Chris used the same sharpie that he colored his tan TW pads with lol. Certainly looks like it here!
  14. agree @BT_Blue but I think the one thing is it is better having it there even at less than 100% than not. But who knows anymore.
  15. Quick review...pretty cool product. Will post pics tonight. The material: not foam, not entirely rubber, not soft but not hard, and not heavy but noticeable when on. I normally wear a 6 stitch hat and will attempt to continue that practice. However, a 4 stitch would be best suited with the subtraction of space. Not a deal breaker though. Looks good (I got the black) even with the black Velcro straps going around the front of tan or black/tan pads. The only consideration to make here is the fact that they only are at 100% (according to the website) for 50 games. I go past that in a season for sure. So the real test will be determining how it lasts past the 50 plate games.
  16. One of the better form fitting CP's ever made right there.
  17. I know right! When I see Wolf and Guccione rocking theirs it makes me covet. Also, their masks don't seem matte like the ones that will be available for retail. Seem to shine a bit. Anyone else agree?
  18. Black Frames expected late October.
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